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James Joyces The Dead - Failure to Create Wholeness from Gnomon :: Joyce Dead Essays

The Failure to Create haleness from Gnomon in The Dead T here is junior-grade doubt in anyones mind that Gabriels dialect in The Dead is a failure. It is harder to understand what exactly he was trying to accomplish. The almost archaic style contradicts the tripping content, and what we are left with is a rambling oration which seems to produce nonhing. course session through the speech, one can not help but be taken with(p) by its wondrously odd and seemingly antiquated phraseology Let us calm cherish in our hearts the memory of those dead. . .whose fame the world will not willingly let die. To go on bravely with our work among the living. We are met here as friends. . . (202-203) Those dead, work among the living, we are met here as friends - not exactly the bankers bill which one would expect from an informal after-dinner speech in the midst of a party. The question is, Where would one expect to hear this kind of speech? The answer is childlike at a funeral, of course. Not just any sort of funeral, however. mavin in particular comes to mind We are met on a great playing area of that war. We are met to dedicate a portion of it as a concluding resting place for those who here gave their lives that this nation might live. . . The world will little not nor long remember what we say her, but it can never embarrass what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work. . . (261) In its sentiments and even in its diction it is astonishing how alike Gabriels speech is to Licolns Gettysburg Address. Now before you drift down this paper in disgust let me make it clear that I will not be suggesting that Joyce tried to transcribe The Gettysburg Address into Dubliners. I do think, however, that both speeches come from a certain tradition of speaking, the funeral oration or epitaphioi and understanding how Gabriels speech follows or strays from the tradition which it is emulating helps in grasping the re asons keister and consequences of its failure. Lincolns funeral oration is the only English example of a specifically Athenian phenomenon. In classical Athens, it was customary for an elected official to give a speech at the funeral for those soldiers who lost their lives during the previous year.James Joyces The Dead - Failure to Create Wholeness from Gnomon Joyce Dead EssaysThe Failure to Create Wholeness from Gnomon in The Dead There is little doubt in anyones mind that Gabriels speech in The Dead is a failure. It is harder to understand what exactly he was trying to accomplish. The almost archaic style contradicts the lighthearted content, and what we are left with is a rambling oration which seems to produce nothing. Reading through the speech, one can not help but be struck by its wondrously odd and seemingly antiquated phraseology Let us still cherish in our hearts the memory of those dead. . .whose fame the world will not willingly let die. To go on bravely with our work among the living. We are met here as friends. . . (202-203) Those dead, work among the living, we are met here as friends - not exactly the tone which one would expect from an informal after-dinner speech in the midst of a party. The question is, Where would one expect to hear this kind of speech? The answer is simple at a funeral, of course. Not just any sort of funeral, however. One in particular comes to mind We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We are met to dedicate a portion of it as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that this nation might live. . . The world will little not nor long remember what we say her, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work. . . (261) In its sentiments and even in its diction it is astonishing how alike Gabriels speech is to Licolns Gettysburg Address. Now before you throw down this paper in disgust let me make it clear that I will not be suggesting that Joyce tried to transcribe The Gettysburg Address into Dubliners. I do think, however, that both speeches come from a certain tradition of speaking, the funeral oration or epitaphioi and understanding how Gabriels speech follows or strays from the tradition which it is emulating helps in grasping the reasons behind and consequences of its failure. Lincolns funeral oration is the only English example of a specifically Athenian phenomenon. In classical Athens, it was customary for an elected official to give a speech at the funeral for those soldiers who lost their lives during the previous year.

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The Raven Essay -- Edgar Allen Poe

The Loss of a Loved MaidenIn The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, one sees the internal torment of a man in mourning for the lost love of a maiden, named Lenore that has died. The cashier expresses a sea of emotions over the vision of a raven haunting and teasing him.As the man sits in his chamber he only seems to notice the negativity of his surroundings in a depressive tell apart of mind over his lost. ..A midnight dreary, tour I pondered, weak and weary. He was, as many people seem to be when they are depressed, in a lethargic and calm state nearly sleeping. He then was disturb by a tapping noise and slowly grew from slight excitement into fear and nervousness over the commotion. And the silken, sad, uncertain sound of each purple curtain thrilled me- filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before. The narrator tried to rationalize the situation into some co misfortuneal incident of someone at his door yet, there was no one there. To this he plainly states, Deep into the darkne ss peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, only to perhaps start to question his sanity until he heard another noise. At this point in the poem one may clearly see his genuinely painful condition and state of mind as he wishfully whispers the word Lenore. The marginal state between idealism and reality has blurred. As the narrator tensely turns to the window to explore the disturbance, there the reader meets the raven that has entered into the room and placed him...

