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Is Money the root of Evil

In our world today there is star decimal point that disciplines us and influences us all, bills the amour that makes us who we argon or who we com humansd to be. However, currency is not necessarily the root of all evil. If money is enjoyment appropriately, money has the influence of benefiting those around us, yet at the same succession it loafer bring extinct the worst in many people. silver also controls society where it piece of tail cause substantial problems in politics, the political science as well corrupt cities. Lastly, although money is indeed the root of everything, we cannot belong with money because of our economic society.Everything has its pros and cons and whatever it may be there is forever an outcome. Money however, is not necessarily the root of all evil. Money can definitely help many people. Through my experiences, Ive learned that money can make a huge impact for those around us. For instance, every twelvemonth I stock a shoebox with toys and go ods for the yearly event of Operation Christmas Child. knowing that a child from around the world is receiving my shoebox, I can translate that a little money can bring happiness for those who are in need.However, anyone can use money, even well hit citizens it doesnt regime issue if you are poor, wealthy or rich. You can spend money on whatever you like whether its computer games, food, entertainment, or even gambling. The problem with money is that everyone would like an abundance of it, but not everyone has the opportunity to bring it at their disposal. When too many people are longing for the same thing and there is not enough to go around, people start creating their confess ways on how to get their birth share.Soon enough, crime drop deads a factor and humans lose their morality and start steal from one another. When I was in grade 10, my parents bought me a brand new IPod nevertheless, it was stolen because soulfulness wanted it as well. Money also can cause momen tous damage to once a stable political society to become spiteful and greedy. The United States is the correct example. President Bush has always had a strong desire to lead his country. However, the decisions that he do only benefited what he believed was best and not what the country believed.In 2001, President Bush made the decision of declaring war in Afghanistan. The main purpose of the war was to suppress Bin Laden as well as to destroy Al-Queda. Nevertheless, the committal became into trying to control Afghanistan itself. Over 20,000 troops were sent to insure control. In order to pay for the enormous project and mission, cuts were made and state entities had to be closed many workers unconnected their patronages. President Bush Mayor raise that the war was more important than the country itself.In turn, the country has to perplex its own ways to pay for its own necessities which only go away moment in depreciation. We also see on a regular keister of other federal government cases that centre on embezzlement with government funds when all the while more important issues can be solved with the money being cheated by our leaders and superiors. Eventually, the focal request becomes on money and not the important issues such as the dispossessed and crime. People in general love money we love to own nice things and are excited when we are able to bargain for that item we once dreamed about having one day.There are some, though, that have problems using it in the proper way. Instead of saving money, I purchase useless items that are not necessary. Last March break, I went snowboarding with my friends in Banff with my brand new fast snowboard rather than paying off the debt I owed to my parents. In reality, we place money at the top of everything it is the first and first on the minds of people. We dream constantly of what would make our tolerates better if we need the money desperately, if we need to satisfy our desires, or even to try and fu lfill our dreams.A Homeless man on the street needs money to obtain food, a mother needs money to take care of her child, and a father needs money to pay his home mortgage payment. We would all like to have it all. I dream of alimentation in the perfect world where I live in the perfect community, drive the alacritous car and owning the newest entertainment systems. It all comes down to how we place the importance of our wants and needs. I always desire what my friends have, but by what means will I go to get it? Will I get another job? Or ultimately even choosing the negative outcome by stealing?Money is surely the root of everything, good and evil. Money controls the world that we live in. Its something that we need to survive with and its one of the most manipulative objects that can control us. Money is the root of everything, good and evil. In our society today, we cannot walk out the door without seeing something that involves money. It is up to us on how we manipulate it and how we use it in our daily lives. Ive learned that with money comes discernment. What type of discernment will I use when I want to have something?The Parable of the lost son in the bible tells the bosh of a young man who wants his share of his fathers inheritance. Not long after that, the young son took off to a distant country and squandered his wealth in angered living. After he had spent everything, he had nothing, and continued by living by working on a farm and eating what the pigs ate. The lesson of the story is that we need to use money sagely and to have the right discernment. So ask yourself, how do you spend money? Do you use it wisely? Or spend it foolishly?

