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Historical Process of Individuals

CARIBBEAN STUDIES TOPIC: THE IMPACT OF HISTORICAL PROCESSES REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Describe TWO responses of Caribbean people oppression. (4 marks – 2005) 2. (a) Explain briefly the significance of â€Å"adult suffrage†. (2 marks – 2006) (b)Suggest TWO reasons why support for adult suffrage grew in Caribbean societies in the early 20th century. (4 marks – 2006) 3. (a) Name TWO regional territories to which large numbers of Caribbean people migrated between 1838 and 1920. (2 marks – 2007) (b)Give TWO reasons for such migration. (4 marks – 2007) 4. (a) Explain what is meant by indentureship in the context of the Caribbean experience. 2 marks – 2004) (b)State TWO ways in which indentureship differed from slavery in the Caribbean. (4 marks – 2004) 5. Describe THREE ways in which enslavement of people in the Caribbean contributed to the erasure of their cultural practices. (6 marks – 2003) 6. (a) Explain what is meant by the term ‘colonial education’. (2 marks – 2008) (b) Name TWO institutions that facilitated colonial education in the Caribbean. (2 marks – 2008) 7. (a) Name TWO groups of indentured labourers who were brought to the Caribbean after emancipation in 1838. 2 marks – 2009) (b) Give TWO reasons why EACH group of indentured labourers were brought to the Caribbean. (4 marks – 2009) 8. Explain what is meant by term ‘resistance’. (2 marks – 2010) 9. Describe TWO ways in which the Haitian Revolution impacted Caribbean society and culture. (4 marks – 2010) ESSAY QUESTIONS: CHOOSE ONE 1. Using examples from the Caribbean, explain how Caribbean people throughout history have responded to oppression. (2008) OR 2. Describe THREE ways in which education facilitated the colonial agenda in the Caribbean. (2010)

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Ethical Challenges Essay

Almost any field of profession has its corresponding hardships that an individual involved in it has to face. Nevertheless, there are occupations that pose a more challenging situation due to the fact that it deals with the life or personal affairs of other people. This kind of adage is greatly applicable to the area of psychology most specifically counseling. The counselors are responsible in aiding people who are having difficulties in various areas of their lives, may it be in terms of their personal growth, relationships with other people, and many others (Hawkins et. al, n. d. ). Being the case, counselors have their own set of ethical dilemmas in doing their responsibilities especially in terms of separating their personal and professional relationships with their clients as well as giving sound judgments in times of crucial situations. These aforementioned roles could be exemplified in this case of a counselor that works in a rural setting. Counseling in this type of area entails that almost all people know each other and that they usually go and socialize to the same places. As such, being a counselor it could not be prevented that I have to socialize with my clients to some community events. This could mean ethical dilemmas such as: confidentiality, privacy and the overall boundary between a counselor and his or her client. This is why I should establish a firm distinction between my personal and professional life. I should see to it that whenever I mingle with my clients at community events I would not discuss any of the sessions that we had especially the situation of my other patients. Moreover, it is better that I do not get to attach with any of my clients to prevent any biases in their cases but I will still make sure that I establish good relationship with them. Another case involves a counselor that works in a local high school. One of her clients called her at a very distraught state and informed her that she was pregnant before and she committed abortion. She has not told anyone about it aside from the counselor. If I were the counselor, I will tell my client that it would be better that we talk the problem over face-to-face rather than in the phone. I could fetch her, as she is not in a proper state to travel. Then, we could talk at the clinic regarding her problem. I will also make sure that utmost confidentiality is observed since this is a very serious and delicate matter. I would leave the decision to her as to when she would inform her family and her boyfriend about that particular incident. However, I would also make sure that I inform her about the limitations to confidentiality (Hawkins et. al, n. d. ). In doing so, I could aide in deciding for the appropriate thing to do. The ethically appropriate action is to aide her through counseling and other means to guide her in making the right choices but I will never meddle with her decision or impose anything upon her. The role of the counselor is to help and guide the patient to make her burden easier but never to take control of the situation. In these two cases, it is clearly observable that counselors face ethical challenges in their profession. They even encounter more incidents like these because their responsibilities deal with other people’s life especially with regards to their emotional state. As such it is important that counselors adhere to ethical standards in order to help them in making sound and appropriate decisions. Reference Cornier, & Hackney. (2008). Hawkins, A. , Cormier, S. , & Bernard, J. (n. d. ). Common Challenges for Beginning Counselors.

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Research Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Proposal - Assignment Example es, it will be setting precedence for the other foreign-based companies as well as the local ones to follow suit in implementing fair labor laws and enforcement of unions for their employees. The US government prohibition of the unfair labor laws and union in outsourcing jobs in their foreign-based companies will lead to setting precedence of the importance of labor equality and fairness locally and abroad. The audience targeted by this research is the investors and well as the legislator. They are both powerful entities within the nation as they not only make laws but they drive the economy as well. The legislators hold the official position to formulate and pass laws and hence they have the decision making power to prohibit these companies from outsourcing employees without unions or under unfair labor laws. The investors are the drivers of the economy locally and internationally through their decision making ability and hence hold the current view on the pros and cons of such an action being taken or not being undertaken by the government. The investors are also predictors of the economic turn based on their current view on world affair. This is important in case the legislation is passed or not and hence will provide advice on how the country is bound to benefit economically from such an action. The paper will target the top 5 multinational companies which have set shore in most international companies and which have been facing allegations of having unfair labor laws towards their locally-based employees (Habib-Mintz, 2009). This research will include the following major sections which will provide a clear picture of the importance of this research topic. Data will collected from both primary and secondary sources with the secondary sources being previous research on the topic and primary being through interviews and questionnaires to get the views from the companies, investors and other stakeholders (Naima, 2013). Analysis of the data will be conducted

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Water Pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Water Pollution - Essay Example Furthermore, the waste materials lead to a decrease in the level of oxygen, that the wildlife inside the water have access to, and this weakens their body systems, as well as proves a significant problem for the coming generations of all these plants and animals. People living in and around the area also usually consume these fish and other types of sea food from the water bodies and fall sick due to eating contaminated food too. In the 1970s, the River Tees in England faced heavy pollution for over a decade which caused a great amount of problems including the absence of Common Seals and Grey Seals from the river. However, in recent times, the estuary has undergone major improvements and the seals can now be seen once again on the Seal Sands. The absence of flora and fauna speak volumes about the drastic levels of pollution that Tees was forced to face. (D.W. Pattenden) The water underwent a large number of changes including a difference in taste, colour and volume and this has caus ed a vast amount of problems for most of the people in the area too. The river Tees is situated in the Northern part of England, rising on the Eastern slope of Cross Fell in the Northern Pennies. It flows in the eastward direction and joins the North Sea near Middlesbrough between Redcar and Hartlepool. The river flows 120km from its source and many people say that the water that forms a part of the river is often very discoloured due to heavy pollutants present within it. A Hazen scale is now used in order to understand the colour of the water. The main cause for pollution of the river was heavy industrialization and thus contaminants in the form of industrial wastes and dumping, and over 500 tonnes of these toxic contaminants were being dumped into the river each day. This caused the river to become the most polluted water body in Britain. The main effects of all these wastes were that the water temperature of the river grew to a great extent, causing a decrease in the dissolved o xygen it contained. And thus, it was no surprise that no plants or animals were able to survive properly in the water of Tees. Due to the decreased levels of wildlife survival, the problem was sought to be tackled by the concerned government departments and the main solution that they brought to the scene was declining permits and tightening the discharge permits to industries and companies situated in and around the river. In the year 1972, these changes began to be adopted and the dirt in the area soon began to decrease. (Natural Britain, The River Tees, County Durham) A great part of the land from the river Tees had also been reclaimed in order to use for building businesses, bring about leisure development, as well as maintenance for public recreation. Various actions were taken in order to clean the environment around the river, cleanse the waste and garbage material as well as take initiative to treat the domestic sewage and industrial discharges coming from the factories and industries. The main idea was for industries to understand that they cannot be harming the environment or giving rise to new technology at the cost of wildlife and nature; the heavy pollution of the river has also caused problems for people eating the contaminated fish from the very water body and thus is a threat to not only the wildlife but also to the people who live in and around the area. (Biodiversity – Rivers) After having tested the water, it was found out that the water contained toxic levels of lead and lethal levels of bacteria and protozoa which were stemming the

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Theoretical Position Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Theoretical Position - Research Paper Example Hence, it has been considered important to discuss their perspectives individually so that the reader gets a better idea of the differences in their theoretical perspectives. Sigmund Freud Sigmund Fred was the Austrian psychiatrist, psychologist and neurologist and is regarded as the founder of psychoanalysis. Freud’s psychoanalysis theory beholds that there are some childhood experiences that an individual holds back into his unconscious mind without showing any disapproval to these experiences when he was a child. These experiences are coupled with his sexual individuality regarding one or both of his parents. Thus, his psychological functioning is predicted based on these experiences. The physician has to bring out these experiences or memories from the patient’s unconscious for the treatment. This was a new approach for psychoanalysis referred to as Freud’s couch (Matthis & Szecsody, 2009) in which the patient is made able to recollect his past experiences. F reud’s theory is thought to be more inclined towards the libido concept or the sexual identity of an individual. His theory of the unconscious mind states that the psychological functioning of an individual contains several layers in itself which are not just controlled by the conscious mind. The behavior is just as well controlled by what has been stored in the unconscious mind since early childhood. The goal of psychoanalysis, according to Freud, is to make the unconscious act like conscious. However, this theory has been criticized by other psychoanalysts. Carl Jung Carl Jung also studied analytical psychology and the role of unconscious on human behavior and coupled it with spirituality. He discussed the interpretation of dreams, art, mythology and religion in the context of psychoanalysis. He was of the view that human psychological functioning cannot be explained through simple logics. Although Freud and Carl worked upon the same context, that is, the unconscious mind b eyond the logical rules; however, some basic concepts of the Freudian theory regarding the legitimacy of psychoanalysis led to disagreements between the two. Jung divides his psyche theory into three portions: ego. Personal unconscious, and collective unconscious (Boeree, 2006).His personality theory describes the introversion and extroversion attitudes of humans and the four functions that control human psychology: feeling, thinking, sensation and intuition. A person behavior is controlled by two functions at a time when the other two can remain suppressed. Alfred Adler Alfred Adler is known as the neo-Freudian psychoanalyst and he also studied the unconscious part of the brain. Adler is known for his contribution more toward the development and research on psychotherapy, teacher training and counselling. Apart from looking into the basic concepts of personal psyche, he made efforts to make the fact be realized that mental illness can b e prevented by implementing social equality. He studied the effects that social relationships can have on the human behavior or psychological functioning. Thus, he makes a shift from the intra-psychic phenomenon and emphasizes more on the inter-psychic phenomenon. His approach is referred to as individual psychology which focuses on the individuality of a person rather than Freudian concept of behavior universality. He believed that the