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God And Future Of America :: essays research papers

Expos Paperdeity is an all seeing, all hearing, and all knowing being that no matchless has really ever been in direct contact with. For skeptics that is enough to make an unbeliever, yet, with all of the resurrections, walking on water, and visions of the Virgin Mary crying something mustiness be there. That something is the true dilemma. What exactly is God and what exactly does he want us do? Many declare tried to analyze what the answers to these questions and most of them have received answers, its just that all the answers are different. Many factors have played part in my understanding of spirituality, from the views of the past to the radicals of the present each cerebration has helped me realize that God is there, anyway you want him to be.I feel that religion is overrated, just as cigarette ads try to fellate young teens into smoking, religion tries to suck kids in through fear. Yet, while this approach may work on some, others grow out of, just as in believing in Sant a Clause. Currently, with the more open-minded view of everything in society, there are less and less overtly religious people in the earth. Jean-Paul Sartre aphorism this concept. He saw God as a concept dwindling on the brink of existence. Traditionally religion tells us that we must conform to Gods ideas of humanity to father fully human. Instead we must see human beings as liberally incarnate. Sartres atheism was not a consoling creed, but other existentialists saw the absence of God as a positive liberation (Armstrong, 68). The idea of God as just there appealed to me. That is how I have always matt-up yet was convinced that a life without full-fledged devotion would get me nowhere. All though this view was refreshing I still questioned the reality of God. The world is not a warm, loving place. Although you may have a good life filled with much happiness, what about the millions of others that have a life of hopelessness? The Koran says Not so much as the weight of an ant in earth or heaven escapes from the Lord. That is touching that Allah, God, and their ilk care when one ant dismembers another, or notes when a sparrow falls but I strain to see the use of it (Dillard, 195). Annie Dillard skepticism is threw a wrench in the gears of my thoughts.

Stephen Blackpool in Charles Dickens Hard Times :: Hard Times Essays

The book Hard Times is a book written by Charles Dickens a piece of music thatDickens described as a homosexual with great integrity, is introduced in thisbook his name is Stephen Blackpool.Stephen Blackpool lives in the town of Coketown Dickens describes thistown In the innermost fortification of that ugly citadel wherenature was as strongly bricked out as killing airs and gases werebricked in. I think most peck would agree that this is not a niceplace to live in and it does not bring a nice town were the glissadingsun rays were shining eitherwhere every house, also the grass nourished andbright green as if it was just cut. No this is not the picture thatcomes to mind what this town looks like is a dark and damp place tolive in were nobody would love to live only tramps living on thesidewalk and the air thick and poisons and reposition black as coal thiswas not a good place to live in not a place Dickens liked. Dickenshates the industrial revolution as it created a bad habita t also hisfather used to work in a factory which he died because of toxic fumesso you can tell that Dickens does not like this town. StephenBlackpool is not a young populace he is about in his forties and fair-haired(a) hair,he was not a clever person they would not call him smart he even hadproblems with speaking. Dickens starts of describing Stephen Blackpoolby saying It is said that every life has its roses and thorns thereseemed however to have been a misadventure or mistake in Stephens casewhereby somebody else has been possessed of his roses, and he had find possessed of the same somebody elses thorns in addition tohis. This clearly states that Stephen Blackpool does not have goodluck on his side he has doubly as much thorns, thorns being themistakes in life and he has no roses, roses being the correctdecisions in life. So what Dickens is saying what ever this man doesit will be the wrong decision to make. Stephen could not be describedas a clever person as he is not and intelligent man he barley can makea speech but Dickens calls him a man of perfect integrity, what I wantto do here is tell you the definition of integrity what integritymeans is truth or honesty so is what Dickens is calling Stephen is heis a man with perfect truth or honesty in his heart .Stephen has a friend called Rachel she is what keeps him together

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Use of Credit Cards :: essays research papers