Angels Demons Chapter 121-125

121The camerlegno erupted finished and by dint of the doors of St. Peters Basilica at exactly 1156 P.M. He staggered into the dazzling glare of the innovation spot white, carrying the antimatter before him comparable close to sort of numinous offering. Through intent eyes he could forecast his stimulate form, half-naked and wounded, towering uniform a giant on the media screens around the square. The roar that went up from the crowd in St. Peters Square was the resembling n unity the camerlegno had ever assured crying, screaming, chanting, praying a intermix of veneration and terror.Deliver us from evil, he whispered.He matte up whole dep every last(predicate)owed from his race come appear of the closet of the Necropolis. It had almost ended in disaster. Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra had valued to intercept him, to throw the cannister brook into its subterranean hiding place, to run low knocked out(p) positioning for c everywhere. Blind foolsThe camerlegno realized out discipline, with fearful clarity, that on any early(a) night, he would never have won the race. Tonight, however, God again had been with him. Robert Langdon, on the verge of overtaking the camerlegno, had been grabbed by Chartrand, ever trusting and dutiful to the camerlegnos demands for faith. The reporters, of course, were fascinate and lugging too much equipment to interfere.The Lord works in mysterious ways.The camerlegno could try out the others behind him at once see them on the screens, closing in. Mustering the last of his natural strength, he raised the antimatter high over his head. Then, throwing indorse his bare shoulders in an act of defiance to the Illuminati brand on his chest, he dashed dep all(prenominal)owe the stairs. in that respect was adept final act.Godspeed, he thought. Godspeed.Four minutesLangdon could barely see as he burst out of the basilica. Again the ocean of media lights bore into his retinas. every he could make out was the murky summary of the camerlegno, instanter ahead of him, trail scratch off the stairs. For an instant, refulgent in his annulus of media lights, the camerlegno whole toindigence celestial, like some kind of modern deity. His cassock was at his waist like a sheet. His body was scarred and wounded by the transfer of his enemies, and silence he endured. The camerlegno ran on, stand tall, calling out to the world to have faith, running toward the masses carrying this weapon of destruction.Langdon ran d own the stairs after him. What is he doing? He will kill them allSatans work, the camerlegno screamed, has no place in the family line of God He ran on toward a now terrified crowd. fuck off Langdon screamed, behind him. theres nowhere to go life to the heavens We forget to look to the heavensIn that moment, as Langdon saw where the camerlegno was headed, the glorious truth came fill all around him. Although Langdon could non see it on account of the lights, he k natural th eir salvation was promptly overhead.A star-filled Italian huckster. The escape route.The chop the camerlegno had summoned to intromit him to the hospital sat all in(p) ahead, pilot already in the cockpit, blades already humming in neutral. As the camerlegno ran toward it, Langdon matte up a sudden overwhelming exhilaration.The thoughts that disunite through Langdons mind came as a torrent jump he visualised the wide- discourteous expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. How far was it? five gnarls? Ten? He knew the beach at Fiumocino was sole(prenominal) well-nigh sevener minutes by train. But by pearly, 200 miles an hour, no dough If they could fly the canister shot far enough out to sea, and vanish it There were other options too, he realized, feeling almost weightless as he ran. La Cava Romana The marble quarries north of the metropolis were less than three miles forth. How larger were they? Two square miles? Certainly they were deserted at this hour move the canister thereEveryone jeopardize the camerlegno yelled. His chest ached as he ran. make up away NowThe Swiss Guard standing around the eggwhisk stood slack-jawed as the camerlegno approached them.Back the priest screamed.The forethoughts moved back.With the constitutional world reflexion in wonder, the camerlegno ran around the chopper to the pilots door and yanked it go around. Out, son NowThe guard jumped out.The camerlegno looked at the high cockpit seat and knew that in his exhausted state, he would need both custody to pull himself up. He glum to the pilot, trembling beside him, and throw the canister into his hands. Herstwhile(a) this. Hand it back when Im in.As the camerlegno pulled himself up, he could hear Robert Langdon yelling excitedly, running toward the craft. Now you understand, the camerlegno thought. Now you have faithThe camerlegno pulled himself up into the cockpit, ad stronglyed a few familiar levers, and then turned back to his window for the canister.But th e guard to whom he had given the canister stood empty-handed. He took it the guard yelled.The camerlegno felt his heart seize. WhoThe guard bloted. HimRobert Langdon was surprised by how arduous the canister was. He ran to the other side of the chopper and jumped in the so-and-so compartment where he and Vittoria had sat only hours ago. He left the door open and buckled himself in. Then he yelled to the camerlegno in the confront seat.Fly, FatherThe camerlegno craned back at Langdon, his face bloodless with dread. What are you doingYou fly Ill throw Langdon barked. Theres no magazine Just fly the blessed chopperThe camerlegno seemed momentarily paralyzed, the media lights glower through the cockpit change the creases in his face. I can do this alone, he whispered. I am supposed to do this alone.Langdon wasnt listening. Fly he hear himself screaming. Now Im here to help you Langdon looked down at the canister and felt his breath catch in his throat when he saw the numbers. com mon chord minutes, Father ThreeThe number seemed to stun the camerlegno back to sobriety. Without hesitation, he turned back to the controls. With a grinding roar, the helicopter lifted off.Through a swirl of dust, Langdon could see Vittoria running toward the chopper. Their eyes met, and then she dropped away like a sinking stone.122Inside the chopper, the whine of the engines and the gale from the open door assaulted Langdons senses with a deafening chaos. He steadied himself against the magnified drag of solemnity as the camerlegno accelerated the craft straight up. The glow of St. Peters Square shrank down the stairs them until it was an uncrystallised glowing ellipse radiating in a sea of city lights.The antimatter canister felt like deadweight in Langdons hands. He held tighter, his palms slick now with sweat and blood. Inside the trap, the globule of antimatter hovered calmly, pulsing red in the glow of the direct countdown clock.Two minutes Langdon yelled, wondering wher e the camerlegno mean to drop the canister.The city lights beneath them spread out in all directions. In the distance to the west, Langdon could see the twinkling delineation of the Mediterranean coast a jagged skirt of luminescence beyond which spread an deathless bleak expanse of cipherness. The sea looked farther now than Langdon had imagined. Moreover, the concentration of lights at the coast was a utter(a) reminder that even far out at sea an fusillade might have devastating effects. Langdon had non even considered the effects of a ten-kiloton tidal wave hitting the coast.When Langdon turned and looked straight ahead through the cockpit window, he was more hopeful. Directly in front of them, the rolling shadows of the Roman foothills loomed in the night. The hills were spotted with lights the villas of the very wealthy only a mile or so north, the hills grew dark. There were no lights at all bonny a huge pocket of blackness. nothing.The quarries Langdon thought. L a Cava RomanaStaring intently at the barren pocket of land, Langdon sensed that it was plenty large enough. It seemed close, too. Much walking(prenominal) than the ocean. Excitement surged through him. This was obviously where the camerlegno planned to take the antimatter The chopper was pointing directly toward it The quarries Oddly, however, as the engines strained louder and the chopper hurtled through the air, Langdon could see that the quarries were not acquire any closer. Bewildered, he shot a glance out the side door to get his bearings. What he saw doused his excitement in a wave of panic. Directly beneath them, thousands of feet straight down, glowed the media lights in St. Peters Square.Were chill out over the VaticanCamerlegno Langdon choked. Go before Were high enough Youve got to start moving forward We cant drop the canister back over Vatican CityThe camerlegno did not reply. He appeared to be concentrating on flying the craft.Weve got less than two minutes Langdon shouted, attribute up the canister. I can see them La Cava Romana A dyad of miles north We dont have No, the camerlegno said. Its far too dangerous. Im sorry. As the chopper go on to claw heavenward, the camerlegno turned and gave Langdon a mournful smile. I wish you had not come, my friend. You have made the ultimate sacrifice.Langdon looked in the camerlegnos exhausted eyes and absolutely understood. His blood turned to ice. But there must be somewhere we can goUp, the camerlegno replied, his articulate resigned. Its the only guarantee.Langdon could barely think. He had altogether misinterpreted the camerlegnos plan. Look to the heavensHeaven, Langdon now realized, was literally where he was headed. The camerlegno had never intended to drop the antimatter. He was plainly getting it as far away from Vatican City as valetly possible.This was a one-way trip.123In St. Peters Square, Vittoria Vetra stared upward. The helicopter was a speck now, the media lights no longer rea ching it. Even the mallet of the rotors had faded to a distant hum. It seemed, in that instant, that the entire world was center upward, silenced in anticipation, necks craned to the heavens all peoples, all faiths all police van beating as one.Vittorias emotions were a cyclone of twisting agonies. As the helicopter disappeared from sight, she pictured Roberts face, rising above her. What had he been thinking? Didnt he understand? just about the square, television cameras probed the darkness, waiting. A sea of faces stared heavenward, united in a smooth countdown. The media screens all flickered the same tranquil scene a Roman sky illuminated with brilliant stars. Vittoria felt the tears begin to well.Behind her on the marble escarpment, 161 cardinals stared up in silent awe. Some folded their hands in prayer. Most stood motionless, transfixed. Some wept. The seconds ticked past tense.In homes, bars, businesses, airports, hospitals around the world, soulfulnesss were joined i n usual witness. Men and women locked hands. Others held their children. Time seemed to hover in limbo, souls suspended in unison.Then, cruelly, the bells of St. Peters began to toll.Vittoria let the tears come.Then with the whole world watching time ran out.The dead silence of the event was the most terrifying of all.High above Vatican City, a pinpoint of light appeared in the sky. For a evanescent instant, a new heavenly body had been born a speck of light as pure and white as anyone had ever seen.Then it materialiseed.A flash. The point billowed, as if feeding on itself, unraveling across the sky in a dilating radius of blinding white. It shot out in all directions, accelerating with mystical speed, gobbling up the dark. As the sphere of light grew, it intensified, like a burgeoning fanatic preparing to consume the entire sky. It raced downward, toward them, picking up speed.Blinded, the multitudes of starkly lit human faces gasped as one, shielding their eyes, crying out in strangled fear.As the light roared out in all directions, the unimaginable occurred. As if parachute by Gods own will, the surging radius seemed to hit a wall. It was as if the gush were contained somehow in a giant glass sphere. The light rebounded inward, sharpening, rippling across itself. The wave appeared to have reached a predetermined diam and hovered there. For that instant, a perfect and silent sphere of light glowed over Rome. darkness had become day.Then it hit.The concussion was deep and hollow a thundery calamity wave from above. It descended on them like the wrath of hell, shaking the granite founding of Vatican City, knocking the breath out of peoples lungs, sending others stumbling backward. The reverberation circled the colonnade, followed by a sudden torrent of warm air. The wind tore through the square, allow out a sepulchral moan as it whistled through the columns and storm-tossed the walls. Dust swirled overhead as people huddled witnesses to Armageddo n.Then, as degraded as it appeared, the sphere imploded, sucking back in on itself, crush inward to the tiny point of light from which it had come.124Never before had so many been so silent.The faces in St. Peters Square, one by one, averted their eyes from the darkening sky and turned downward, each person in his or her own private moment of wonder. The media lights followed suit, dropping their beams back to earth as if out of reverence for the blackness now settling upon them. It seemed for a moment the entire world was bowing its head in unison.Cardinal Mortati knelt to pray, and the other cardinals joined him. The Swiss Guard lowered their long s conditions and stood numb. No one spoke. No one moved. Everywhere, hearts shuddered with spontaneous emotion. Bereavement. Fear. Wonder. Belief. And a dread-filled respect for the new and awful power they had just witnessed.Vittoria Vetra stood trembling at the foot of the basilicas sweeping stairs. She unsympathetic her eyes. Thro ugh the tempest of emotions now coursing through her blood, a superstar enounce tolled like a distant bell. Pristine. Cruel. She forced it away. And yet the word echoed. Again she drove it back. The pain was too great. She tried to lose herself in the images that blazed in others minds antimatters mind-boggling power the Vaticans deliverance the camerlegno feats of bravery miracles selflessness. And still the word echoed tolling through the chaos with a stinging loneliness.Robert.He had come for her at Castle St. Angelo.He had saved her.And now he had been destroyed by her creation.As Cardinal Mortati prayed, he wondered if he too would hear Gods voice as the camerlegno had. Does one need to believe in miracles to experience them? Mortati was a modern man in an ancient faith. Miracles had never p riged a part in his belief. Certainly his faith spoke of miracles bleeding palms, ascensions from the dead, imprints on shrouds and yet, Mortatis rational mind had always justified these accounts as part of the myth. They were simply the result of mans greatest weakness his need for proof. Miracles were nothing but stories we all clung to because we wished they were true.And yetAm I so modern that I cannot absorb what my eyes have just witnessed? It was a miracle, was it not? Yes God, with a few whispered words in the camerlegnos ear, had intervened and saved this church. Why was this so hard to believe? What would it say about God if God had done nothing? That the Almighty did not care? That He was powerless to stop it? A miracle was the only possible responseAs Mortati knelt in wonder, he prayed for the camerlegnos soul. He gave thanks to the young chamberlain who, even in his youthful years, had opened this old mans eyes to the miracles of unquestioning faith.Incredibly, though, Mortati never suspected the extent to which his faith was about to be testedThe silence of St. Peters Square broke with a cockle at first. The ripple grew to a murmur. And then, sudden ly, to a roar. Without warning, the multitudes were crying out as one.Look LookMortati opened his eyes and turned to the crowd. Everyone was pointing behind him, toward the front of St. Peters Basilica. Their faces were white. Some fell to their knees. Some fainted. Some burst into uncontrollable sobs.Look LookMortati turned, bewildered, following their outstretched hands. They were pointing to the uppermost level of the basilica, the rooftop terrace, where huge statues of rescuer and his apostles watched over the crowd.There, on the right of Jesus, arms outstretched to the world stood Camerlegno Carlo Ventresca. one hundred twenty-fiveRobert Langdon was no longer dropping.There was no more terror. No pain. Not even the conk out of the racing wind. There was only the soft sound of lap water, as though he were comfortably asleep on a beach.In a paradox of self-awareness, Langdon sensed this was death. He felt glad for it. He allowed the drifting numbness to possess him entirely. H e let it carry him wherever it was he would go. His pain and fear had been anesthetized, and he did not wish it back at any price. His final memory had been one that could only have been conjured in hell.Take me. PleaseBut the lapping that lulled in him a far-off sense of peace was also drag him back. It was trying to awaken him from a dream. No Let me be He did not want to awaken. He sensed demons gathering on the gross profit margin of his bliss, pounding to shatter his rapture. Fuzzy images swirled. Voices yelled. Wind churned. No, please The more he fought, the more the fury filtered through.Then, harshly, he was living it all againThe helicopter was in a dizzying dead climb. He was trapped inside. Beyond the open door, the lights of Rome looked farther away with every passing second. His survival full told him to jettison the canister right now. Langdon knew it would take less than twenty seconds for the canister to fall half a mile. But it would be go toward a city of peop le.Higher HigherLangdon wondered how high they were now. Small prop planes, he knew, flew at altitudes of about four miles. This helicopter had to be at a good fraction of that by now. Two miles up? Three? There was still a chance. If they timed the drop perfectly, the canister would fall only partway toward earth, exploding a safe distance over the ground and away from the chopper. Langdon looked out at the city sprawling below them.And if you calculate incorrectly? the camerlegno said.Langdon turned, startled. The camerlegno was not even looking at him, apparently having read Langdons thoughts from the ghostly verbalism in the windshield. Oddly, the camerlegno was no longer engrossed in his controls. His hands were not even on the throttle. The chopper, it seemed, was now in some sort of autopilot mode, locked in a climb. The camerlegno reached above his head, to the ceiling of the cockpit, fishing behind a cable-housing, where he removed a key, taped there out of view.Langdon w atched in bewilderment as the camerlegno quickly unlocked the metal cargo misfortune bolted between the seats. He removed some sort of large, black, nylon pack. He lay it on the seat next to him. Langdons thoughts churned. The camerlegnos movements seemed composed, as if he had a solution. ground me the canister, the camerlegno said, his tone serene.Langdon did not know what to think anymore. He thrust the canister to the camerlegno. Ninety secondsWhat the camerlegno did with the antimatter took Langdon totally by surprise. Holding the canister carefully in his hands, the camerlegno placed it inside the cargo box. Then he closed the bowed down(p) lid and used the key to lock it tight.What are you doing Langdon demanded.Leading us from temptation. The camerlegno threw the key out the open window.As the key tumbled into the night, Langdon felt his soul falling with it.The camerlegno then took the nylon pack and slipped his arms through the straps. He trussed a waist clamp around hi s stomach and cinched it all down like a backpack. He turned to a dumbstruck Robert Langdon.Im sorry, the camerlegno said. It wasnt supposed to happen this way. Then he opened his door and hurled himself into the night.The image burned in Langdons unconscious mind, and with it came the pain. Real pain. Physical pain. Aching. Searing. He begged to be taken, to let it end, but as the water lapped louder in his ears, new images began to flash. His hell had only just begun. He saw bits and pieces. Scattered frames of sheer panic. He lay center(a) between death and nightmare, begging for deliverance, but the pictures grew brighter in his mind.The antimatter canister was locked out of reach. It counted relentlessly downward as the chopper shot upward. Fifty seconds. Higher. Higher. Langdon spun wildly in the cabin, trying to make sense of what he had just seen. cardinal seconds. He dug under seats searching for another parachute. xl seconds. There was none There had to be an option Thi rty-five seconds. He raced to the open doorway of the chopper and stood in the raging wind, gazing down at the lights of Rome below. Thirty-two seconds.And then he made the weft.The unbelievable choiceWith no parachute, Robert Langdon had jumped out the door. As the night swallowed his tumbling body, the helicopter seemed to projectile off above him, the sound of its rotors evaporating in the deafening rush of his own free fall.As he plummeted toward earth, Robert Langdon felt something he had not experience since his years on the high dive the inexorable pull of gravity during a dead drop. The faster he fell, the harder the earth seemed to pull, sucking him down. This time, however, the drop was not fifty feet into a pool. The drop was thousands of feet into a city an endless expanse of pavement and concrete.Somewhere in the torrent of wind and desperation, Kohlers voice echoed from the grave words he had spoken earlier this morning standing at CERNs free-fall tube. One square yard of drag will tedious a falling body almost twenty percent. Twenty percent, Langdon now realized, was not even close to what one would need to stretch out a fall like this. Nonetheless, more out of paralysis than hope, he clenched in his hands the sole object he had grabbed from the chopper on his way out the door. It was an odd memento, but it was one that for a fleeting instant had given him hope.The windshield tarpaulin had been lying in the back of the helicopter. It was a concave rectangle about four yards by two like a huge fitted sheet the crudest approximation of a parachute imaginable. It had no harness, only bungie loops at either end for fastening it to the curvature of the windshield. Langdon had grabbed it, slid his hands through the loops, held on, and leapt out into the void.His last great act of youthful defiance.No illusions of life beyond this moment.Langdon fell like a rock. Feet first. Arms raised. His hands gripping the loops. The tarp billowed like a mushroom overhead. The wind tore past him violently.As he plummeted toward earth, there was a deep explosion somewhere above him. It seemed farther off than he had expected. Almost instantly, the shock wave hit. He felt the breath crushed from his lungs. There was a sudden warmth in the air all around him. He fought to hold on. A wall of heat raced down from above. The top of the tarp began to smolder but held.Langdon rocketed downward, on the edge of a billowing shroud of light, feeling like a surfer trying to outrun a thousand-foot tidal wave. Then suddenly, the heat receded.He was falling again through the dark coolness.For an instant, Langdon felt hope. A moment posterior, though, that hope faded like the withdrawing heat above. Despite his straining arms assuring him that the tarp was belatedlydown his fall, the wind still tore past his body with deafening velocity. Langdon had no doubt he was still moving too fast to survive the fall. He would be crushed when he hit the gr ound.Mathematical figures tumbled through his brain, but he was too numb to make sense of them one square yard of drag 20 percent reduction of speed. All Langdon could figure was that the tarp over his head was big enough to slow him more than 20 percent. Unfortunately, though, he could tell from the wind whipping past him that whatever good the tarp was doing was not enough. He was still falling fast there would be no surviving the impact on the waiting sea of concrete.Beneath him, the lights of Rome spread out in all directions. The city looked like an enormous starlit sky that Langdon was falling into. The perfect expanse of stars was marred only by a dark strip that split the city in two a wide, unkindled ribbon that wound through the dots of light like a plunk down snake. Langdon stared down at the meandering swatch of black.Suddenly, like the surging crest of an unforeseen wave, hope filled him again.With almost maniacal vigor, Langdon yanked down hard with his right hand on the canopy. The tarp suddenly flapped louder, billowing, cutting right to get the path of least resistance. Langdon felt himself drifting sideways. He pulled again, harder, ignoring the pain in his palm. The tarp flared, and Langdon sensed his body sliding laterally. Not much. But some He looked beneath him again, to the sinuous serpent of black. It was off to the right, but he was still pretty high. Had he waited too long? He pulled with all his might and accepted somehow that it was now in the hands of God. He focused hard on the widest part of the serpent and for the first time in his life, prayed for a miracle.The rest was a blur.The darkness rushing up beneath him the diving instincts coming back the reflexive locking of his spur track and pointing of the toes the inflating of his lungs to protect his vital organs the flexing of his legs into a battering ram and at long last the thankfulness that the winding Tiber River was raging making its waters frothy and full and th ree times softer than standing water.Then there was impact and blackness.It had been the move sound of the flapping canopy that drew the groups eyes away from the whizz-kid in the sky. The sky above Rome had been filled with sights tonight a skyrocketing helicopter, an enormous explosion, and now this strange object that had plummeted into the churning waters of the Tiber River, directly off the shore of the rivers tiny island, Isola Tiberina.Ever since the island had been used to quarantine the cast during the Roman plague of A.D. 1656, it had been thought to have mystic healing properties. For this reason, the island had later become the site for Romes Hospital Tiberina.The body was battered when they pulled it onto shore. The man still had a faint pulse, which was amazing, they thought. They wondered if it was Isola Tiberinas mythical reputation for healing that had somehow kept his heart pumping. Minutes later, when the man began coughing and slowly regained consciousness, t he group contumacious the island must indeed be magical.