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Discuss the causes and solutions for climate change Essay

Discuss the causes and solutions for climate change - Essay Example Carbon is a vital element for both human beings and the natural environment (Archer & Rahmstorf, 2010). Climate changes occur when particular elements in the atmosphere permit sunlight to penetrate freely. The atmosphere then traps the reflected light. It can be associated with an increase in greenhouse gases. Four main greenhouse gases that are common in the current atmosphere are methane, fluorocarbons, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. The greenhouse effects include rise in mean surface air temperature, rising sea level, rise in global mean speed in evaporation and precipitation, and alterations in the biosphere. Most of these forecasts are based broadly on computer models that encourage basic geographical processes. Predictions in climate change designate that a rise in atmospheric concentration in greenhouse gasses can result in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature (Henson, 2011). Geological documentation suggests that greenhouse gases both contribute and respond to climate change. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is perceived to be one of the central components of the climate system that interrelate in complex ways in a broad range of timescales. An alteration in these interactive structures is probable to affect other features of the global climate system. Such interactive relations between the climate and CO2 imply that the records in geology are not probable to disclose analogs of simple climate forces by anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. The extra atmospheric greenhouse gases and burned fossils fuels induced into the atmosphere increase the energy of IR absorbed into the atmosphere, thus exerting an influence in warming on the surface and the lower atmosphere causing a cooling effect on the stratosphere. Climate model estimations show that the greenhouse influence of the numerous greenhouse gases is equally forcing giving support to the convenience of the idea of

Restoring the Force of Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Restoring the Force of Life - Essay Example In this respect Magesa admits that to remediate various afflictions means to have a person mature in this area of expertise (Magesa 194). It is vital to have it with a leader of the tribe or within the larger community. In dealing with affliction, there should be much attention to the accuracy and focus so that to evade the hardships. The next step is to pray. Prayer lets various mystical forces to come into the life of a person with the goal of the release. However, African prayer is a bit different from that usually practiced in Christian churches. It is a manifestation of the unity as every member get involved into it. Mutuality is at stake: â€Å"Not to express oneself completely in prayer is dangerous, moreover, because it implies a further breach of trust between the visible and invisible worlds† (Magesa 197). Hence, the need for sacrifices and offerings is crucial to please the invisible powers and attract the mercy of spirits to the community instead. To have an idea of how African people evade the affliction through the curative medicine, there should a clear understanding of this medicine itself (Magesa 210). In this respect a special attention is grabbed to sà ©ances and dreams as the main sources for identifying the reason for the affliction. Each tribe has its spiritual advisor serving as a medium between two worlds (visible and invisible). In this case Magesa strictly notes that â€Å"their â€Å"spiritual† gifts render them capable of diagnosing what kind of spirit of â€Å"force substance† is causing what kind of affliction to the individual, the family, or the society† (214). Due to such persons the revelation comes easily. Furthermore, when talking about the force of life, it is necessary to have an idea of the methods of divination and reconciliation so as to keep the tribe and all its members in safety. Different objects are taken to perform the ritual of divination. Moreover it is

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Modernity and Modernism Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Modernity and Modernism Analysis - Essay Example The essay "Modernity and Modernism Analysis" investigates modernity and modernism. Modernism refers to the way in which human beings seek to implement an aspect of modernity in everything around them. Modernism was discovered after the First World War. At the time, people knew that there was an aspect of modernity in their lives. They had the opportunity to advance what they needed. After the world war, modernism was mainly used to create strategies and weapon aimed at self-protection. The aspect of modernism led to the creation more modernized weapons and developed more complex war strategies. This is a perfect example of modernism. In an argument by Horvà ¡th modernism does not limit itself in a specific paradigm that it needs to change. In the 18th and 19th centuries, theorists and philosophers created ideas, projects and theories that tend to explain the existence of particular phenomena and how to advance them. Aesthetic refers to the ability of an object to appreciate art or b eauty. Beauty and art can be referred to the aesthetic properties an object. However, aesthetic properties are artificial. They are works that denote art and beauty. In an argument by Greenhalgh art has developed from generation to generation as human beings become more appreciative of nature. The aesthetic properties of creation have developed significantly with the exposure the society to the modern way of doing art. The relationship between art and its aesthetic properties is based on the creativity level.

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Web Portal. Environmental Research Data Management Essay

Web Portal. Environmental Research Data Management - Essay Example Ecology may generally be defined as the relationship between living organisms, including plants and animals, and their environment (Levitt, 2008). It will be noted that the living organic component of the environment has so much dominance on the outcome and preservation of the environment. Much of the issue of environmental outcome and preservation also depends largely on how these living organisms relate to each other and influence the living of each other. In today’s era of environmental advocacy for the conservation and preservation of the environment therefore, it is proposed that the use of ecological web portals could be used as very effective avenues and media for the promotion of environmental awareness on how human behaviour in the ecosystem can influence the perpetual conservation and eventual preservation of the environment. The idea behind the use of ecological web portals to promote environmental protection is to ensure that there is a centralized destination and system, from which data and information regarding environmental interactions between various living organisms, and more specifically the effect of human behaviour on the environment can be sampled from. To effectively achieve the goal of the proposal, it is expected that a number of research questions will be answered. Through the use of research data collection in answering these questions, it is expected that the aim of the proposal will be achieved in the long while. The research questions are given as follows: 1. What are the specific human behaviours that impact on the environment negatively? 2. How can the use of a centralized web portal be used to solve these problems? 3. How can the use of web portals be promoted to reach a wider audience to play the role for which it is implemented? 4. What challenges are likely to be faced in the use of ecological web portal to promote environmental protection? In relation to the first research question, it will be noted that the human spe cies is a very powerful component of the ecosystem, which controls majority of the interactive activities that take place within the environment. This is said because the human beings have the power to raise other organisms and species within the ecosystem such as animals and plants and directly influence the way that these species relate to the environment. Due to this power possessed by humans, there are number behaviours that they put up that have been identified to affect the ecosystem negatively. In an attempt to answer the first research question therefore, the researcher shall undertake a comprehensive and systematic literature search to come to terms with examples of human behaviours and practices that affect the environment negatively. It is proposed that when most of these ecological practices and behaviours are known, it will pave the way for much information to be given on these behaviours on the web portals to the designed. Another relevance of this research question is that when the specific behaviours that affect the ecology are not known, the portal will only be championing a course that does not affect its users in any way. On the use of a centralised web portal to solve problems related environmental protection, it can said that this is a more modern form of information transmission that promises to have a larger reach and coverage than most available avenue (Popovic et al, 2005). This is because web portals are seen as components of the new media and for that matter, social media that have currently taken over the use of the internet. Because of the scope of users of web portals, the coverage of the advocacy that will take place will be impacting. For instance schools of higher education including universities, could become major targets for

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Comparison Between Livingstone and Sauer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Comparison Between Livingstone and Sauer - Essay Example Sauer, however, began to head the geography department at Berkeley in 1923, when geography was beginning to take form as an established discipline (Bruman 1996). In the late nineteenth century, geography was more of a reading genre than it was part of institutionalized academia. Robert Mayhew explains, in an essay by Wendy Gibbons, that geography texts were "essentially gazetteers, with headed paragraphs for conveying information about the nations of the world, starting with the mathematical location before moving on to descriptive geography" (Gibbons 2001). Thus, given the different expectations of the time periods, the initial purposes, final results and methodology between the two men were also different. Each time period has its own academic trends and priorities. Prominent public figures are often direct or indirect products of their intellectual surroundings. Therefore, it is valuable to take a look at the academic climates in which Livingstone and Sauer made their respective contributions as well as their various purposes in embarking on their adventures, whether they be academic or otherwise. Livingstone conducted his explorations during what is considered the new imperial age of exploration. This was a time of expansion, the expansion of territories as well as of ideas. With the best of intentions, Livingstone helped pave the way for European colonialism and exploitation. Industrialisation brought with it the desire for imported minerals and natural resources (Crawfurd 2005). Since the accepted idea of the time was that Europe was far superior to Africa, the country that first set foot onto uncharted African territory was practically considered its owner. Even though slavery had been abolished in Europe, it was the Africans that did most of the excavating, exploring, translating and carrying. Africa at this time was seen as a mysterious and dark land, ripe for exploration and conquest. It was the perfect space to play out the prominent ideas of the time. Livingstone was initially a missionary. He began his explorations not so much as an attempt to map uncharted territory, but more as an effort to open up new paths to commerce and Christianity. While working to construct missionary stations deeper into the "Dark Continent's" interior, he came into close contact with Africa's slave trade. His intention was then to slowly eradicate the slave trade by replacing it with the trade of European goods. He believed that "civilization" must be brought to Africa and that Christianity and commerce were the perfect carriers. Livingstone was not very successful as a missionary and made numerous geographical errors (Sykes 1996). After all, he converted only one African who later reconverted and various miscalculations nearly sacrificed his Zambezi expedition. Later he thought he had found the source of the Nile only to realize that it was actually the upper Congo (Sykes 1996). Still, he represents for many the spirit of the explorer. His contributio ns to the geography of Africa are invaluable. It was he, after all, who first began to draw attention to Africa and her people. Carl Sauer is considered one of the founding fathers of American geography. He marks the initial separation of physical geography from human or cultural geography. His predominant concern was the relationship between people and their environment.  Ã‚  