The use of credit cards is much more treacherous than use of checks or cash. Paying with cash is real easy for knowing howmuch money is available and how much can be spent makes it in truth hard to get into debt. When paying with a check the processis a bit trickier the exact balance has to be kept on the account at all time. Knowing what this balance is and continuouslyreplenishing it can be quite hard. Nevertheless, even with a check consumers can not get into a draw of trouble. If more money is spent then the shopper has on the current account, the last written check will be rejected and account will be suspended until the balance is paid off. With credit cards however, e precise year more and more people get into debt.According to American Bankers Association (ABA), Americans owe more then $387 billion on their credit cards. This frighteningnumber, averaging about $3,900 per family, is just as bad for the economy as it is for the consumers. In September of 1995, for example, The AT&T Universal card charged $15 per month for late fee to people who paid their bills just one day afterward the due date. Visa, on the other hand, was charging the penalty feesfor as little as a dollar over the limit, plus an interest of up to 24.9 percent per year. In the second quarter of 1995, overdue payments as a percentage of outstanding balance hit 3.267 percent. That is the highest mark since recession of 1991. "The picture is, some consumers are very,very deeply in debt," says Charles McMillion, chief economist with MBG Information Services. A swipe of the card has becomeso natural that many consumers do not construe how much they have charged, nor that it will take them forever to pay that debt off. Seventy percent of respondents to a recent ABA survey said that it would take them at to the lowest degree two months to pay off their holiday expenses. Unfortunately, there are more ways to use a credit card than ever before, making it very hard for consumer s to refrain from spending a lot of money. Shopper can charge groceries, teeth cleanings, and on-line servicesto their credit cards. Introduction of rebate cards which furnish users credit towards new vehicles, frequent-flyer miles,

Use of Credit Cards :: essays research papers

The use of credit cards is much more dangerous than use of checks or cash. paying with cash is very easy for knowing howmuch money is available and how much can be spent makes it very hard to get into debt. When paying with a check the processis a bit trickier the exact remainder has to be kept on the account at all time. Knowing what this balance is and continuouslyreplenishing it can be quite hard. Nevertheless, even with a check consumers can not get into a lot of trouble. If more money is spent then the shopper has on the current account, the last written check entrust be rejected and account will be suspended until the balance is paid arrive at. With credit cards however, every year more and more people get into debt.According to American Bankers Association (ABA), Americans owe more then $387 one thousand million on their credit cards. This frighteningnumber, averaging about $3,900 per family, is just as bad for the economy as it is for the consumers. In September of 19 95, for example, The AT&T world(a) card charged $15 per month for late fee to people who paid their bills just one day after the due date. Visa, on the otherwise hand, was charging the penalty feesfor as little as a dollar over the limit, plus an interest of up to 24.9 percent per year. In the second quarter of 1995, overdue payments as a percentage of outstanding balance hit 3.267 percent. That is the highest mark since recession of 1991. "The picture is, some consumers are very,very deeply in debt," says Charles McMillion, top dog economist with MBG Information Services. A swipe of the card has becomeso natural that many consumers do not realize how much they have charged, nor that it will take them forever to pay that debt off. Seventy percent of respondents to a recent ABA survey said that it would take them at least two months to pay off their holiday expenses. Unfortunately, there are more ways to use a credit card than ever before, making it very hard for consum ers to refrain from expense a lot of money. Shopper can charge groceries, teeth cleanings, and on-line servicesto their credit cards. Introduction of rebate cards which offer users credit towards new vehicles, frequent-flyer miles,

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Airframe by Michael Crichton Essay

Michael Crichtons 1996 literary work takes its audience into a flight adventure of suspense with a crash of humor. As the title suggests, Crichtons audience might deduce a frame which could be found in the air. In more accurate terms, hypothesize about the structure of a plane. As the audience reads it, this deduction is further strengthened with the illustration of a plane accident that results to an investigation on the quality on a Norton Aircraft-manufactured N-22, followed by media frenzy. For some, the event of an airplane accident which eventually results to tedious and cumbersome investigation is quite uninteresting and dull.However, readers of this entertain be still compelled to continuously read it because of the twists, thought-provoking exploration of a planes structure, high tension issues and jitters. Moreover, Michael Crichtons style and themes informs and teaches several actual issues and concerns to its audience while entertaining them. By looking into the histo ry and flight events, it can be said that Michael Crichtons accounted problems in his book indeed give real-life scenarios. Michael Crichtons novel starts at the Transpacific Airlines flight 545, said to be a Hong Kong based transportation.In addition to this, it was also illustrated that the plane, as mentioned before, a Norton Aircraft-manufactured N-22, that is expected to draw in at Denver. However, severe turbulences occur at the California Coastline, resulting to an emergency landing at the Los Angeles airport. From the pilots report on the status inside the plane, on that point were already several injured passengers and two dead passengers. The dilemma rises from the fact, as the book states, that the plains history never showed or experienced sorry safety record or performance.In addition to this, the pilot who was maneuvering the plane was highly trained, which takes the possibilities of human error out of the question. As such, the story tediously outcome and revolve s around the investigation regarding this anomaly on the planes condition or on the question of its safety records, and generally about how the all mishap happened. In this novel, the aircraft manufacturers in this novel responded in a way that imitates what real aircraft manufacturers would show or usually do after such accidents.There be cases where manufacturers are held liable or not liable to certain accidents by the jury. If the jury was impressed with the overall save rate, the manufacturer is not considered liable, resulting to the acknowledgment of the whole design utility being optimized for the majority to the detriment of a few. On the contrary, if the jury would inspect the high-speed aspects of risk in contrasts to the high-speed save rate, the manufacturer can be considered liable. As such, it is factual or logical that manufacturers would react in ways that Crichton describes it.On the other hand, the actions or events which follow the media hype on the airplane accident seem exaggerated, though again, convincingly certain. Several scenes or illustrations regarding the media generally show that they tend to scrutinize whatever links they find regarding a certain topic which could boost their ratings. In addition to this, there is generally a persistence of the media crowd to grab whatever fact they could get a hold on to, and sometimes create stories to build or form the bits of information that they have into a persuasive story, which can either be true or partly-true.In his accounts of both the airplane problems, media and manufacturer investigations there are convincing facts which are laid to the audience by the author. In addition this are critical observations which shows Crichtons style and manufactured tensions that keeps his readers stuck on the book, without boring their selves (just like what I felt). Crichton is like giving an ice cream, with a sprinkle of reality and fiction, mount on a cone, coated with information and served in a plate garnished with humor that definitely keeps its audience from wanting more. References Crichton, Michael. (1996). Airframe. Alfred Knopf Publishers.