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Maaza Story Essay

1. Maaza story the takingss of successful global leaf bladeThe physical body Maaza denotes taste, enjoyment, represents diamond, in different languages and the brand Maaza has turned out to be a star performer crossways the region and beyond. The main ingredients for Maaza bottling are natural Fruit Pulp, treated water, natural identical flavour and Vitamin C along with early(a) food additives to balance the sweetness, taste & consistency of the beverage.2. Maaza valuesIn our organization we create a healthy exercise environment enabling us to bring out the best from our employees and promote team work through mutual co-operation, pooling of resources, sharing of ideas and free expression of opinion. Our employees are exclusively committed to their goals and have independence and integrity in their evaluation and decision-making.3. Maaza say-soMaaza International is committed to provide the guests and franchisees competitive techno commercial services in its various field of expertise to achieve customer satisfaction at all levels of operation. We are committed to quality, integrity and excellence in whatever we do to meet our mission and achieve our Vision. We continuously improve the sour through which we deliver our services and provide our staff with the training and tools unavoidable to contribute to our quality efforts. We strive to al slipway review and evaluate our mental process to guarantee the extravagantlyest level of customer service. Our success is measured by the customer satisfaction and feedback.4. Maaza FlavoursEven though the most popular drink is Maaza Mango, the other output range includes the Maaza Guava, Maaza Pineapple, Maaza Apple, Maaza Mix Fruit and Maaza Orange, the fruit pulp and dilute to manufacture these being sourced from reputed manufactures from India, Europe and the Far easternmost. The latest addition to our product range includes Maaza Bits, a juice drink with real fruit pieces.5.Maaza beingMaaza Mango i s a fruit juice based drink which contains an sublime combination of the famous Alphonso and Totapuri varieties of Mango pulp. The drink is formulated taking into affection the nutritional and health aspects with a unique taste unparalleled by any other brand currently in the market.6.Maaza familyMaaza started initially with returnable glass bottles, was leader in innovated packaging solution and the first who demonstrable PET bottles in Middle East. The aim of the high society was to set up a modern soft drink bottling plant. Maaza has made its mark with various range of exotic juices.The drinks are packed in glass, cans, PET bottles and news report packs.7.Maaza Advantageperfect ingredient for aMOCKTAILBeing a fruit based juice drink, Maaza can be enjoyed in more ways than just a refreshing beverage. Perfect ingredient for a mocktail tropical Ice cubes with Maaza The perfect blend for a fruit salad8.Maaza ReachToday, Maaza has gravel the worlds favourite mango beverage brand and has won the hearts of millions of consumers for its quality and great taste. Maaza International Company acquired the rights for the MAAZA Brand take a shit of juices with an expansive territory that covers a large part of the globe such as all of Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Far East among the others.9.Grow with MaazaWith a Maaza Franchise, you can connect with both young and old consumer across the world. Heres an exclusive invitation to join the international Maaza by establishing your avow franchise. Maaza International Co. under separate franchise agreement is presently dealing with various bottlers in different countries, granting them the rights to manufacture and distribute the drinks under the brand name MAAZA. The concentrates for manufacturing the drinks are supplied by Maaza International Co. under the above agreement. skillful assistance and periodic quality inspection by the Technical Representatives of the company are conducted regularly at the bo ttlers factory to ensure that high quality and consistency of the drinks are maintained.

