Thursday, April 11, 2013

Compare and Contrast : "The Unknown Citizen" and "The Nobodies"

The two poems that will be comp atomic number 18d and contrasted are W.H Audens The Unknown Citizen and Eduardo Galeanos Nobodies. some(prenominal) poems describe two protestent societies of populate and how their governments view their sizeableness in their societies. Audens depiction of the American good deal is fascinatingly resembling to that of Galeanos depiction of the the great unwashed of Uruguay, in that neither group of people has their own identity or voice in their society, tho still both masses of people greatly differ in economic hierarchy.

Both of these poems use rattling dissimilar shades and images. For example, in The Unknown Citizen, Auden says, he was a saint among other very positive descriptions of the American people. In the Nobodies, Galeano uses an extremely negative tone when painting a picture of what the people of Uruguay are kindred. Galeano regular(a) off compares the people of Uruguay to fleas, implying that they are like a parasite in their society.

I find it remarkable that these two pieces of poetry can be written so differently and have such different tones, yet both still leave me with the same gloomy feeling after reading them. Reading the Nobodies is almost like direct punch in the stomach--it is very clear that the people of Uruguay whom Galeano is describing are living horrible, sad lives. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Galeano states in the poem that the nobodies are not worth the bullet that kill them, clearly exhibit that no one cares slightly these peoples opinions or views, nor cares when they were born, or even when they die. Similarly, Auden puts forth an image of The Unknown Citizen that tells the reader that the American masses are no more important or cared about than the people of Uruguay, which is shown when Auden mentions that, he held the proper opinions for the time of the...

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