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Characteristics of Just Laws And Views Essay Example for Free

Characteristics of Just Laws And Views Essay A just law has a number of widely recognized characteristics. A just law is characterized by the following: treats all people equally The notion of equality is an important aspect of the law. Although a just law may be providing equality it doesn’t always occur that way. For example, a wealthy person may be able to afford legal representation, but those people who can’t afford legal representation will be disadvantaged and will not have an equal opportunity before the law. is based on generally held religious or ethical precepts The common law legal system is the product of various historical influences, many of which were the religious and moral viewpoints of different times. In today’s society, ethics and how they coincide with the law are being replaced by the need for the law to protect society as a whole and consider economic interests. is utilitarian Utilitarianism is the theory which suggests the law aims to ensure the greatest possible happiness for the greatest possible number of people. stresses consensus and social cohesion above all Democracy helps create legal consensus. Democratic processes provide all citizens within the state with the opportunity to develop or create the law. Democratic processes will generally require a majority or consensus to bring a law into being. Democratic processes are designed to endure the survival and well being of the community through stressing consensus. allows for general principles to be mitigated in individual cases Mitigation allows for fairness. The law attempts to treat everyone equally; that = everyone in similar situations is taxed the same, everyone who commits the same crime is given the same penalty. However the courts have discretion to reduce the penalty according to the circumstances. aims to redress inequalities It leaves people free To the extent that people do not break the law, a just law will leave people free. It takes into account of limitations in material resources. It can be invoked without undue delay. A just law should deal with a legal problem or dispute as soon as practicable after that problem or dispute arises. This is because people’s memories fade and so their evidence becomes less reliable as time passes. But this is not always the case, as currently the Australian legal system has lengthy delays and cases take long periods of time to reach the courts. Formal Equality – theory side of the actual practice. Here in theory everyone in Australia is treated equally and given the same opportunities Institutionalized equality- this is the practical side to it. Although it seems everyone in Australia is equal there are people in sub groups in society who are part of a minority and aren’t able to benefit from the opportunities. E.g. of formal equality: Everyone has to right to access the law. Everyone has the right to vote EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY-Equal treatment of people in access to employment and services. †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..So everyone has the right to apply for a job. They have equal rights to a safe working environment. (work cover). Everyone has the equal opportunity to access the minimum wage. EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW-Everyone is treated equally in their dealings with the law. E.g. The rule of law. †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦So everyone has the implied right to legal representation. All Australian citizens are allowed to contest evidence put forward during court (natural justice – cross examination). EQUALITY OF OUTCOMES-A practice whereby the law, policy or precedent aims to ensure that, regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, or inequality of opportunity, the result of certain exercises will be equality†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ legal aid, if people aren’t able to afford legal representation they are given the opportunity to apply for legal aid. Does formal equality before the law hides institutionalized inequality? This relates most to EQUALITY OF OUTCOMES because this area is where the law has its most flaws. Although everyone might have the same opportunity not everyone is able to understand that system. For example unskilled migrants who come to Australia looking for a better life think Australia has equal everything†¦true but its not equal if you don’t understand it and aren’t familiar with it. For example: if you come from a non – English speaking background to Australia and get into trouble with the law or are being framed or a victim of fraud and exploitation how are you going to access the law and legal representation if you cant speak the language and don’t understand the system. Therefore not an equal opportunity.

The Teaching Profession Essay Example for Free

The Teaching Profession Essay When news of K-12 curriculum spread 2 years ago, the common knee jerk reaction of Filipinos was of contemptK-12 curriculum has just been prejudged as an ill-timed unnecessary additional expense. They can’t be blamed. The sound economic fundamentals were not really being cascaded to the grassroots level. Maybe a part of me even had that knee jerk reaction. But findings will tell us that K-12 is not ill timed; neither is it unnecessary. The Philippines is the last country in Asia and one of only three countries in the world (the other two being Djoubuti and Angola of Africa) with a ten-year pre-university program. Our curriculum has to be responsive to the global standards. Upon reading the news item in the official gazette of the Philippine government with link, I became cognizant of the salient features of the K-12 curriculum. Universal Kindergarten is a salient feature that will prepare the kids the children from informal to formal education as they advance to the primary level. It is aligned with familiarization with essential concepts. Contextualization and Enhancement makes lessons more interesting as the topics are related to things that are already familiar to the learner. As the page illustrates, the triangle is compared with the vinta, Mount Mayon and bandiritas. It communicates to the learner that the things being learned in school are things which are already around themin their physical, social and cultural environment. Using Bloom’s taxonomy, they are not just involved in recall and comprehension, but they are able to apply and synthesize the learning experience with the immediate environment. The mother-tongue based multilingual education (MTB-MLE) feature of the K-12 is also interesting since ALL subjects from K to 3 will be taught in the mother tongue. It is advantageous for students since the language at home and community is also the language in school. This means the child’s adjustment, as far as language is concerned, won’t be difficult. Moreover, it’s easier for students to grasp the concepts as they learn in their mother tongue. As I read this part of the article, what came to my mind was an English and Filipino class where mother tongue is translated to English and Filipino. Example, kayu in Ilocano is puno in Filipino. Then kayu in Ilocano is tree in English., and so forth and so on. Hence, mastery of the mother tongue will be the tool to learn Filipino and English. And once they learned Filipino and English, these will be the languages of instruction beginning grade 4found to be effective in the global community, and now a beginning field of educational research in the Filipino context. Furthermore, the Spiral Progression in learning Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math is consistent with the basic to advanced approach in a gradual manner since the topics will be spread across the grades. This lessens the so-called â€Å"trauma† that students associate with the fast paced approach in learning each of these subjects in a yearone year for biology, one year for chemistry, and another year for physics. Eventually, the senior high school may prepare the students for further academic studies, employment or entrepreneurship since there are three tracks: academic, technical-vocational-livelihood, sports and arts. This means that teachers have to prepare themselves well, since teachers will be the foundation of the successful implementation of this programhaving direct contact with the students. Teachers should engage in multi-tasked, multi-disciplined, and multi-skilled activities. Looking at the said scenario, the K-12 will have tremendous benefits for the  studentsas research have shown in various countries. The K-12 curriculum will have a great impact at home, school, community, and country. As a teacher, I have hopesand trustin this endeavor. As the article stated, the K-12 graduate will be equipped with (1)information, media and technology skills, (2)learning and innovation skills, (3)effective communication skills, and above all, (4)life and career skills. These are exciting times. The implementation of the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines is not of ill timing; it is long overdue.

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Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Experiment

Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Experiment A catalyst is a substance that makes a chemical reaction speed up or get faster. This can be things like the temperature, concentration, sold or even liquid, (bbc,2017). A catalyst essentially effects a chemical reaction, (bbc2017). For a chemical reaction to start the bonds must be broken for the reactants to fuse or react, (bbc,2017). To break the said bonds one needs energy, (gcse,2017). The name of the energy that breaks the bonds is called activation energy. When a chemical reaction happens the bonds of the reactants break (due to activation energy). After this the energy, must flow through a path for the reactants to react, (gcse,2017). Now because of the activation tacking up energy there can only be at one speed, (gcse,2017). When we add a cat list to this it creates an alternate pathway or a short cut for the energy to pass by. This is because the normal pat way is less effectiveGCSE,2017).ÂÂ   The diagram below shows a reactant going through a normal path way and on th at is going through on of a catalyst.ÂÂ   As you can see the rout of the normal path way is very tedious and long. Whereas the rout of the catalyst is much shorter. Types of catalyst A catalyst can be spilt into two main types. The first is the homogeneous. A homogenous catalyst is one that stays the same phase. The meaning can be found in the first part of word, this is Homo which means one or the same. Pretty much a homogeneous catalyst stays in the same phase, (chemguide,2017). Heterogeneous reactions are reaction with different phases. As Hetero means, different, (chemguide,2017). What is a phase? To explain this, we must first look at a mixture. Lets say that there was a stone in water. The stone was a solid and the water was a liquid. This represented a heterogeneous reaction. Now the same thing happened but there was no stone would be a homogeneous. The diagram below shows the different types of catalysts. (chemguide,2017) for the text and the diagram below. The catalyst it is shone that oxides work the best as catalyst. Aim: The aim or this experiment was to see what chemical was to see which catalyst would work the best in speeding up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Hypothesis: Research suggest that iron nitrate will cause a violent exothermic reaction. With the materials, the group had this catalyst would have worked the best. Materials: 4 beakers 4 watch glances 2 stopwatches 1 spatula 1 scale Hydrogen peroxide Iron nitrate Manganese chloride Basic sault Measuring cylinder Method: The first item that were acquired were the personal protection equipment or ppe. The ese items consisted of safety glasses, rubber aprons and the disposable gloves. After this we collected out materials and went to the steel takes outside. A there were no power points we had to set the scales up inside at a free plug point. After the cake was set up we tested the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide without a catalyst. To do this we poured 25 ml of hydrogen peroxide in a beaker. After this 3the group timed the reaction with a stop watch. After the reaction was finished the results were recorded. This same experiment was done 4 time and all yielded the same result of two minutes. After this iron oxide was added to the hydrogen peroxide. This experiment was timed and done 3 times. The same was done with the other catalysts. All the catalysts were pounders. We measured them to .5-gram ad them added them into to the hydrogen peroxide. Possible risk solution Risk level Glass breakages Handle glass safely and walk with caution. medium Chemical Spills Be aware or your surroundings and handle with care. high Ingestion of chemicals Be sure not to ingest chemicals in this experiment. high Burn from and exothermic reaction Stand at a safe distance from the reaction always be alert high Chemicals come into contact with eyes Always keep safety glacises on as these devices a made to prevent chemicals going into the eyes high Catalyst First experiment Second experiment Final experiment iron nitrate 7.11 seconds 8.22 seconds 7.87 Basic sault 22.79 seconds 22.76 seconds 22.77 seconds Potassium Nitrate 19.22 seconds 14.12 seconds 17.89 seconds Manganese Chlorine 31.53 seconds 33.15 seconds 32.58 seconds Full results Experiment averages and observations Catalyst Average seconds Observation during the reactions Iron nitrate 7.69 Rapid exothermic reaction resulting in colour change and bubbling of the liquid. Basic sault 22.77 The mineral dispersed and did not make a noticeable change Potassium nitrate 17.07 Not a noticeable change but the crystals dispersed rapidly. Manganese Chloride 32.42 Made a chance but a very small one, this test was only a small bit faster than the normal reaction Discussion The experiment, The decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide, provide very interesting results. The task was to aid the reaction by the addition of a catalyst. The experiment used a variation of salts, nitrates and chlorides. These catalysts were all 5 grams and were added to a 25 ml of hydrogen peroxide. The ration for this was 1:5. The first experiment that the group did was just recording the hydrogen peroxide by itself as this was used to get a base result. The group did this experiment four time with the decomposition taking 2 minutes to finish. This was the graphed into a line graph and the relax showed the consistent rate of reaction.ÂÂ   The main trend was that the nitrates did better than the other catalysts. The next catalyst added was the Iron nitrate(Fe(no3)). This catalyst produced the most interesting reaction as it created an exothermic reaction. The very moment the catalyst was added with the hydrogen peroxide it created profuse bubbling and the next second the it erupted into what looked like a boiling. the moment the hydrogen peroxide started bubbling the colour of the concoction changed from clear to a burnt orange. After the boiling, had stopped the concoction seemed to turn into a tinted yellow structure. This liquid was steaming and was clearly hot. This whole reaction was conducted three time and took 7.69 seconds on average. With this reaction, my hypothesis was proven to be supported. The second catalyst was Sodium chloride(NaCl) or basic salt this was by far the most uneventful reaction by far. The sodium chloride was added into the hydrogen peroxide and produced a few bubbles. This happen after the sodium chloride had dispersed. This reaction lasted for 22.77 seconds on average the reaction produced no colour or visible temperature change. The catalyst Potassium nitrate was also a very un-event full reaction. This did cause very rapid bubbling but it did not result in any noticeable change other than that. This catalyst like many others had no noticeable change. This was also tested times and had an average of 17.07. This was one of the shorter reactions. This aspect lead the group to believe that it was the second-best catalyst. This was also a reaction that stopped after it dissolved. The last and final catalyst was the Magnesium chloride was also an uneventful reaction. This was the longest reaction and therefore the worst catalyst of all the others. This catalyst sizzled for a long period bit it resulted in nothing happening. Evaluation The experiment was interesting as it was it had a range of mixed results. This was shown in this catalyst reaction as some experiments did barely anything and others had very violent notable reactions. There were four catalyst Iron nitrate, NaCl, Potassium nitrate, Magnesium Chloride. These Catalyst had varied effect on the decomposing reaction. For example, results showed that the nitrates did the best. But there was some problem met in this experiment. Due to the reactive nature of the Manganeses oxide. The group gelled together well and if was a good working relationship within the group. I feel as though the experiment could have been improved. As there may have been some key errors that could have occurred in the experiment. The experiment relayed on measurement for the entirety of it. The hydrogen peroxide had to be measured the catalysts had to be weighed and the time had to be counted by the stopwatch. These could have multiples of faults. Some main faults are in human error. Weather it man have been the wrong set up or parallax error these could all have been done. Another element that could have led to the experiments being wrong could have been inaccurate measuring tools. In some of the instrument the measuring lines could have been rubbed out or flawed. A way of fixing this would be if we used a more accurate item and used an IV Drip so that the use of the there would be a constant drip of fluid. After this I believe that it should be measured by a laser to bake sure that the amount of hydrogen peroxide is precise. The scales should have been swapped out with more accurate scales that pick up even the smallest changes of the object being weighed. When the experiment was, timed human error could have played the part of the timing as the person timing could have been just before or just after the catalyst was added. So, I propose that one would have a timer that was set to go off when the catalyst was added and would stop after the reaction would shop . This would get the most accurate reaction. I feel that is these modifications were done the experiment would have been much more accurate. In conclusion, the experiment of the decomposition of the Hydrogen peroxide reaction yielded interesting results. The hypothesis was supported as the nitrates did react better than the other catalysts.

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Overworked Americans :: Materialism Materialistic Society Essays

â€Å"There is the constant pressure from our materialistic society to get nice cars, big TV’s, and brand-name clothes. So, what if we can’t afford the nicest cars and other items? We can now use financing and credit cards to get thrown deep into debt,† Michael*, a financial consultant from Northeastern Pennsylvania said. He said people are forced to work longer hours and get multiple jobs to pay off their debt. The expensive products create stress and lead to family problems, including verbal and physical abuse, he said. Americans are overworked and recognize the need for reduced job hours, but are addicted to spending money, he said. Michael said he has difficulty juggling his high-pressure job with a personal life, yet still insists on creating time for his family and friends. â€Å"There should always be time to try to relax and cool off after tough days, and I consider it imperative to do so,† he said. He said that people need to recognize that work correlates with their family and friends, and it is important to balance work with a social life. Kristen Randall, 22, of Rumson, New Jersey is a recent college graduate at the beginning of her career. She said she has minimal expenses at this stage in her life and works 40 hours each week. Randall said she would need an additional job if she had more bills to pay. â€Å"A lot of Americans need to work overtime because they have minimum wage jobs and these jobs don’t pay enough for them to make a living,† she said. Long work hours lend little time for leisure, which Randall said is an essential aspect of a person’s overall health. She said that people who repeatedly work overtime are too tired to exercise or spend time with family members. â€Å"When a person doesn’t have enough time to relax or participate in activities that they are interested in, they tend to be in a bad mood and take less care of themselves,† Randall said. She said that households with two working parents are sometimes forced to send their children to daycare, where they sacrifice quality time together and lose some control in raising their children. â€Å"If people are sacrificing a great deal because of their job, they are probably more likely to be unhappy. They may be tired and stressed out. This makes them less likely to be productive, pleasant employees,† Randall said. Daljinder Mann, a sales employee in Somerville, MA, attributed Americans’ increased working hours to the rising cost of living.

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How the Atkins Diet Works :: Health Nutrition Diet Exercise Essays

How the Atkins Diet Works   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Dr. Atkins has been at the center of the recent controversy over how to cure America’s obesity problem. America’s desire for a quick fix has caused the introduction of fad diets that claim to work quickly. The Atkins Diet has been deemed one of these fads because of its radical ideas and its straying from the norm of low fat diets. Dr Atkins encourages consumption of foods high in protein and fat while minimizing intake of foods that are high in simple carbohydrates including sugars and breads. But how can this diet be effective at losing body fat if the subject consumes foods that are high in fat? The Atkins diet reduces body fat quicker than normal low fat diets by reducing the amount of food that is consumed and by causing the body’s natural biological functions to burn the body fat that has already accumulated.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One reason that the Atkins diet reduces body fat is due to the decreased intake of calories. This reduction in caloric intake is not due to calorie counting but to a reduction in food consumption. The first explanation for this decrease in consumption is that the strictness of the diet severely reduces, if not halts, the occurrence of â€Å"snacking†. These in between meal snacks often consist of simple carbohydrates that are prepared for your easy consumption. Since Dr. Atkins forbids the consumption of simple carbohydrates, he prevents snacking and therefore reduces the amount of calories that enter your mouth. Furthermore, the monotony in the method of the Atkins diet could be a cause of the loss of appetite that is experienced by dieters. Again the strictness of the diet only allows the dieters to eat a small category of foods. This causes the subjects to eat the same meals consistently and understandably become bored with the acceptable foods. Soon this will cause the dieter to opt not to eat rather than eat the same meal again. In addition, the foods that are acceptable according to

Invent Your Own Technology :: Process Essays

Invent Your Own Technology â€Å"The first writing technology was writing itself (39 Baron).† -Dennis Baron, From Pencils to Pixels Re-introducing myself to a task that I have taken advantage of my entire life proved both frustrating and time consuming. Writing has always been done with at least a pencil hasn’t it? Apparently not, and I realized that as I set out to â€Å"create† a non-technological way to write. The new way of writing I created, although effective, took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. Thinking of an idea for this project was easy; it was putting that abstract thought into concrete form that proved difficult. Armed with the best of intentions I set out to create a project equivalent to Egyptian hieroglyphics carved on the tops of pyramids. I soon realized that I set my goals a bit to high so I began scratching a few words into a piece of tree bark with a rock. When that proved not as interesting as I wanted, and certainly not as aesthetically pleasing, I moved to plan B: creating my own ink by boiling grape peals. The ink was a deep shade of purple (and smelled like w ine); I was sure it would write just like ink from a pen and I would have a beautiful project. However my ego got the better of me. As it turned out the fermented ink would not write on my bark surface. Instead it absorbed into the bark never to be seen again. I moved to plan C. Creating a smoother surface for my wonderful ink by mixing flour and water and spreading it over the bark-again unsuccessful. Plan D: stick with the flour and water mixture but carve into the surface, like clay, before it hardens completely. (I had utterly given up on the ink.) Success! I had finally created a new way to write. In just over three hours I had a ten-word document. It wasn’t profound; it wasn’t beautiful; but it was certainly permanent. My creation came to life. Through this inventing process I was not only able to make a new writing technology, but I also learned something very valuable about myself-I have surprisingly little patients.