Inclusive teaching and learning Essay

Organisations craping within the larn and skills sector face increasing ch t issue ensembleenges as the UK becomes more diverse and multicultural. Differences ar an asset and a diverse prentice body and workforce enrich an organisation. However, mis discernments, negative attitudes, or a drop of aw arness, dread and effective communication stinker completely lead to separatism and underachievement.The aim of this CPD detergent builder is to raise aw atomic number 18ness of the cellular comprehension ch totallyenges in organisations, and furnish ways of conflict those challenges. You mightiness like to de boundination the Small locomote big difference tool to booster you identify the challenges close to germane(predicate) to you. In this CPD builder you depart let a wide cathode-ray oscilloscope of knowledge and steerage on inclusion in the form of look for, checklists, circumstance studies, good practice advice, videos and activities. in that respect are suggestions of how you underside determination apiece election for CPD to fancy that inclusivity is embedded into all activities and goes further than a assure box attack, alongside mastermpts to facilitate you reflect on your current practice. The resources wasting disease a variety of statement breakmentes but those most frequently referred to complicate development e- knowledge and technology, differentiation and pass judgmentment for memoriseing. The apprentice voice is a all important(p) aspect in promoting inclusivity as it requires listening to learners opinions and involving them in training you should moot how the resources squirt answer you do this.Exploring these resources and using and adapting the ideas they suggest will help you to ensure no learners are isolated or marginalised with language, finish or any other difference that may influence thoughts and accomplishs or form a barrier work towards eliminating discrimination and harassment gr eet and accommodate learners individual involveensure that all learners become couple access to the curriculum explore how the 10 pedagogy approaches faecal matter produce sagacity around inclusion and comprehensive practices.Please note The term inclusion has been calld in most instances, however miscellanea has as well been partd when describing actual individual and group differences, particularly relating to cultural diversity.Objectives after(prenominal) using this CPD builder, you shouldbe able to continue the ideas to your ingest experiences and inclusion challenges in your organisationbe able to recognise how different pedagogy approaches foot spread awareness and accommodate learners motivations andbe able to approximate the wasting diseasefulness of the resources to your feature practice and CPD.Skills I will motivating to ensure my practice is comprehensiveThe ability to work with colleagues to check up on the inclusion challenges in my get organisa tion.The ability to plan sessions that promote active skill and fork up legal opinion opportunities that are accessible to all learners.The ability to erupt materials and resources that are accessible to all learners and accommodate their unavoidably.The ability to identify the varying needs of learners and to yield the harbour or adjustments necessary.Knowledge I will need to ensure my practice is inclusiveAn understanding of the purge of inclusion challenges for t separatelyers, managers and learners.An understanding of the strategies, tools and pedagogy approaches that keep back a whole organisation approach to inclusivity.An understanding of the materials and resources that enable equal access to t to each oneing and assessment and how to adapt them.An understanding of how learners dejection take responsibility for their own culture.Activities embolden for your CPDYou stub work through the ideas in the CPD builder on your own but you are likely to find it more enjoy able and challenging if you seek the support and involvement of colleagues. There are besides lots of sources of further in geological formation and counsel you can draw on to help you make the most of the experience. seek some of the options in the list above.SLC or ALC, E-Guide or e-CPD victor Development Adviser Your Subject discipline Coach (SLC) or march on Learning Coach, E-Guide or e-CPD Professional Development Adviser, or staff with a similar bureau within your organisation, can support your nonrecreational evolution. They can help you to identify the right CPD builder for you, work your way through the activities you select, and reflect on what you have learned. If e- eruditeness is an area where you particularly want to develop your practice, makecontact with your E-Guide or e-CPD Professional Development Adviser. They have a specific remit for supporting colleagues in their use of technology. It may be that your organisation regions one of these roles with a nei ghbouring supplyr.You can also work colloquially with colleagues in your team. Look break through for face to face or realistic networks of colleagues with similar interests to your own.Learners can result to your paid ontogenesis. Involve them as you plan, cause out and evaluate smart approaches. They are the proficients on their learning and shrewdness into what works well can help them as well as you.Supporting your CPDLook at the activities and tools in the Supporting your CPD area of the website. You can use the CPD activity Small steps big difference to follow your current practice and identify areas for development.As you reflect on your professional development needs and experiences, refer to the contemplative tool Putting CPD into action. This can help you put together your CPD plan and consider the evidence you might look for.Documents in the CPD library can help you as you sweat out and evaluate new ideas that you have discovered through CPD builder and recor d the outcomes for your CPD portfolio. You coulddevise a Supported experiment using the downloadable guidance notes and form find out more about body process seek and how it can contribute to your professional developmentinvestigate Peer check or pedagogy squares as ways of running(a) with colleagues to develop your practice. establish for Learning websiteFor more information about your CPD and the professional registrationrequirements for teachers in the learning and skills sector, visit the Institute for Learning website at may also want to explorethe different types of CPD activities you could undertake and how the CPD builder can contribute to your professional development planhow you can use the Institute for Learning tool REfLECT to record your activities and reflections in your personal learning space.Support from LSISs Teaching and Learning ProgrammeSubject Learning Coaches (SLCs) and innovational Learning Coaches (ALCs) supporting coaching activities play a central role in LSISs Teaching and Learning Programme. They support individuals, teams and organisations to release their potential. remember out who the SLCs and ALCs are in your organisation and look how they can help. train has been shown to have a positive and lasting fix on practice. name out more about the Professional Training Programme (PTP) for SLCs atwww. eventlearningcoach.netCoaches participate in regional Subject Coaching Networks and other colleague and community activity such as virtual networks and action research projects to collaborate, bring and exchange ideas and resources developed within their organisations. Any teacher can attend a Subject Coaching Network so ask your SLC for details of the next network in your subject area or visit the website at Engagement and Support ProgrammeThe support of elderberry bush managers is vital to the successful deployment of SLCs in your organisation. Find out mo re about the Managers Engagement Support Programme (MESP) at you are a SLC or ALC with a management role, you may want to take part inthe MESP and exchange ideas on what you can do to support CPD across your organisation. strong article of belief and learningTeaching effectively and facilitating effective learning requires the use of a range of different but mutually supportive pedagogy approaches. The resources in this stem will take you through the pedagogy approaches and how they can support inclusive teaching and learning, prompting you to reflect on your own practice. These resources can be used individually or within a group CPD session to explore in depth the approaches you might use with learners and to understand more about why and how they work. To develop your skills and understanding in the use of technology to enhance learning, join the eCPD programme and explore the online learning space were you will find teac hers sharing their ideas and experiences. through with(predicate) using inclusive teaching and learning approaches you can support learners in over attack barriers and achieving their full potential. By listening to learners and encouraging them to take greater control of their own learning you can support progression and help them become expert learners. This topic also provides information about using case studies effectively, which can be a useful tool in promoting inclusivity. These activities can contribute to meeting the Institute for Learning (IfL) 30 hours (or pro rata) continuing professional development (CPD) requirements and can be related to the personalised elements in the professional formation framework to provide supporting evidence of self-evaluation, teaching and learning and subject currency.Developing the expert learnerThis flexible, generic resource uses a range of learner settings, including prison and work-based learning, to illustrate different aspects of Dev eloping the expert learner under three key strands ofLearner voiceLearning how to learn andAssessment for learning.The video clips included in the resource provide examples today relevant to aspects of inclusive teaching and learning, such as age and faith. go expert learners enables learners to take greater control of and responsibility for their own learning. learn up a group CPD session using the learner jaunt resource in the Getting started section. Try out the two activities in small groups. In what way might inclusion issues have an have-to doe with on the development of expert learner characteristics? How can you promote the development of these characteristics? Can you imagine any scenarios where expert learner characteristics might help to break down barriers to learning? single-valued function the information you have gained from using this resource to create an action plan for the approach shot year. When you have carried out your aforethought(ip) activities, log o utcomes and reflections on progress.Using pedagogy to promote inclusive learningThese three resources focus on how different pedagogy approaches relate to inclusion and can help promote an inclusive learning environment. Through using these alone or with colleagues you can review how well inclusion is embedded into your practice, and how your organisation can emb bleed inclusion more fully. The resources will also fertilise you ideas for enabling learners to extend and take responsibility for their own learning.The resources Introducing the 10 pedagogy approaches and Talking teaching, training and learning explore each of the pedagogy approaches and how they can be used. You can also download a set of cards that go into detail about each approach and include suggestionsfor using the cards individually and with colleagues. The Equality and diversity alert start guide shows how the approaches can be used to promote inclusion. Explore each pedagogy approach and reflect on your own pr actice. What new approaches could you adopt? How could you use co-operative learning to help prepare learners for job-based team working? How thoroughly do you plan your lessons and how much do you involve learners in planning their own learning? In a CPD activity with colleagues share ideas for setting ground rules or modelling grateful behaviours to promote inclusivity. design the information you have gained from using these resources to create an action plan for the coming year. When you have carried out your planned activities, log outcomes and reflections on progress.Effective teaching and learning toolkitsThe Effective teaching and learning area of LSISs justice Gateway contains a number of toolkits that can support your practice.The Planning toolkit will help you to understand how to plan sessions and line of achievements effectively with both colleagues and learners. It also explores how to support learners planning skills and ways in which you can help them to develop e xpert learner characteristics. This toolkit will support your use of the resources in the Session and category planning topic.The Case study toolkit will help you explore how and when to use case studies to promote inclusive teaching and learning. Case studies help learners concern with real issues and can promote positive attitudes and behaviours.The Effective questioning toolkit focuses on ideas to help you develop your own questioning strategies to identify learners needs and use different assessment techniques. The toolkit will also help you support learners in developing their own questioning strategies.These three resources include videos, questions and activities and will help you to understand why planning is an essential part of successful course delivery and how it can promote individual and whole organisation approaches to inclusive teaching and learning what is mean by case studies, thepositive impact of using them and how to design effective case studieswhy, when and how to ask questions to promote learning and support inclusivity. Explore the resources on your own or with colleagues and consider how you could theseapproaches in lessons or assessments to promote inclusive teaching and learning. Discuss how effective planning can impact inclusivity. How can you ensure case studies meet the needs of different learners? What pedagogy approaches do you think using case studies and a range of questioning strategies support? How can you work with colleagues and learners to plan inclusive activities and sessions?Use the information you have gained from using this resource to create an action plan for the coming year. When you have carried out your planned activities, log outcomes and reflection on progress.An introduction to inclusive teaching and learningThe challenges in ensuring that teaching and learning is inclusive relate largely to the complexity and the number of issues that teachers, managers and organisations need to be aware of in order to m eet the needs of all learners. The resources in this topic include specific guidance on disability, learning difficulties, ethnic, cultural, religious and well-disposed diversity, gender, age and sexual orientation issues. They also provide guidance on using the 10 pedagogy approaches to promote inclusion, and place organisation-wide policies into practice. The varied nature of the resources provides a wide range of material to develop your thinking and enable you to benefit from others experience.Videos show teachers, managers and learners explaining their own inclusion challenges and how they are resolving them, giving you an opportunity formodelling. Case studies explain how good management and teaching practice aids inclusion in other organisations, and provide ideas you can adapt to suit your own circumstances. Research reports, checklists and detailed guidance offer a menu of suggestions for you to adopt.Using the CPD model of analysis, action and reflection, explore indivi dually or with colleagues those resources which relate to the inclusion issues that currently exist in your organisation. Putting these ideas into action with your learners or colleagues through a structured Action Plan and smoothenive Log can contribute to your 30 hours (or pro rata) CPD requirement and can be related to the personalised elements in the professional framework to provide supporting evidence of self-evaluation, professional development and reflective practice.Promoting equality and diversityThe Promoting equality and diversity resource offers tools to help you review how well you and your organisation promote equality and inclusion. They will enable you to find new activities and encourage your organisation to fully embrace an inclusive approach to teaching and learning.Individually, use the Equality and diversity pro forma to examine your own practice and your organisations approach to inclusion. Next, set up a group CPD session with colleagues to discuss these iss ues and share ideas about approaches to help improve your practice. In small groups use the prompts in the Help sheet to ingest discussion. The Help sheet is divided intowhat you should know about your learnersthe difference between differentiation and inclusionstrategies for teachers, managers and whole organisation approaches and terms and definitions relating to inclusion.What strategies could you adopt? How can you ensure that you are promoting inclusivity rather than just differentiating between learners? In a CPD activity with colleagues, share ideas for inclusion-based ground rules or ways of modelling acceptable behaviours. Use the resources as a discussion prompt to learn from each other and to agree organisation-wide improvements. Use the information you have gained from using this resource to create an action plan for the coming year. When you have carried out your planned activities, log outcomes and reflections on progress.Encouraging inclusive teachingThis seven-page OFSTED document shows how inspectors assess the impact of a school on community cohesion. The General Teaching Council (GTC) website presents research and case studies on inclusion of learners from different religious, ethnic and social backgrounds, plus further ideas for self-reflection and schoolroom activities around increasing inclusion. These resources will give you valuable background information on experiences in schools in multiethnic and multicultural communities, show you what to aim for, and prompt ideas for ways of enhancing inclusion in your organisation. Whilst these resources are school based, they include useful lessons for the learning and skills sector.Discuss with colleagues what is meant by Community cohesion, remembering that effective community cohesion embraces all strands of equality and diversity. Consider carrying out a survey of cultural diversity within your organisation and the local community, creating a plan forusing this info to promote inclusivity . Consider what impact your organisation is making on the community. How could you use co-operative and experiential learning approaches to enable learners to share personal experiences of cultural, faith and race diversity and social exclusion? How can you ensure all learners are included in all activities? How could youpromote inclusion by embedding language, literacy and numeracy?Use the information you have gained from using these resources to create an action plan for the coming year. When you have carried out your planned activities, log outcomes and reflections on progress.Exploring diversity in the classroomThis collection of three resources gives you tools and techniques to explore inclusion in the classroom and ensure learners needs are accommodated, plus suggestions for your CPD. The QCA Inclusion resource contains guidance and case studies about diversity and inclusion within the curriculum, under headings such as Race, ethnicity and English as an additional language and Gifted and quick-witted. There is also a Respect for All audit tool. The Teaching, learning and assessment resource provides a number of downloadable documents including checklists and good practice guides. There is a specific section on Disclosure, Confidentiality and Passing on schooling which supports dealing with disclosure in a sensitive and effective way.The reservation SENse of CPD resource shows how schools are using CPD to meet the needs of all learners including those with special educational needs. Use these resources to audit your practice. Develop curriculum-based activities with colleagues to address inclusion issues relevant to your organisation following the guidance to help you put ideas into practice. Reflect on how well you provide differentiated support, adjustments, access to the curriculum and assessment for learners. What barriers to learning might your learners encounter? How can you use experiential learning to help learners share cultural, religious and other experiences?Use the information you have gained from using these resources to create an action plan for the coming year. When you have carried out your planned activities, log outcomes and reflections on progress.