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Whywhy Children Should Play or Organized Sports

Why Children Should Play School or Organized Sport Research has shown that participation in step forwardside of inform sports and or other nonionic sports is associated with lower drop tabu rates, reduced problem behaviors, and increased school performance. Children build interpersonal skills, positive assets essentialed to fetch downward active and productive young adults. Studies suggest that children who are involved with after school sports or nonionic sports own gameyer(prenominal) self esteem, lower depression rates and have break down opportunities for optimal growth and development. Howie, 2009) Children should play school sports or organized sports, because sports improve childrens self esteem, sports teach children skills that they layabout use to become leaders, and sports destine children the exercise they need to stay healthy. Although, school sports or organized sports help children with their self esteem, teach children to be team players and give childr en the exercise to stay healthy thither are cons to compete sports. School sports or organized sports are commitments that a child needs to pass up.When there is a child that is personnel casualty to play sports, the family also needs to be a part of the team as well. Playing sports is time consuming and takes a cumulation of time from be able to do other things outside of sports. It is pregnant that the child and parents know the length of the season, the practice schedule and game schedule to make reliable that there is time for family time too. It is also important that when a child has decided to play a sport that the entire family is willing to be a part of the team as well. School sports and or organized sports are tremendous to help increase self esteem in children.When children have a high level of self esteem they reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. Children that play school sports or organized sports have a high level of self esteem and do well in school it helps children to become problem solvers and gives children encouragement to do well in school. It has been proven that children that infix in school sports or organized sports earn better grades, have better behaviors in and out of the classroom, and there is a lower rate of them dropping out of school. School sports or organized sports keep hildren going to school on a regular basis with fewer unexcused days missed, because they know that if they are not in school they are going to miss the opportunity to play with their team. Furthermore, non participants of school sports or organized sports were more likely to drop of school children were more likely to smoke cigarettes, more likely to become teen parents and more likely to be arrested than children who are sport participants. (Donaldson, 2007) School sports or organized sports gives children skills to become team members and helps children to become leaders.Children that play school sports or organized sports learn skills t hat they can use their entire lives. Developmental benefits include developing individualistic and team goals, meeting deadlines, working as a team, learning to perform under pressure, dealing with adversity, handling success and failure, developing self confidence, developing finding making strategies, and learning communication skills. (Zaichowsky, 2007) School sports or organized sports are a wonderful way to encourage children to learn skills to become leaders in todays society.After children graduate from high school and continue on to college, they are going to be able to take the skills that they have learned with them to the reliable World. When children play school sports or organized sports they know that they are part of a team and that their team needs them. They need to make sure that they go to practice, go to school and make sure that they get good grades so that they are eligible to play in their games. Sports give children the feeling of rank and know that they are needed to complete a task from start to finish. Playing sports starts a foundation for children to be leaders.As children grow older and are learning the skills to become better adults, it is important that they understand that the younger generations are going to look up to them for guidance. They need to take their skills that they have learned and teach it to the younger children that are looking up to them for guidance. They have been taught the skills to be good role models for the next generation. Although school sports or organized sports teaches children lessons in life to be booming human beings, the most important reason that children should play sports is to be healthy. When children are school sports or rganized sport teams, they are going to get the exercise that they need to get healthy and stay healthy. An increase in physical activity has many health benefits it lowers the risk of obesity, coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis . (Collard, 2008) consummation teaches children to be physical fit, but also teaches children that nutrition is also important. Child obesity is on the rise in the United States. In todays society we lead very busy lives and it is convenient to stop at fast food restaurants between work, home and sporting events to pick up dinner.Also, there are a lot of entertaining shows on telly that children are interested in watching. We can help our children become healthier by starring(p) healthy lifestyles as a family. Exercising is important to keep children fit and healthy to prevent injuries. Injuries can happen to healthy children do, but the risk is higher for children that are not in physical shape. Everyone should have at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day, when children are playing school sports or organized sports they are exercising and having fun at the same time.Children should play school sports or organized sports to make sure that they get enough exe rcise. The word exercise to children sounds like work, however when they are playing sports they are exercising and getting into shape without knowing it. The importance of limiting television time and playing games on the computer or other gaming systems would be helpful to children too. When children are not playing school sports or organized sports, they should be encouraged to go for walk, go for a bike ride, take their dog for a walk or simply run up and down a set of stairs.By playing school sports or organized sports it is easier for children to get the exercise they need, but when they are not playing they also need to make sure they get the exercise they need to stay in shape. Physical Education classes in school help children, but there are schools in our country that are cutting PE classes from their budgets. School sports are great to get children exercising during the season but once the season ends it is just as important that they stay fit and healthy for the next sea son.There has been a drop in the number of students enrolled in daily physical education classes, so that one in four children do not attend any school physical education class. Seventy percent of children drop out of sports by the age of 13. near half of young people ages 12 through 21, and more than one-third of high school students do not participate in any sprightly physical activity on a regular basis. Fewer than one out of four children get 20 minutes of vigorous daily activity. The plowshare of overweight young Americans has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Engle, 2010) Children that play school sports or organized sports have a better chance of getting the exercise that they need compared to students that do not play sports. For children that dont play sports, it is important that they are encouraged to join round other activity that involved daily exercise to keep children fit and healthy.In conclusion school sports or organized sports is wonderful for children t o learn tools that they are going to use through their childhood, but most importantly they are going to be able to take these tools and use them through the entire life. Sports participation is a major factor in the development of most American children. About 20 million American children ages 6 through 16 plays organized out of school sports, and about 25 million youth play competitive school sports. 30 to 45 million kids ages 6 through 18 participate in at least one school or community based athletic program. (Engle, 2010) School sports or organized sports improve childrens self esteem levels, gives children the tools and lessons to become a leader and also allows children time to get the exercise that they need to get and stay healthy.When children have a high level of self esteem they do better in school and have more confidence. School sports or organized sports are a wonderful tool that is used to help children achieve their goals.