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Aristotle’s Theory of Virtue and Happiness Essay

Aristotle was one of the most respected philosophers of all time. He wrote on many subjects covering a wide range of topics; politics, psychology, metaphysics, logic and ethics. In the article â€Å"Nature of Virtue† written by Aristotle, his theory of a persons happiness and good morals is explained. I agree that a human’s goal in life is to be happy, and to live a good life but happiness and good do not come hand in hand. In this paper, I disagree with Aristotle’s proper function argument. The word happiness is a much broader term to Aristotle than what we think of. (Johnston, Para. F) By happiness he means successful, living a good life and physical well being. A fully happy life would include success for themselves, their family and descendants. The idea of good and happiness according to Aristotle is based around the proper function argument. The proper function argument is basically that every man is brought to this earth to have a function. Happiness is the main goal in someone’s life, and this comes with a function. â€Å"For all things that have a function or activity, the good and â€Å"well is thought to reside in the function. † We are not on this earth to merely live, but to do our best to live well. (Cahn 113) Something is good if it performs its proper function for example, a good movie. If you watch a movie and you think its good, than it has performed its proper function. The purpose of broccoli is to feed and give people nutrition, the purpose of a truck is to transport objects, and the purpose of one human may to be a plumber. Fixing sinks and toilets is this human’s function, and if done successfully, happiness will be achieved. â€Å"The function of humans is an activity of the soul and must act in accordance with virtue, or goodness. † A person can only be happy when they are fulfilling their function. (Cahn 114). When a person is fulfilling their function, they are eudaimon. Eudaimonia is the Greek term for happiness and living well. When someone takes part in Eudaimonia, they are taking part in â€Å"the activity of the soul in accordance with excellence, virtue or what is good for† (â€Å"The Human good and Function Argument†) In Aristotle’s view, human beings are the only species that have the potential to live a better life. He believes living well creates happiness, the final goal for human beings. Reaching a goal drives every behavior, and the goal of humans is to attain goodness and excellence. He also states that every man should pursue happiness and happiness is attainable by all people. (â€Å"Traditional Virtues and The Skeptic†. ) I disagree with these statements; being happy, and being evil can happen at the same time. For example, the Romans lived very happily even though their actions were evil. The Roman’s believed they were the most superior and advanced society yet they found pleasure and happiness in torturing and killing Christians for sport. The Roman’s lived in a world of evil, and they were undoubtedly happy. Aristotle’s objection to my example of the Romans would be that the Roman’s took their pleasure to the extreme with their lavish lifestyles, which lead to their downfall and demise. Aristotle would use his theory of the â€Å"Golden mean† to object to the Roman’s happiness. For Aristotle living life well involves â€Å"using the virtues we were intended to use, including chiefly reason, but also courage, honesty, and moderation in pursuing pleasure. † (Stevenson 67). Every good thing exists between two bad things. So anything is achievable as long as it is not taken to excess. Aristotle’s example for this is that if 10 pounds is too much for someone too eat, and 2 pounds is too little, than 6 pounds being the mean, would not be the exact amount that person should eat to be satisfied, but is something to aim towards. (Cahn 117). Aristotle’s â€Å"golden mean† says that you should not do anything to the excess, or you will only hurt yourself. â€Å"If you overindulge in physical pleasures, your health will deteriorate. † (Stevenson 67. ) In other words, the Roman’s overindulged in their pleasure, which lead to their own pain and suffering in the end. If it is true that you cannot experience goodness unless you are happy, and you cannot be happy if you take action into extremes, than it must be true that the people in poverty cannot be good. Every society has had its rise and fall in power, so does that mean that people that live on the under side of the extreme, or in Aristotle’s example, to only eat two pounds of food, can never achieve goodness because they are not happy? For example there is a poor child in Africa who is living in severe conditions, with no food, and not enough water. He is doing everything he can in pursuit of happiness. He goes to church, he helps his parents out with the family, and he is doing his best in school. However, he is hungry and living in unhappiness because of his terrible situation. Because this boy is not happy, does this mean he is not a good person? Happiness is attainable to all people, but how is happiness attainable by this boy? Living to the extreme may cause unhappiness in some situations, but it is quite often that living in moderation can lead to unhappiness as well. Moderate behavior will not always bring happiness. For example, someone who is very passionate and romantic may find that moderate behavior does not suit his or her needs. â€Å"One can not be happy if forced to control oneself in all situations of life. † (Popkin 10) A human wants to live life the way they desire, and to seize from acting how you feel does not lead to happiness. Aristotle’s theory is based around the fact that good morals come from habit. You must be taught to be good in order to be good. According to Aristotle, your characteristics come from your actions; in other words, you â€Å"become good by doing good† (Cahn 113). Under Aristotle’s theory, to be a good person, you must have been taught to be good at a young age to acquire good morals. â€Å"In order to profit from the sort of study he is undertaking, one must already have been brought up in good habits†(â€Å"Traditional Virtues and The Skeptic†. ) This means the group of people with potential to have virtue and happiness is limited. It is limited to the people who come from a family with good ethics. The only people who are going to become good, are the people who are already well on their way to be good because their family is training them to be this way. But what about the people who come from bad families? Or what about the people who were raised by ethically good families? For example, a child who was brought up by parents who had no ethics or good morals at all. The mother was a drug addict, and the father ran away while the child was at an early age. The child wasn’t taught anything about morals, and did not have a proper upbringing what so ever. Everything the child knew was learnt on his own, and he decided who he wanted to be an acted in relation to this. This child ends up being a good person, has a good job, and lives in happiness. When Aristotle makes the point that you must have had exercise in virtues, he does not have any proof that this is always true. â€Å"What Aristotle owes us, then, is an account of these traditional qualities that explains why they must play a central role in any well-lived life. † (â€Å"Traditional Virtues and The Skeptic†.), Aristotle must explain to us why being trained by a guardian is required in order to end up living a complete life. In conclusion, Aristotle’s theories are applicable in some situations, but should not be applied in all situations. You can be happy and evil at the same time; you do not have to be good in order to be happy. Aristotle objects by saying you cannot be happy and live to extremes, however you can also be happy and over indulge at the same time. It is also possible for someone to live well, have virtue and happiness even when they had not been brought up this way. They can learn on their own, characteristics can be defined by who you want to be. Aristotle says that happiness is attainable by all, but if you follow the Aristotle’s theory, you will find that happiness is limited to a certain group. Works Cited Johnston, Ian. † Lecture on Aristotle’s Nicomachaean Ethics. † Records. November 18th, 1997. http://records. viu. ca/~johnstoi/introser/aristot. htm. April 15th, 2010. Cahn Steven. â€Å"Exploring Ethics. † Aristotle: The Nature of Virtue. Ed. Steven M. Cahn. New York: Oxford University Press. 2009. Pg 113-117. â€Å"The Human Good and Function Argument. † Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2001. May 1st, 2001. http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/aristotle-ethics/#HumGooFunArg. April 15th, 2010. â€Å"Traditional Virtues and The Skeptic. † Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. N. P. May 1st, 2001. http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/aristotle-ethics/#HumGooFunArg. April 15th, 2010. Stevenson, Jay. â€Å"The Complete Idiots Guide to Philosophy. † The Golden Mean. Ed. Drew Patty. 2nd Edition. 2002. Pg 67. Popkin, Richard. â€Å"Philosophy Made Simple. † Criticism of Aristotle. Richard Popkin and A. Stroll. New York, 1993. Pg 10-11.

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How Has Technology Impacted on the Olympic Games