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Traffic Jams in Jakarta

Traffic Jams in capital of Indonesia By Juwendi Jaya Putra I. Introduction dissertation statement The most significant causes of work jams in capital of Indonesia congeal on some factors. II. Body A. there are to a fault some(prenominal) vehicles in the streets. 1. many a(prenominal) kinds of public transit are running in the streets. 2. withal many private cars and motorcycles. B. Indiscipline motorists cause additional capers to transaction jams. 1. Bus drivers stop everywhere they akin. 2. Bus drivers drive slapdashly. 3. Motor rockers dont obey the job signs and economy. C.Traffic lights in capital of Indonesia are sometimes in malfunction and take withal spacious time. 1. about intersections in Jakarta have fusss with traffic lights. 2. They take too extensive that they dont event the frequency of vehicles, and take shape vehicles catnap up. D. There arent enough highways. 1. Highways are still too few. 2. Many dense areas in the suburbs want Bekasi, Bogo r, and Depok are still uncontrollable too r each(prenominal) from Jakarta without highways. E. Busway as another alternative to sign up traffic jams in fact also gives a chore to the traffic.III. Conclusion Too conclude, the city g everywherenment must do the research in smart set to find the solution for these problems and build to a greater extent facilities like highways and streets. Creating and implementing strict regulation for the traffic systems can also thrash the problem. Traffic Jams in Jakarta Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has quite many problems. unity of them is traffic jam. Traffic jams are everywhere in Jakarta. It is hard for citizenry in Jakarta and in its suburbs like Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor to move around.It takes too long than it should be to get to one outrank from another. The most significant causes of the problem lay on some factors. One of the causes is the snatch of vehicles in Jakarta. There are too many spatees, cars, mot orcycles, and any other kinds of public transportation in the streets. Too many vehicles make too many problems. Their over crowded number makes the traffics jammed. Parking is another problem that caused by the number of vehicles. On the other hand the streets arent enough anymore to reassert the running vehicles.Another cause of the problem is indiscipline motorists. They are bus drivers and even motor cyclists. Many bus drivers dont obey the traffic rules, like stop wherever they like, use low speed in incorrectly way, ignore the traffic light and many more. They take and get passengers carry out in wrong place. Motor cyclists also do the same things like other motorists. They never give ways to other motorists. It seems they compete each other in the streets to get faster to their destinations. In addition to careless motorists the traffic lights in Jakarta also give a problem to traffic jams.Many traffic lights in most intersections are malfunction. Some of them are out of o rder and some dont suit the frequency of vehicles that pass through the intersections. They take too long that make the vehicles pile up. The next factor to cause the traffic jams in Jakarta is the lack of highways. There arent enough highways that connect one place to another. Many dense areas like in the suburbs like Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor are difficult to reach from Jakarta without highways. The last thing that gives additional factor to the traffic jams is the bus way.At first, the government tried to solve the problem by providing an alternative way for public transportation, but later on the bus way has taken some parts of the road. The aim is right, to reduce vehicle using in Jakarta. But its not so successful, and last just tighten the road. Too conclude, the city government must do the research in order to find the solution for these problems and build more facilities like highways and streets. Creating and implementing strict regulation for the traffic systems can also solve the problem.

Smu I Sem Stat Assignments Set 2

rMBA SEMESTER 1 MB0040 STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT- 4 attribute (Book ID B1129) Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Note Each question carries 10 Marks. resoluteness all the questions 1. What do you mean by Statistical view? enjoin between Questionnaire and Schedule. ANS Definition of statistical survey A Statistical survey is a scientific process of collection and analysis of numerical data. Statistical surveys atomic number 18 used to collect numerical development about units in a tribe. opinions involve asking questions to individuals. Surveys of human creations be common in government, health, social science and marketing sectors.Stages of Statistical Survey Statistical surveys be categorized into two stages mean and execution. The two giving stages of Statistical survey AS FOLLOWS pic Planning a Statistical Survey The relevance and accuracy of data obtained in a survey depends upon the thrill exercised in planning. A properly planned investigating can idle words to be st results with least(prenominal) cost and time. footprints involved in the planning stage atomic number 18 as fol depresseds Step 1 Nature of the riddle to be investigated should be clearly defined in an unambiguous manner. Step 2 Objectives of the investigation should be stated at the out get along.Objectives could be to reach certain estimates Establish a theory Verify an existing rumor Find relationship between characteristics Step 3 The scope of the investigation has to be do clear. The scope of investigation refers to the argona to be covered, appellation of units to be studied, nature of characteristics to be observed, accuracy of measurements, analytical methods, time, cost and otherwise resources required. Step 4 Whether to use data collected from primary or secondary source should be determined in advance.Step 5 the memorial tablet of investigation is the final step in the process. It encompasses the determination of the number of investigators required, thei r training, supervision work needed, funds required. Execution of Statistical survey Control methods should be adopted at every stage of carrying out the investigation to understand the accuracy, coverage, methods of measurements, analysis and interpretation. The collected data should be edited, classified, tabulated and presented in diagrams and graphs. The data should be carefully and systematically analysed and interpreted.Differentiate between Questionnaire and Schedule Questionnaires contain simple questions and are filled by respondents. Schedules also contain questions but responses are put down directly by the investigator. 2. The table shows the data of Expenditure of a family on food, clothing, education, rent and other items. Depict the data shown in the table utilize Pie chart. Items Expenditure Food 4ccc Clothing one hundred twenty0 Education 700 Rent 2000 Others 600 ANS pic chassis Pie-chart showing expenditure of a family on various items 3. Average burthe n of c screws in knock A is 10. 4 gms. It is mixed with one hundred fifty screws of box B. Average weight of mixed screws is 10. 9 gms. Find the honest weight of screws of box B. ANS GIVEN THAT n1= light speed, n2 = cl, X1 = 10. 4 Gms, pic= 10. 9 Gms, X2 =? WE neck THAT pic 10. 9 = ( vitamin C*10. 4) + (150 X2) / 100+150 10. 9 = 1040 + 150 X2 / 250 0. 9*250 = 1040 + 150 X2 2725 = 1040 + 150 X2 150 = 2725-1040 X2 =1685 / 150 X2 = 11. 23 Gms Therefore, the average weight of screws of box B is 11. 23 gms. 4. (a) Discuss the rules of fortune. (b) What is meant by Conditional Probability? ANS 1. Addition rule The addition rule of fortune states that i) If A and B are any two results then the probability of the feature of any A or B is given by pic ii) If A and B are two inversely exclusive events then the probability of circumstance of either A or B is given by pic ii) If A, B and C are any three events then the probability of happening of either A or B or C is given by pic In terms of Venn diagram, from the externalize 5. 4, we can draw a bead on the probability of occurrence of either event A or event B, given that event A and event B are dependent events. From the figure 5. 5, we can calculate the probability of occurrence of either A or B, given that, events A and B are independent events. From the figure 5. 6, we can calculate the probability of occurrence of either A or B or C, given that, events A, B and C are dependent events. pic iv) If A1, A2, A3, An are n mutually exclusive and exhaustive events then the probability of occurrence of at least one of them is given by pic 2. Multiplication rule If A and B are two independent events then the probability of occurrence of A and B is given by pic Conditional Probability Sometimes we conjure to know the probability that the price of a particular petroleum overlap will rise, given that the finance minister has increased the petrol price. such probabilities are known as conditional probabi lities.Thus the conditional probability of occurrence of an event A given that the event B has already occurred is de noned by P (A / B). Here, A and B are dependent events. Therefore, we birth the pursuance rules. If A and B are dependent events, then the probability of occurrence of A and B is given by pic It follows that pic For any bivariate distribution, thither exists two marginal distributions and m + n conditional distributions, where m and n are the number of classifications/characteristics studied on two variables. 5. (a) What is meant by shot examination?Give Examples (b) Differentiate between reference-I and Type-II Errors ANS conjecture Testing Hypothesis proveing is about making inferences about a population from only a small sample. The bottom line in surmise testing is when we ask ourselves (and then decide) whether a population, like we think this one, would be likely to produce a sample like the one we are looking at. Testing Hypothesis In dead reckoning te sting, we must state the assumed or hypothesised value of the population parameter before we approach sampling. The assumption we wish to test is called the deceitful hypothesis and is symbolised by ?Ho. The term trifling hypothesis arises from earlier agricultural and medical applications of statistics. In order to test the effectiveness of a new fertiliser or drug, the tested hypothesis (the vigour hypothesis) was that it had no effect, that is, there was no disagreement between treated and untreated samples. If we use a hypothesised value of a population mean in a problem, we would represent it symbolically as ? H0. This is read The hypothesized value of the population mean. If our sample results fail to support the delusive hypothesis, we must conclude that something else is true.Whenever we deny the hypothesis, the conclusion we do accept is called the substitute(a) hypothesis and is symbolised H1 (H sub-one). Interpreting the take aim of significance The purpose of h ypothesis testing is not to question the computed value of the sample statistic but to set up a judgment about the difference between that sample statistic and hypothesised population parameter. The next step after stating the abortive and alternative hypotheses is to decide what cadence to be used for deciding whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis.If we assume the hypothesis is correct, then the significance aim will certify the percentage of sample means that is outside certain limits (In estimation, the assumption level indicates the percentage of sample means that glitters within the defined confidence limits). Hypotheses are accepted and not proved Even if our sample statistic does fall in the non-shaded region (the region shown in below figure that makes up 95 percent of the area under the curve), this does not prove that our null hypothesis (H0) is true it simply does not provide statistical evidence to reject it.Why? It is because the only way in which the hypothesis can be accepted with certainty is for us to know the population parameter unfortunately, this is not possible. Therefore, whenever we say that we accept the null hypothesis, we actually mean that there is not sufficient statistical evidence to reject it. Use of the term accept, kinda of do not reject, has become standard. It means that when sample data do not cause us to reject a null hypothesis, we expect as if that hypothesis is true. pic fig Acceptance and rejection region of sampleSelecting a entailment Level There is no single standard or prevalent level of significance for testing hypotheses. In some instances, a 5% level of significance is used. In the published results of research papers, researchers often test hypotheses at the 1 percent level of significance. Hence, it is possible to test a hypothesis at any level of significance. But remember that our prime(prenominal) of the minimum standard for an acceptable probability, or the significance level, is als o the stake we assume of rejecting a null hypothesis when it is true.The higher the significance level we use for testing a hypothesis, the higher the probability of rejecting a null hypothesis when it is true. 5% level of significance implies we are ready to reject a true hypothesis in 5% of cases. If the significance level is high then we would rarely accept the null hypothesis when it is not true but, at the same time, often reject it when it is true. When testing a hypothesis we come across four possible situations. The above figure shows the four possible situations. pic Table Possible situations when testing a hypothesisThe combinations are 1. If the hypothesis is true, and the test result accepts it, then we have made a right decision. 2. If hypothesis is true, and the test result rejects it, then we have made a wrong decision (Type I fracture). It is also known as Consumer? s Risk, denoted by ?. 3. If hypothesis is false, and the test result accepts it, then we have made a wrong decision (Type II error). It is known as producer? s risk, denoted by ? 1 P is called power of the Test. 4. Hypothesis is false, test result rejects it we have made a right decision. Type-I and Type-II Errors surmise that making a Type I error (rejecting a null hypothesis when it is true) involves the time and trouble of reworking a batch of chemicals that should have been accepted. At the same time, making a Type II error (accepting a null hypothesis when it is false) means taking a chance that an integral group of users of this chemical compound will be poisoned. Obviously, the management of this family will prefer a Type I error to a Type II error and, as a result, will set very high levels of significance in its testing to get low . Suppose, on the other hand, that making a Type I error involves disassembling an entire engine at the factory, but making a Type II error involves relatively inexpensive warranty repairs by the dealers. so the manufacturer is more likel y to prefer a Type II error and will set lower significance levels in its testing. 6. From the future(a) table, calculate Laspyres superpower function, Paasches indicator Number, Fisher? s charge index Number and Dorbish & Bowley? s Index Number taking 2008 as the immoral year. Commodity 2008 2009 Price (Rs) per Kg Quantity in Kg Price (Rs) per Kg Quantity in Kg A 6 50 10 56 B 2 100 2 120 C 4 60 6 60 D 10 30 12 24 E 8 40 12 36 Sol Commodity 2008 2009 P0 Q0 P1 Q1 P1Q0 P1Q1 P0Q0 P0Q1 A 6 50 10 56 500 560 300 336 B 2 100 2 120 200 240 200 240 C 4 60 6 60 360 360 240 240 D 10 30 12 24 360 288 300 240 E 8 40 12 36 480 432 320 288 1900 1880 1360 1344 ? P1Q0=1900 ? P1Q1= ? P0Q0= ?P0Q1= 1880 1360 1344 (A) Laspyres Index Number =? P1Q0 / ? P1Q1 x 100 =1900 / 1880 x 100 = 1. 0106 x 100 = 101. 06 Ans. (B) Paasches Index Number =? P1Q1 / ? P0Q1 x 100 =1880 /1344 x 100 =1. 3988 x 100 =138. 88 Ans. (C) Fishers Price Index Number = ? P1Q0 x ? P1Q1 / ? P0Q0 x ? P0Q1 X 100 = 1900 x 1880 / 1360 x 1344 X 100 = 1. 9542 x 100 = 1. 3979 x 100 = 139. 79 Ans. (D) Dorbish & Bowley? s Index Number = ? P1Q0 / ? P0Q0 + ? P1Q1 / ? P0Q1 x 100 = 1900 / 1360 + 1880 / 1344 x 100 = 2. 795 x 100 = 1. 6718 x 100 = 167. 18 Ans. pic

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Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process Essay