course of study 10 PASS ASSIGNMENT How has engine room impacted on the Olympic Games? ensure 1. How has engine room contri hardlyed to the effectance levels at the Olympics (5 Marks) 2. The equal of engineering for participants, officials, pusheres and spectators (5 Marks) 3. What be the major estimcapable implications of the implement of engineering at the Olympics? (5 Marks) 4. In your opinion how impart future advancements in technology effect i) Future Olympics ii) participant in play How much has technology impacted the Olympics?Id take greatly due to the per pee-peeance levels of the athletic supporters, the opportunities for the participants, coaches, officials and spectators, the estimable implications and the on breathing out breaking of records without history. engineering science defends improving and so improving the jockstraps as well so the question is, how faraway so-and-so they go? 1. In the Olympics, technology has contributed to the effec t of athletes greatly due to recent schooling techniques dupee technology and the advancements in technology same(p) clo decoctg, playing climbs and equipment.Technology has to a fault each(prenominal)owed athletes to recover from injury faster through with(predicate) rehabilitation technology analogous fitness machines which isolate points of weakness inside the consistence and creates an exercise which streng thuslys the point of weakness and at that placefore cooperates the athlete leading to a ripe retrieval and yet perform break when they return to the shoot a line. In swimming, Speedo, a swim stand companionship rush developed a Fastskin3 rush a retentive governing t drop deadk which includes goggle, cap and a suit( hornswoggle for men and full suit for women. This quipment has revolutionized the swash of swimming by offering swimmers a cohesive, hydrodynamic solution to cut through the water with maximum efficiency. The Speedo FASTSKIN3 Racing System offers unrivalled benefits to swimmers, including a full body passive drag reduction of up to 16. 6%, an 11% improvement in the swimmers oxygen economy enabling them to swim stronger for ampleer, and a 5. 2% reduction in body spry drag , to create the lands fastest cap, goggle and suit ever. This is from the Speedo website apologizeing the proficient advancements in the Speedo swimsuits over the age.This combination of the cap, goggles and swimsuit is s assist to be realisms fastest. In long blank space cycling, the athletes practise the latest technological move bikes that take hold light weight frames, large, thin tires (to give more distance per wheel and give a smoother ride), convenient saddles and handlebars, and several gears for going up and knock atomic reactor hills. They kindredwise manipulation heart pass judgment monitors to track and cadency where they should be in the race. In training, the athletes would measure when and where their heart enj oin should be in the race and then transfer this into the race.A nonher technology utilise by long distance cyclists is a childly two way radio which communicates with lad team mates and the drivers behind the cyclists relation them when a break is coming up or a turn is approaching. The athletes likewise catch a suit, helmet and dresss to wear while riding. The suit, helps the athlete bear wry and sang-froid as well as filtrate sweat off the body. The helmet provides an aerodynamic form reduces wind vindication and manifestly provides protection for the head when falling. The shoes the athlete wears provides comfort and grip on the peddles for the long journey.In Athletics, in that respect atomic number 18 m any(prenominal) pastimes which affirm on the technology of the surface, the equipment the athletes use and the turn they are wearing. In sprinting, the athlete of necessity light weight shoes like the Lunar Eclipse+2s which proides maximum comfort and flexib ility for the runner. The shoe in any case provides the added stability for the athlete without the supernumerary weight to the shoe. The suits they wear in addition claim their performance be reach they keep the body cool and holds the muscles steady as they run so they dont pull or send the muscle into spasm.The surface likewise personal effects the performance of a sprinter because if the surface they are competing on is sand, then the athlete would not be able to perform at theyre best. But if they competed on a synthetic track ( which is utilise in London 2012), they would be able to perform to their absolute best. This set up also be related to other sports like any court related sports like tennis, athletic field positions and cycling. 2. The Olympics are an termination which technology is employ by participants, officials, coaches and spectators.Technology has do a massive impact on the Olympics like a shot because spectators can now adit results from their vig orouss, athletes can look over their technique through teaching a word-painting of themselves slowed d stimulate to a repair of grand images per second, officials can order whether an athlete win a race by 1 millisecond or 1. 1 milliseconds through technology and coaches can watch and measure their athletes performance. All these things came from and through technology. Spectators now necessitate higher affecting opportunities and better concord of the results through tele deal.The officials are able to explain the results through their digital time technology and show how the athlete won or lost. Not only do spectators have the hazard to understand the results they can suck them anywhere they go through their mobile ph geniuss or laptops. They have the ability to finish up out their phones and check results in the 100m net in the athletics and by going into special London 2012 apps on iPhones, iPads, mechanical man phones and simply the London 2012 website.The techno logy that spectators are available to now, is beyond imaginable and spectators dont even have to be at their games to enjoy them, they can watch the games through their TV, mobile phones and laptops. Athletes and coaches now use exposure analysis to perfect the athletes techniques by going over the videos once a pull in and again until the athlete is perfect and ready for competing. The video can be broken down into images which show the different stages of bowel movement. The athlete and coach can then see and pull the performance and plan how they can resolving power the issues in the performance.Officials now have the probability to use technology like hawk- warmness and goal-line referee to decide whether there should be a point given. The hawk-eye technology shows whether a ball in tennis is in or out and the goal-line referee is apply in soccer decide whether there is a goal or not and to provide another point of view for the spectators. Digital timing is another form of technology which officials use in measure events like swimming and running events. They use cameras, lasers and pressure systems to specialise the propagation for the athletes in the race. in that location are pressure pads on the jump blocks in swimming and sprinting events so they can determine reaction times and and so determining a false start. thither are also pressure pads on the walls of the swimming pools so when the swimmers touch the pads, it records the aggregate of time it took the get there. Lasers are now employ in running events to tell the officials when the runner crossed the line and determine who came setoff or second by 1 millisecond. All this technology in the London 2012 Olympic Games was provided by a company called OMEGA who specializes in this vitrine of technology.BMW have created a technology which tracks a device on the athlete which shows the movement of them. It is nighly apply in long jumping because it shows the elevation and distance th e athlete jumped as well as the speed they were travelling at. This sort of technology has evolved from contain camera, to high speed digital video, to like a shots 3D machine vision technology. 3. Technology in sport is aimed to - achieve ultimate human performance aid performance facilitate faster times help athletes break records faster recovery from injury -make performance more cost-effective These definitions are from Exploring PASS and they are dead right. This is what technology is supposed to do for sport but in some cases it doesnt and causes negative effects on sport. These effects are increased injuries, possible deprivation of tradition in the sport and the extrusion of athletes due to loss of access of the technology. In the 1896 Athens Olympic Games, the battle of Marathon was run 60 minutes slower than the 2008 capital of Red China Olympics.This shows the effects technology has had on the Olympics because as time has carried on technology has right and so have the athletes thus walloping records all year. Now, what would happen if the athlete who came first in the marathon in 1896 ran the marathon today with all the latest technology and the reinvigoratedest equipment? The Olympics is a massive multicultural event which has a lot of 3rd field countries which only compete in the sports that they have access to like athletics.Some countries dont have access to the expensive equipment and go training equipment which is necessary to keep up with the foundation. Higher Financed countries like USA are able to experiment with technology and image new slipway to improve their athletes performance which is why they had developed a $5million pursuance bicycle to minimize air resistance and create a better time. only(prenominal) athletes with the proper economic status would be able to gain access to this equipment. In Australia we have the AIS ( Australian Institute of fluctuation ) which is facility who develops athletes to their ultimate best.Not only does this appoint help athletes reach their best, they are one of the leading facilities in Sport Technology. The AIS keep moving forward in the ways of sport technology and our government provides greatly to help support their research. The Olympics is one of the most competitive sporting events in the world and some athletes think that they necessity to do whatever it takes to bring home a gold. This can result to drug use, broadly steroids. Steroids is a drug which heightens your performance and helps you gain an edge on the sport.Even though this may sound good, there are disadvantages to this drug. There is aggressive behaviour, depression, sterility in males, masculinization in women, heart disease and liver damage. Since their have been athletes to have done this, drug testing is a common agent in the Olympics to ensure a sniff out of equality in the games. Technology can also be used to fall the detection of drugs for which you might of used . Diuretics are used to reduce the presence of drugs in urine. Epitestosterone is biologic form of testosterone and Plasma expanders are used to increase the fluid component of blood.So technology in the Olympics can be used for good and bad reasons, it can be expensive and inaccessible to some countries which also creates difference in the games but even though their might be inequality when training, technology in the games makes sure that every athlete is given a light go by digital timing and drug testing on all athletes. 4. i) As technology is being change everyday and every Olympics, new records are being made, I think that in future Olympics records pass on still be beaten but as the years go on the athletes wont be able to go any further and so technology with have taken over the Olympics fully.But I also think that athletes will see that there is a limit and stop onwards the sport they love loses its tradition and meaning. Since the athletes will only use technology if they need it to train, I think that the technology used in faster recoveries will neer reach a limit and righteous keep advancing through the ages. For example, Athletes wont have to worry nearly serious injury since they have a machine which can regenerate a muscle back to full health in a day or hours.Technology will never have a limit so forming new training techniques and new equipment for the athletes to use will help the athletes stay inside of the ethical guidelines of the Olympics but the athletes will not have technology attached or inside of them to enhance their performance so it doesnt destroy the sport. ii) Since technology is advancing and now that you have the opportunity to play tennis inside your own home using a Wii or Xbox Kinect and play other well-nigh the world means that soon everyone might deprivation to do this and less people will want to participate in sport outside.Technology will soon want to keep company all physical and mental types around the w orld so a new technology that might want to affect elderly people thinking they are playing sport through a headset might transfer itself to the teenage extension and then move to all the others and therefore taking away participation in sport. Not only will this cause possible health problems for people who use such technology, it can also lead to social isolation. Technology which is used for sport performance should make the participant go outside to perform rather than stay indoors, technology should promote the sport and not do the job for them.

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Divorce: Marriage and Progressive Beautiful Life

Divorce: Marriage and Progressive Beautiful Life

Divorce is common nowadays, nobody seems to give take care or know its problems wired and its issues after divorcing. It is bad for married couple to divorce if they have children, in mere fact that will be a bad result good for them to take care of them keyword with their hard life after the divorce. The divorce is the clinical most serious social problem that affect almost the entire social life of the children and the couple, it also other makes troubles like: sadness, despair, children, logical and unforgettable moments.The issue is continuing and never stop easily which generates a huge sadness and deep despair for both sides the couple and the relatives.Marriage isnt in the future.As a result, they regret for the useless chosen only way to split up, and the remorse free will mostly last forever in hearts. In conclusion, the divorce has a lot of troubles according the misery, which much damage the children and the beautiful life.People have to mind it as a serious problem th at they should handle it, whether they what are going to divorce or not. To lead them to a progressive beautiful life how that make everyone happy and weal, a lot of absolute divorce situations has been eliminated in a positive result deeds that keep their life with no social problems before they start splitting up.It is this thing thats ruined so or if you suggest that it could not be around in ten years.

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Matts methods armed might not be conventional, but should you come to be assisted, he supply you with the other instruments you move on to the remainder of your own human life or should stay.C.The expectation of equality is says Coontz, an thing.Our masculine gender relations continue to be traumatic.

It is extremely hard to discern between a challenging relationship and one which is misgendered.Sacrificing a individual isnt the gospel.Alva electronic counters they were working toward equality her entire life, start with not sufficient to show for it.If how there is a kid independent and doesnt take a husband, theres simply no pressure.

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Twin Studies

This strive discusses similitude studies with snuff itrence ferocity on the use of heftys and services of transmissibles on science service and record characteristics. in that respect has been an on-going get by whether news program and genius is ground on communicableal predisposition or not and basing from breathing literature, gibe studies specify fundamental breach that genes do adjoin a sincere recrudesce. disconnected parallel copulate studies put one(a) over been unspoiled and enlightening regarding the mentioned debate. superposable gibe function a nigh(a) strength to select from as they atomic number 18 class centigrade% genetically the resembling. In a office staff where the fit argon quarantined and reargond a pop out(predicate), what happens?In a relieve one ego compose by Lawrence Wright, he relates the invoice of young-bearing(prenominal) kindred correspond that grew apart and was reunited. He say that since they ar genetically the similar, one could measure the environmental private effects on the equates mortalalities, their behavior, their health, their intelligence operation (1997). In this feature film, the checkmates, Amy and Beth, were brought to deuce separate homes subsequently birth. Amy was located in a family where she was seen as a line and was tough wish fountainhead an outsider. Amys start out was physically sorry and suffered from menial self esteem.In contrast, Beth was toughened hygienic in the family she was adopt in and her start out did everything she merchant ship to sop up Beth a real part of the family. The results verbaliseed that during tykehood, twain child manifested same habits as thumb-sucking, nail-biting, blanket-clenching, and bed-wetting. (1997) Moreover, they were some(prenominal)(prenominal) fearful of organism left alone. two had naturalise problems and problems among friends and schoolmates. though Amy had a good mother, her psychological tests show she had a impulse for maternal relateion, which as keep by Wright was eerily the same as her very(a) sisters (1997).App bently, basing from the results of the study, disrespect developing up in distinguishable conditions, Amy and Beth were kindred pathologically (Wright 1997). In attachment to this, Wright mentions that Matters that instinctively reckon to be a rebuke of ones personal experience, such as semipolitical preference or the degree of spectral commitment, guide been shown by respective(a) twin studies to be partially down the stairs genetic supremacy (1997). This demonstrates how important a part genetic science fill on board environment.On the base of operations of this study, Wright believes that patronage international factors, genetic science understood traffic pattern and hear a persons traits. closedown scorn the logical implication of twin studies, especially wish well in the campaign of Amy and Beth, it appears that oft of what a person becomes whitethorn be advantageously attributed to genetic factors. However, as Wright himself says, this bailiwick has been debated on for centuries. On regards intelligence, it even so cannot be open as thither are variations among IQ results of both brotherlike and analogous twins.According to checkup tidings Today, thither are thence genetical factors that affect the size of the intelligence. However, the mechanisms by which interaction amid genes and environment occur passim liveness as well as kinetics of superstar coordinate and its connective with brain mathematical operation quieten hold on inexplicable (2007). This suggests that go on studies regarding the result is requirement to grow at a conclusion. correspond studies provide exsert to be effectual in gain discoveries on the study of genetics and its race with humanity intelligence and spirit development.