Course DescriptionThis demesne Study course 2 is designed to provide FS students with opportunities to connect principle- contemplateing theories and principles discussed I the six-unit courses in conventions of statement 1 and 2 with actual classroom practice. It is phone to help the FS student observe how these principles of teaching and reading are utilize by the resource teacher to make the teaching-learning routine interactive, substantive, exciting and gratifyingField Study can be anchored on the following professed(prenominal) Education subjects.Principles of Teaching 1 andPrinciples of Teaching 2Educational applied science 1 (partly)Objectives1. Arrive at an experiential knowledge and understanding of the principles of teaching and learning2. Reflect on the cover of the principles of teaching and learning for meaningful and lasting learning3. Determine how the steer principles in lesson objective verbal expression are applied in the teaching-learning process4. Acquire the skill in developing cognitive skill and value lessons meaningfully and interestingly by an in depth treatment of the subject matter and by incorporate persuasion skills.5. Apply the guiding principles in the selection of teaching strategies. 6. pose the teaching approach employed.7. Trace the logical development of a lesson.8. site effective questioning and reacting techniques.EPISODE 1 PRINCIPLES OF LEARNINGName of FS Student______________________________________________________ Course________________________ course & Section____________________________ preference instructor 1_____________ Signature_______________ Date election Teacher 2_____________ Signature_______________ Date Resource Teacher 3_____________ Signature _______________ Date CooperatingSchool______________________________________________________ My TargetWhen I observe tether different classes. I will be able to identify finishing of the principles of learning in the teaching-learning process .Observation SheetName of the Resource Teachers find Muriel Criselda DelmoSchool speak B 1 L3 Panorama Ville Mariquita Sta Rosa urban center Laguna signifier/ stratum Level Kinder 1Principles of TeachingTeaching Behavior of the Teacher/ acquire Behavior of the Learner as conclusion of the Application of the Principles of schooling 1. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is initiate by the learner1. The teacher lets the learner do the learning bodily function2. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas.2. This is somewhat the aforesaid(prenominal) with principle number one. Learners can easily understand concepts if these are applicable to their needs and problems. Hence, as teachers, we must relate the lesson to the learners needs, interests and problems.3. Learning is a consequent of exercisesuse experiential learning as much as practical period4. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process.Learners will learn more if they are given chances to work together and share ideas. unsex use of group activities.5. Learning is a evolutionary processLearning especially if this means a change in behavior does non happen in a click. This requires time and diligence. So as teachers, is patient role? Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.6. Learning is sometimes a horrific processThis means that learning requires sacrifice, hard work, study time. Let the learners effect this okay?7. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself Lets not be too centered upon ourselves. Lets draw the sermon not only on our own experiences as teachers but on the learners experiences as well. Listen and let the learners share their prior knowledge, stories, information, etc that can amend the learning process.Encourage free sharing inside the classroom.8. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual Learners cant learn that much if they have something that is bothering their m inds. These can be problems and worries they have either in or out of the classroom. Thus, as teachers, let us be sensitive to our students problems. We cant teach learners with empty stomachs remember?9. The process of problem solving and learning are highly unique and several(prenominal) Make use of different teaching strategies that can cater double intelligences and learning styles.My Analysis1. What is the impact of the resource teacher observance of these principles on the teaching-learning process and on the learners?2. Which learning principles was applied most?3. Which learning principle was applied least or not applied? Do you chalk up with these principles of learning? Or have you discovered that they are always correct.My grammatical construction1. My reflections on my observation of my teachers observance of these principles. Did my Resource Teacher adhere to these principles. 2. Lesson I have learned from my observations on the classroom application of the princip les of learning.EPISODE 2 LESSON OBJECTIVES AS MY GUIDING STARName of FS Student______________________________________________________ Course________________________ Year & Section____________________________ Resource Teacher 1_____________ Signature_______________ Date Resource Teacher 2_____________ Signature_______________ Date Resource Teacher 3_____________ Signature _______________ Date Cooperating School______________________________________________________ My TargetIn this Episode, I must be able toDeduce the lesson objectives after observing my Resource Teachers teach. suck up how the guiding principles in the formulation of lesson objectives are applied Realize the magnificence of a clearly defined lesson objective.1.As I observe a class, I will use the observation Sheet for a more cogitate observation. Observation SheetName of the Resource Teachers Observed Muriel Criselda Delmo School Address B 1 L3 Panorama Ville Mariquita Sta Rosa City Laguna Grade/Year Level Kind er 1Guiding Principles in Determining and Formulating Learning Objectives Teaching Behavior which prove/s Observance of the Guiding Principle 1. Begin with the end in mind1. The resource teacher began her lesson by starting her objective2. Share lesson objective with students3. Lesson objectives must be in the 2 or 3 domains cognitive, skill and affective or cognitive and affective or skill and affective4. Work on crucial and relevant lesson objectives.5. Lesson objectives must lead to the development of critical and creative thinking2. After observing your resource teacher teach, preserve down what you think was/ were her lesson objective.3. Ask permission from your resource teacher for you to copy her lesson objective for the sidereal days lesson. Copy it here then compare it with your answer in . argon they the same? Different? My Analysis1. If answer in 3 above is different, what is your conclusion regarding written lesson objective and actual lesson development? Are the le sson objectives in the lesson plan always followed? Do they really serve as guiding star? 2. why did you find it easy/ Difficult to write down the resource teachers lesson objective for the day? Did he mention it at the beginning of the lesson? 3. Did you find the lesson objective SMART? Why or why not?4. Was the lesson objective in the cognitive or psychomotor or affective domain? Or was it in cardinal or three domains? Support your answer.My ReflectionsAny lesson learned or insights gained from your observations focused on lesson objective? Write them down here. Are lesson objectives truly the guiding star in the development of a lesson? Or are lesson objectives sometimes forgotten as the lesson develops.

1831, by Louis P. Masur Essay

This book was compose by Masur Louis P. who described 1831 as the year of the eclipse that had so some(prenominal) omens that tell that the American society was completely changed. E real aspect of vivification including the political, social, economic and cultural all underwent a metamorphosis that brought about change. In that year, foreigners visited America and they described it as a year where there was a possibility of a civil war occurring in America delinquent to the galore(postnominal) negative things that were happening then.An English visitor Frances Trollope felt very disappointed with how America had gone about to deal with slavery and he charge criticized the vehement expressions of insane and hypocritical zeal as it was preached by the preachers. The writer states that most of the visitors had no intentions of talking about the institution of slavery, merely they could not turn a blind eye to it and their writings helped to constrain controversy on slavery in America and therefore move pressure to allow the issue to be addressed (Louis 2008).Some of the visitors who helped to cast the institution of slavery included Henry Tudor, Thomas Hamilton, James Boardman and Ales de Tocqueville. The issues that defy been described in this book are based on quadruplet thematic chapters slaverly and its abolition, morality and politics, state and nation and finally, the issue of changing applied science with the use of machines and nature (Louis 2008).In the same year, there was a quid of violence and rebellions over slavery, tariffs and religious revivalism over the nation. He talks of a revolution that was light-emitting diode by Nat Turner who he describes like a very intelligent, charismatic and religious leader. He rebelled against slavery and the germities even hunted him for questioning where he confessed about having taken place and led the rebellion.His actions brought a lot of attention towards America and it was at this point it wa s think that the slaves were not loyal and content, that slavery was not benign as it was supposition to be and that trying to control the population through terror groups was not the way out. The outspoken nature of Nat Turner inspired many of the abolitionists who do calls for emancipation of slaves. There were unresolved tensions between the states and the nations rights, competing erotic love for religion and politics. The debate on the emancipation of slaves has alike been described where the mass from the north expected it to be a slow and gradual process, exclusively the batch from the south saw it as a necessary evil.Masur P.L stated that the way to deal with the problem was to set up a small town in West Africa as they believed that the Africa Americas were helpless and hopeless pot who could not be able to rise above their conditions and state of living. It was described as the year when the entropyern oligarchy quit the possibility of doing away with slavery an d William place demanded that there would be abolition of some peculiar institutions. His news piece, the liberator, was meant to make people see the evils of the day which by then they did not see. The nullification crisis and the Indian removal act further do the sectional differences and with the changes in engineering science it made dramatic changes in Americas relationship with the land. The author describes the American people as people who were in love with engineering and therefore referred to them as the locomotive people (Louis 2008).The introduction of steamboats, railroads and the mechanized reapers made people very rich because of the profits that were being made. The author also describes the protestant missionaries as the people who worked on behalf of the Cherokees. They held a large number of slaves yet thirty years later they were barely mentioned and the Cherokees fought on the boldness of the confederacy supporting the very people who had thrown them out of their heritable land and nobody dared to raise their voice against it.Policies that were made by Andrew capital of Mississippi against the Cherokee erase the last hopes of seeing the India as being autonomous. It was thought that religion would hold the nation together and help to counter their forces of disunity caused by the capacious and large territory occupied, the numerous and the very increasing high population, the novelty of the local interests ,the power of selfishness and the feeling of sensational jealousy and hate had prevailed amongst the people of America.The religious revivalism that swept the agricultural inspired the working class to agitate. It gave an acumen in the idea of enthusiasms for religion as it was with even the tent meetings that were purportedly supposed to bring about improve of the individual together with the reform of the society at large. It also indicates the surprising rise of political movements more than(prenominal) as the anti mason s which was Americas third party that invented the presidential nominating convention. The Andrew administration threatened to unravel and dissent the economic future of the country (Louis 2008). In conclusion, the author not only writes about the negative issues that moved(p) America but he also has intellectual pleasure that helps to tanginess the hypocrisies of the day by stating that although the Turners revolt saw many white many people maimed and killed, at least they were happy because women were never raped.He goes on to say that they finally saw the need to keep in control the terror gangs and groups and began to give a doctrine that slavery was hence benign and that the enslaved were loyal, content and more satisfied than it was previously believed. As much as people from the north and those from the south were outraged by William forts radical newspaper, their opposition against it only helped to popularize and circulate the paper which has today become one of the larg est selling papers today. For the people from South Carolina, they took pride in the doctrine of nullification as it meant that they could resist the national Government to interfere with slavery.ReferencesLouis, Masur P. 1831 Year of Eclipse .United States Barnes and lnc, 2008.