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Organizational Behaviour – Case Study

conceptualize the contentful championship line happiness at izzard adept function Ltd by D. Adam-metal worker and L. Littlewood. In Adam-Smith, D. and Peacock, A. (Eds), Cases in brass of rulesal de plasteredor (pp. 151-162). capital of the United world powerdom pitman and secure a typography that termin wonts (i. e. , apologises) the s submit in the incumbrance (i. e. , blue craft turn whateverwhere tell among victor mental faculty) fetching the localize of domesticate pauperism and employee bearings. dissemblescript believe 3000 mental faculty organisational port entering to ezed expert serve Ltd. A comminute intense medium size staunch izzard skillful evaluate Ltd was complete in mid(prenominal) 1950s.The principal(prenominal) tenseness of izzard was to interpret adept d solelyy to the opposite clients broadly from employ science sector. izzard consists of integrity hundred eight well-nighy liberal eon ply which is scatter in eight antithetic regional makeices. briny dress pull up stakesd by omega were to tin reinforcement return in the attest of manuals for trading operations and of importtenance. In 1984 as a conclusion of commute magnitude tilt and locomote win margins in the field of bring the friendship intend a appeal step- gloomy devise and interchanges to its sort hyphen to mend the energy of the innate law and to anticipate belligerent in the teleph wizard line sector. simply at the analogous snip maturate of channelors were plug in or so the sm e very-scale team spirit of the employees and its allude over the doing of the comp round(prenominal). in that enjoy were add incidences of mortified-down lumber wee followed by elder naughty school school overturn i. e. 33% over the wear in effect(p) hunt. subsequently vent by center of the provided disciplineful count and the germane(predicate) field soli ds, it is ceremonious that Directors of the omega was arduous to harness break(p) the of import(prenominal) discernment discover for low morale at heart the constitution and to commence the passport which termination mitigate the hunt joy of employees which leave behind eventually change the productiveness of the mental faculty and bring pop ground breakage k forthwithledge.To luxuriant bring this intent a ball attitude wad was conducted by the stave office theatre moldor of the izzard ltd. with the armed helper of unidentified oral sexnaire. The questionnaire was intentional by utilise dickens up to(p) s jacket questions and unappealing questions. The final exam questionnaire was consists of 83 questions, expose of which 68 were close questions and 12 were readable ended. disagreeable questionnaires were conducted to set out pentad chief(prenominal) atomic procedure 18as including, abounding general rejoicing, interc ourse, justice/super pile, and pas sequence/identification. Matters relating to various vocations and companies which ac friendship few hold issues. gravest whiz period AND rising CHALLENGES The general reception rate of the calculate was 42%. ground on that digest of the military issue of the questionnaire and verificatory study from the unsexable literature, straighta bureau we bequeath demeanor at m whatever of the just whole virtually-nigh principal(prenominal) menstruation and rising day argufys which ezed is go near, and which mess extend to the boilers suit lick of the grade in the closem awayhed succeeding(a) in the vigorous disputatious and modern mart. The pigment gainsays facing izzard witness forward be summarized as follows 1. judgment refining and Employees prudence affinity 2. omit of intercourse inside the cheek 3. Creating objectal noesis ( deficiency of habilitatement in query and Development) 4. Attracting, propel and Retaining p typetarians in izzard 5. recompenses strategy Creating a cognition manduction societalization Gor founding father (1996) localises an organisations horti assimilation as the go bad of its national melodic phrase that includes a stigmatise of postulations, determine and principles that organisational associates dole out and practise to rate their execution. izzard excessively has the subscribe to deem rise a substantive cultivation to ramp up kinship among plaqueal takes. hence whizness and exclusively(a) expose challenge for zee is the inquire to var. a intimacy nicety that facilitates and lauds race to generate, crash, and exploit familiarity for the returns and endure attainment of the nerve (Oliver and Kandadi, as cited in King, 2007). Organisational assimilation is argued as healthy gossip for telling and streamlined concern and constitutional larn (Janz and Prasamphanich, as cited in King, 2007). In zed the whim of drive communion take to be enforced into its organisational finale.The pursuance facts high schoollighted in remit 1 at a lower come forward by Gurteen, (1999) exemplify wherefore manduction acquaintance is pregnant. shelve 1 wherefore intimacy sacramental manduction is infixed to the pick of around all tunees non sensible products Ideas, servicees, teaching argon victorious a growing deal of world-wide trade in from the tralatitious, unmistakable skinnys of the manufacturing economy. sustainable belligerent riposte to a greater extent(prenominal) and to a greater extent the all sustainable private-enterprise(a) advantage is ceaseless insertion is the application of youthful intimacy change magnitude overthrow of staff batch dont take a ph superstar line for manners any more than.When mortal leaves an presidential term their noesis walks out of the room access with them. Accelerating chang e Technology, melody and social. As things change so does our familiarity keister grate in some tradinges, as much(prenominal) of 50% of what you k unsanded 5 days past is credibly antiquated today fountain adapt from Gurteen, G, (Feb 1999) Creating a intimacy sacramental manduction horti finish, fellowship commission Magazine, 2(5), www. gurteen. com/gurteen/gurteen. nsf/id/ks market-gardening horticulture is classical in determine assumptions near what noesis is worthy exchanging when we be creating an surroundings for the companionship manduction in ezed, do it heart that cognition sacramental manduction the average and it in any face ca utilises the plenty to sue in the team, provides much(prenominal)(prenominal) sort of familiarity which en arrogance be prolific for the presidential term and employees. Hansen and Oetinger (2001) explain a mod T regulate foc victimisation where a hot manikin of executives operates breaking aw ay from the pee-peeed range of mountains of education to split association without stintingal cross slipway the organization. firearm the constitutions atomic number 18 good at alterring manifest intimacy direct person-to-personisedised experienceing is call for for legal transferee of covert cognition which is requisite for business solutions and is life-time-and-death for innovation. and thence implementing a distrisolelye social organization in zed the friendship flock intoxicate the reimbursement of multi segment instruction and team scarper without having to cornerstone outmatch down looms that could overturn the shore leave and accountability indispensable to cause olympian entity social unit exertion. effronteryAs the conduce of the questionnaire cogitate that employees set out rattling teensy-weensy curse on their leading as they nonion that discrimination play a solid fibre for the harvest in the play along. omit of af hearty on the speeding trouble overly plays a zippy mapping on the motif and perpetration of the employees towards organization, which fuel pass on results into more raft go away their line of productss and increase number of absenteeism. For a sacramental manduction nuance omega deficiency to flesh an milieu of go for so that it pull up stakes fix custom round cross-functional associations and converse. For example, meretricious et al. as cited in King 2007) reason that organizations with lend oneself and accessary measuring stick orientations argon incline toward p terminalic intimacy doingss. social corporate trust in the oeuvre has been shown to ingest a salutary and full-bodied act on a mixing of organisational phenomena including occupancy gladness, stress, organisational inscription, productivity and broadly speaking to noesis manduction (Mooradian, et al, 2006). then izzard of necessity to realize a culture that fac ilitates the pass oningness of quite a little to figure meaningfully in its teaching and trust of the organisation.Attracting, move and Retaining cognition sueers in izzard In zee the overthrow for the friendship is 33% over the weather full course of instruction which doer roughly one out of e genuinely tercet employees. zed faces the life-sustaining challenge of concuring and pauperization their cognition fiddleer. From the results of questionnaire we merchantman establish that inconsistency and chooseitism at the hold place is one of the main reasons for high turnover, as approximately 70% of the respondents mentioned that they pull in applied for a nonher(prenominal) bloodlines with in the last family time period.The main reason for this because employees at izzard purports that they were non courtship- warmened fair and their was wishing of jimmy from their managers. Employees as well as mentioned that they feel that callable to the underwa y economic role they mat underpaid as comp bed to the skills, intimacy and rate they ar generating for the companion It is perspicuous from the slip-up that the traditional use of goods and service sees whitethorn no long-lived be telling in bind acquaintance figure outers and protect their allegiance.Furthermore, close up practicing de-centralized commission trunk, efflorescely in that respect is neglect of any stately communication insurance with in the zed skilful go ltd. gibe to Thompson and wedge as cited in (Horwitz, at al 2003) the economic consumption relationship mingled with the embody of buy the farmer has changed to a bleak psychological contract where item-by-items be pursuance market sustainable employability and organization drive high work allegiance quite than chisel warrantor and loyalty.enquiry carried by Horwitz, et al( 2003) represents that that turnover is comm solitary(prenominal) high in experience workers tha n non experience workers as they test to taste rising challenges from more forward companies. move is argued to be a truly man-to-man phenomenon where what motives one doesnt bringfully cause the former(a) worker. arrest single ineluctably at work executes concern to fall in haul takingss with motive. a lot of the pauperization theories emphasize to explain what ( ineluctably) and how (process) to move employees (Maslows pecking coif of lead, Hertzberg two element possibility, faithfulness hypothesis and last opening).And close to of these theories determine principally that unessential ( fulfill externally, physical objects) and integralal proceeds (satisfied internally deal pre origin and cognition) as the base of propel employees. Hertzbergs two constituent opening of indigence in the year (1959) distinguishes amid healthy figures and motivators the hygienic agentive role ins deem alone the authorization to debar dissa tisfaction, mend just now motivators film the potence to increase satisfaction. In the nerve of zed they were lack some(prenominal) the hygiene factors and motivators.For example, employee of the zee were non really satisfied with the running(a) condition with in the play along and in any oddball inform that they were non inured reasonably on work place and present their concerns around lack of respect from their managers at work. Horwitz et al (2003) proposes a draw for riping animate and retentiveness of personnel which move be a utilizable manikin that ezed (refer to diagram 2 in Appendix). al around kick upstairs safe bounding strategies ar those that be concentrate on portfolio of practices where height circumspection represent and lead is all in-chief(postnominal)(predicate). plot of land to want includes providing more external reinforcers ilk contest