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Donating Blood

Imagine that your breed had honest suffered a heart attack, and has to go through open-heart surgery in order to repair the damage that happened to his heart. Imagine your little nephew or niece was natural with a rare heart defect and had to sire a free-and-easy transfusion of broth in order to have a bump to wake up the next day. Imagine that your best friend went to the debase and had just been diagnosed with leukemia, a disease requiring regular platelet transfusions. These arent very niminy-piminy things to imagine about, are they?It is very sad and unfortunate, but these things happen alone the cartridge clip, you or soulfulness you know may have experienced something the similar that already. People experience something like this every day. Most mess would belike just have a bun in the oven that the hospital would have luxuriant types of channel to feature to the people who need it so that they bum get better. But that is non the case. In these sad cases most people would feel or indirect request to do anything that they tooshie to second. There is one way everyone can help and that is by donating assembly line.Red blood cells, platelets, and plasma are some of the things people can donate and they are too very important to a soul who needs them. These can help the person return to good health. round of the types of people who would need a blood transfusion are patients that have gone through surgery, burn victims, accident victims, anemics, hemophiliacs, babies that are very sick, and people suffering from leukemia, cancer, kidney disease, and liver disease. Some in truth interesting facts about the blood donations and the need for blood is that about every three seconds there is someone in the world who needs blood.Thats more than forty molarity people who need blood every day. The demand for blood is forever rising and sometimes a certain type of blood can be in short supply which can nonplus very much of peoples li ves in danger. Even if you just donate once, that will be enough to save several people. I myself have gone to a blood donation clinic, but unfortunately I couldnt donate any blood because my temperature was too high, but I wont let that discourage me from re-scheduling a nonher involvement at the American Red enshroud blood.The set up that they had there was not what I had expected it to be. There have been a hardly a(prenominal) blood drives at my check but I never donated blood. American red cross came about two times each school year around the middle of every semester. Everything was set up within the gym with around a couple dozen of beds, where they make you dwell down while they run into your blood, spread around the basketball court. sometimes they even brought the little camping trailers where you can go inside of it and theyll take your blood.The day forwards I had do my appointment online at 400 PM to donate platelets. When I walked in the American Red Cross cl inic I panorama it was going to be much bigger like the ones that were at my school gym but instead there were and about a dozen beds in a little stadium to the left of the entrance. I Started walking towards the area where everyone was donating at, but and then I was stopped. A short Latino man with black hair around his forties came up to me and asked Can I help you? .Since it was my first time going somewhere to donate blood, I didnt know what to do. I thought that since I do an appointment at four that I would just be able to walk in, confirm that I was the one that had made the appointment, lie down on the bed, and they will take my blood, but I was gravely mistaken. As I was just standing there not knowing what to do I said to the man Ummm yeah. I made an appointment online to donate platelets. He asked me if I had a donors card and i replied no.Then after explaining to him that i have never given blood before so this was all new to me, he gave me a look like he finally understood why I was so clueless. in a flash that we were finally on the same page, the man asked for my drivers license so that I could prove I am who I say I am. When i gave him my drivers license he went somewhere to another room. While he went to go do his thing, I was instructed to sit down and read a binder that looked at least 6 inches thick.I overhearbed the binder from the table and just sit there looking at the front cover thinking to myself They expect me to read everything thats in this huge binder? . But when I assailable it up, I was relieved to see only a few pages. As I finished reading about donating blood and the requirements, the man came fend for with my drivers license attached to a folder with a paper clip. I was asked if I was ready and I said yes. I was taken to this really abject square room that almost made me feel closterfobic and then I was told to sit down.I took a seat and then he also sat down in a small desk in the recession of the room next to me. I was asked a few questions like my amicable security number, where I lived, do I have any diseases, my age, a whole bunch of questions. It felt like I was being interrogated. As he finally got done asking me all those questions, he told me that he needed to poke a little needle in my fingerbreadth and get a small blood sample. As I was posing there with my finger sticking out I saw him grab what looked like a small clicking pen.Then he started to put the end on the top of my finger. Suddenly he just clicked the pen, and I felt a little poke and my finger started bleeding. He wiped my finger with a small cotton ball and then grabbed a little square slicing of glass and put in on my finger to get a small blood sample. After he told me I had enough push in my blood to donate, now he had to take my temperature. I had to put a thermometer under my tongue for a few seconds until he grabbed it. sensation of the requirements for donating blood is you cannot donate if your tempera ture is over 99.5 F. When my temperature was taken I was only 2 percent away from meeting the requirements, which means my temperature was 99. 7 F. I was told I couldnt donate which made me a little disappointed. I told him I would schedule again some other time. In my one day that I went to the American red cross building I learned a lot of new things and how I can help save peoples lives. I will definitely be making another appointment before long and ill keep making an appointment as much as I can.

Did Lizzie Borden Commit Murder

A little over a century ago an atrocious reiterate eat up was committed, in the twain- half(a) story stand at 92 abet Street, in Fall River, Massachusetts. This hatred shocked the city of Fall River, as well as the nation, as Lizzie Borden, a 32-year-old Sunday school teacher, went on runnel for the murder of her father and her stepmother. (Augustine). An all male dialog box at last acquitted her on the accusations. (Aiuto). To this day, the murderer of Andrew J. Borden and Abby Gray Borden is still unknown, but in the public mind every one(a) believes it was Lizzie Borden.Lizzie was born and grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was the youngest little girl of Andrew Jackson Borden, who was a very successful Banker and Sarah Borden. Sarah died when Lizzie was very young and Andrew thence married Abby Durfee Gray. Lizzie grew up with an sr. sister, Emma. Neither of them ever married. It is said the sisters detested their stepmother, mainly because of the familys infer ior social position. ( level Channel). Many of the wealthier houses at the period had electricity and running water, the Borden house did not, making Andrews reputation a penny pincher. Clark). On the day of August 4, 1892, the bodies of Andrew Borden and his wife were gear up mutilated. (History Channel). As opposed to 40 whacks, in the popular rhyme, 19 blows struck Abby Borden by a hatchet or axe to the back of her manoeuvre and neck. (History Channel). At the m she was cleaning the guestroom of the family home, at 930 am. Andrew Borden, who had returned home or so 1030 am, after his daily business had been attended to, was napping on a couch in the parlor, when he was attacked. (Lizzie). 11 blows were struck upon Mr.Bordens head and face, to the point that one eye hung from its socket, making him unrecognizable. (History Channel). There were only two stack in or about the house at the time of the killings, Lizzie Andrew Borden and Bridget Sullivan, the Bordens maid. (Clark ) There is approximately speculation as to others that may have been obligated for these evil acts. Among the other alleged killers is canful Morse, the brother of Andrews outgrowth wife, Emma Borden, Lizzies elder sister. Soon after the murders, Lizzie emerged as the prime suspect after John Morses alibi checked out. Clark). She then was arrested and tried on three counts, the murder of Abbey, of Andrew, and of them both(prenominal) and, if found guilty, faced death by hanging. (Clark). What makes the Fall River murders so perplexing is that the motive, the weapon and the opportunity for such(prenominal) a crime are all ab displace. When the Fall River constabulary investigated the murders, they found no money or jewelry missing, not even small amounts of replace or the packet of bus tickets as were taken in the sidereal day break-in at the Borden home twelve months earlier. (History Channel).There was some speculation on Andrew having a will, but no will was ever found, lea ving the good estate to Lizzie and Emma. (Clark). A local pharmacist reported Lizzie coming into his interpose and asking for prussic acid or hydrogen cyanide on some(prenominal) different occasions two weeks prior to the murders. (Augustine). Lizzie insisted that she needed it to clean an tip of clothing, but the pharmacist refused to sell it to her without a prescription. (Augustine). Also, when the bodies had been discovered many masses from throughout the neighborhood were entering and exiting the crime scene and could have considerably moved evidence to protect Lizzie. Clark). Besides the lack of a bear motive for the murders, there was also the perplexing lack of opportunity. Fall River found the entire Borden house locked up as usual, and during the two-and-a-half-hour period in which both murders were completed, the maid Bridget was outside the house washing windows and daughter Lizzie was inside the house reading a magazine. (History Channel). Even if one of the two committed the crime, the angry and bloody act should have been noisy enough to attract the care of the other. There was also not a lot of blood tap at the crime scene. (Clark).If Lizzie were to have murdered her parents there should have been some sort of blood on Lizzies clothes. (Clark). The prosecution used this as a key part of their trial. They had a witness that said she byword Lizzie burning a blue lay in her kitchen and the prosecution insisted that it was the rig Lizzie killed her parents in. (Clark). Lizzie did in fact burn a dress and was seen doing so, but she was burning it because she had no use for it anymore because it was soiled with paint. (Clark). June 1893, Lizzie was arrested and sent to trial. The all-male jury was put into a difficult position. (Lizzie).It was the Victorian Era where women were considered slender flowers and not capable of killing someone and it was not a habitual issue to deal with in those times. (History Channel). After only an hour of deliberating, the jury declared Lizzie to be not guilty. It is said it only took them 15 minutes to decide, but out of respect for the prosecution, they waited another 45 minutes forward they informed the court of their decision. (Lizzie). Shortly after the trial, Emma and Lizzie each inherited half of their fathers estate, about $200,000. 00 each, which was a large amount of money in those days. (History Channel).Their first purchase was a home on The Hill, at 7 cut Street, which Lizzie named Maplecroft. (Clark). Lizzie also changed her name to Lizbeth. (Clark) Lizzie became a social outcast after the trial, with hardly a(prenominal) friends remaining loyal. (History Channel). Her every move was criticized if she appeared solemn in public, it was because she was guilt-ridden because of her crime if she was happy, it proved she was a heartless monster. Lizzie soon had to travel farther to do her shopping, but she was not left along by reporters. (Clark). Reports after the tri al of Lizzie usually were rumors, from engagements to causal agencys of shoplifting.These papers never seemed willing to print tales of her good deeds, such as her many charitable donations, her aide to deserving young people who could not afford a college education. (Clark). Nor did they print stories of her love of animals, or of the arts. (Clark). The murder of Andrew and Abby Borden will forever be a cold case and one of the most gruesome crimes that could have been committed by a woman. sight will always have some sort of curiosity towards this case because of the lack of evidence, the opportunity and motive that could have possibly been.Works Cited Aiuto, Russell. Lizzie Borden Took An Ax. TruTv. Turner bare System, 2010. Web. 27 Oct 2010Augustine, Megan. Dusting off a Cold Case with Modern Forensics Lizzie Bordenfortyone. The Forensics Examiner. 14. 4 (2005) 52+ Academic OneFile. Web. 14 Oct 2010.Clark, Denise M. How Lizzie Got Away With Murder. Crimemagazine. com. Crim e Magazine,2010. Web. 25 Oct 2010. The History Channel The Strange Case Of Lizzie Borden. New Video, 2005. DVD. Lizzie Andrew Borden. Karisable. com. Karisable Burns. 26 Apr. 2004. Web. 27 Oct 2010.