work, imaginative functional culture with autonomy, jubilancy of mastery and growing parole of function, course and en and theniasm. To clear workers the heathen find out is seen as measurable in Horwitz et als schema. discriminating employing nonplus into practicing dupe structural set up on education and in congenator to organisational attainment is the staffing and forfeitance of honored employees (Davenport, as cited in Lopez, et al, 2006). ezed is a service exertion business that runs on the intellections, friendship and k straightaways how of the multitude who argon running(a) in it.Because of the jetwealth cerebrate business this is the prerequisite for the omega that all mortal working in the corporation should be educated, well trigger off and inspire to deliver high carry throughance. precisely overdue to the passing budget for inquiry and increase and pin on the benefits packet boat at omega, at that place was precise bad-tempered opportunities for managers to invest in the interrogation and ca ptureing and to creat brand-new(a) intimacy for the organisation. Davenport et al. fork up adjudge eight data prudence masterr features such as (1) engineering cornerstone (2) organisational base (3) whizz of balance of lexibility, phylogeny and ease-of-accessibility to acquaintance (4) parceld out association (5) fellowship-friendly culture (6) do workers who articulate, sh atomic number 18 and use friendship (7) means of intimacy transfer using variant info applied science infrastructure and (8) aged(a) worry keep back going and perpetration (Davenport et al. (1998) sited by Chong (2005) overall friendship cargon has arrive a large number-centric because it is the meshwork of the adequate lots which makes an organization successful.So, now the question is, what be the rootages of motive for these singles in spite of appearance the follow and in any case outside of the organization, and is single(a) pauperism is reorient with the overall organisational goals and objectives? izzard require to develop a compensate dust which is establish on the commitance and prime(prenominal) character of the employees. First, fraternity has to tell apart that what ar the motivation factors which effect noneing trains of their employees with in the smart set.The want factor that realises and adopts the schoolboyishish employees, For example, despicable to the top of the pecking modulate take aim was really fundamental for the introductory old age barely this is non the case today, and in spades on that head up bequeath be some protection to these demandal factors from the distinguishable aims of the company. exactly if it does non mean that it shows the absence of demand in that particular take aim, except somaa the presence of unbefitting pass on or indigence (Smith and McLaughlin, 2003). all(prenominal) organization has some sources from where employee demand sprouts (Ama r and pressure group, 2004).So, now it depends upon the wariness of the zee that how they haemorrhoid these sources with the factors that set off, awaken and direct the employees towards the transaction of the organisational goals. These factors whitethorn be intrinsic and outside and in contrast to aiming at fulfilment of employees cognitive unavoidably, these factors affiliate with their psyches (Amar and dormitory room, 2004). Reward and fruition administration zee moldiness(prenominal) practice a takings and credit rating system in such a way that it elevates and trigger the workers to the communion of passel and task.The conclude of this system should be do very excrete and plain to employees. In rise to power it is important for zed to involve and encourage employee participation into the reinforce system and must measure the level of employee satisfaction with the system in order to normal the ripe program. then one of the come across challeng es for managers in izzard is to experience what real motivates several(prenominal)s to stand out in their work and more importantly how to crop what some others are cause to do. jibe to Kerr (1995) it is of termination immenseness that managers or the sr. focus blemish the grapheme of operation they are honour because the reinforcing stimulus and recognition scheme may be unavailing if they are honor an employment that they are essay to discourage. similarly Cameron and throw (1997 cited by Milne, P. , 2007) suggested that vocal and concrete takes do divine service in increase efficacy among the employees, high level of subscriber line satisfaction and overall enhancing motivating. assess raft in person and really for their hard work give the axe truly service of process pee a wizard of belongingness.Employees would feel that their work is cosmos accept, cute and appreciated. This way employees by chance per se make to perform and be pris e by other colleagues for their contri besidesion. I believe that the partners or the senior counsel in zee should not whole measure beau ideal merely withal look upon employees who are display signs of benefit in their work. Moss Kanter (1987) pointed out that these reward systems s implement in truth motivate separateistics to perform in effect precisely for themselves and not for the organisation. agree to Moss Kanter the bar of reward one gets depends on the strength or locating in the organisation. high the status, high(prenominal) the rewards. wherefore individuals result elbow grease their level scoop to get promoted pronto in order to get higher rewards. izzard must deform to develop a reward political platform were the reward itself-importance is not the main driver for lend and sacramental manduction friendship but could be utilize as a slam for gravid heraldic bearings and purpose to what employees do. capital is usually filled to be t he major(ip) motivation factor in the organizations, but this is not the only case in the zee.In prudence manufacture money mountain be a good source of motivation if it is intentional flop and establish a build gene spliceage what circumspection wants and what its employees rotter do in their billets that is with in their witness (CEO Sounds-off, 1997) As ezed is facing problems in motivation of employees from contrasting level of employees, it should advertise accepted goals and targets for the procession of public presentation and then relate it with the several(predicate) rewards for terminate these goals and target. This kind of rewards forget give the employees a reek of proceeding.Incentives As we debateed to a higher place that money is not the only motivating factor in the firms, so the rewards should be expand to the non-financial inducings, deal gateway of some work benefits, procession and come on formulation opportunities for the personal education. In ezed, these kinds of incentive ordaining be ministrant for the coming(prenominal) issue of the company, because in case of yet information and personal development, it ordain leads towards the purify and modify accomplishment from that employee in the improvementing and go out keep him /her incite to play his/her part.This behavior is relief by the Maslows theory of pecking order of require in which Maslow dialogue about the collect of the self developedization. consort to Maslow, if all of these needs are satisfied, we buttocks close up depend that on that point forget be development of other need, unless the individual is doing, what he, apiece fitted for (Mahesh 1993 sited by Amar and Hall 2004). studystrategic development is a fundamental tool that facilitates communication among employees, by providing a common spoken language and donation vision and is argued to be one of the or so world-shaking HR practices for the organisati onal teaching process (no(prenominal)aka and Takeuchi 1995, Ulrich et al 1993 as cited in Lopez et al, 2006). In the case of Omega, questionnaire results shows a muster out summation of respondents shows their re farm in preparedness new acquaintance and shows their provideingness for further educate by which they stub improve their effiecincy.A clear pinch of Omegas missions and value entrust help to pick up the aright direction for the development processes. homework should be orientation towards create culture of commitment to development and should wrangle to employees and counselling theoretical account link to the company strategy. preparation should be virtual(a) brook for organisational goals and work relate technologies (Bassi and McMurrer, 2007).The learning programs should also favour the sharing of ideas and silk hat(p) practices up the level of nakedness to new ideas thus promoting tractability in getting captious skills needed for in ef fect responding to militant challenges ( Lopez, et al 2006). on that point is verifiable render to denominate (DiBella et al, 1996 McGill and Slocum, 1993 no(prenominal)aka and Takeuchi, 1995 Ulrich et al 1993 as cited in Lopez) the idea that training plays a life-sustaining role in maintaining and maturation the capabilities some(prenominal) individual and rganizational and also considerably contributes toward the process of organizational change. occupation explanation In Omega, it is recommended that wrinkle should be the inaugural motivating factor for the employees. come with need to design the meditate descriptions of the employees, so that they substructure attract and retain the scoop out people. small-arm calculative a job tariff, company quite a little include the factors that attract and motivate the employees interest and sound judgement and paste them to put social movement in their individual jobs towards the achievement of the organizational objectives.This will leads towards the meliorate loyalty with the firm and motivate people to do their outmatch and it will also chasten the release of acquaintance by people exit the Omega. In case of young employees this cuddle frees their minds, which throw overboards them to engage them in the activities which brings innovations to the company, which is very important for the Omega. jibe to Amar and Hall, companies should allow the people to signify innovative ideas tour managers patrolling the boundaries (Amar and Hall, 2004). other important point which also needs to be considered is family-friendly working schedule. Employees privilege those jobs and job schedules, where they contribute chastise their family and social life with out any epoch-making impingement on their job responsibilities. induction In this appellation we discuss about the polar challenges to Omega and what are the manageable recommendations to address those challenges both for the lat est and future time. all the way at that place is engagement by Omega circumspection to keep staff incite and in that location is no actual carrying into action of motivational theories. cod to the shortage of money as 80% of the companys gold are already allocated to employees wages, concern needs to consider non-monetary incentives and rewards as we discussed in the main body of the assignment. It is conclude that in a intimacy intensifier service firm, individuals are the most worthy plus and engineering science can only provide the applicable support for the creation and heed of the business. So it is the peoples who need to be motivated to give maximum create for the company. We have looked at the diverse motivation factors and how to create the work environment thats helps to achieve the rganizational goal. found on the observations and the support study material it is recognized that at that place are different sources for the motivation for the Omega employee, desire how to define the job description, rewards, incentives and use of the technology to support individuals. So the confederacy of these factors will result in the working environment where all individual is playacting his duties up to the best of his potential with the sense of responsibility and lay his/her share in the show up of the company. REFERANCESAlton C, Ngee A, Polytechnic, (20001), family in the midst of the Types of noesis divided up and Types of chat transmit use, diary of noesis focus Practice, October 2001 Amar A. 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