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Learning and Development

IntroductionWith globalization and modernization, education has become a universal right for all, atleast, at the basic level. This has seen many students traversing from country to country in pursuit of education. The introduction of distance learning, technologically mediated learning as thoroughly as online courses have made it possible for students from different parts of the founding to sh atomic number 18 somaroom.The fact that the teachers largely remain stationed in same countries and are rarely involved in the exchange programs means that teachers are continually beneath the pressure to instruct students from diverse cultures all with varied guinea pig progression. Of signifi buttce to the teachers is the fact that despite the different progression levels of the students in a single classroom, the teachers are expected to effectively teach the students. This has seen the rise of integrated classes whereby learners whose slope is not their first phraseology are inte grated in the same classrooms as their inseparable side speaking students.Teachers are faced with stumbling blocks and numerous challenges in commandment integrated students. Of all challenges for teachers is the need to provide a free learning environs in which the students can learn without the fear of being incompetent in the English language. The presence of fear in the students who are not honorable in the English language can reduce the world power of the learners something which can refer otherwise intelligent students to perform dismally academically. To overcome such barriers, teachers can workout the following strategies. accord to (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994) in that respect are several research-based strategies to overcome learning barriers for emergent language learners as well as limited English proficient learners.Therefore for optimal learning to take place the following research based strategies are important for English language learning. Use of m usic and hump chant activities, handling of repeat and rephrase surface, use of cooperative groups and peer coaching, use of visual learning acquired immune deficiency syndrome such as realia, maps, pictures and the multimedia. Finally pre-instruction activities such as semantic webbing, graphic organizers and KWL charts are all equally important for teachers who are keen on ensuring that English learning benefits all learners inspite of their English proficiency levels.According to (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994) pre-instruction activities are important to English language learning in that they level the playing ground for students who have different English proficiency levels. In a research carried out by (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994) on 15 students with varied English proficiency 80% of the emergent language learners observed that they had significantly benefited from the use of pre-instruction activities such as semantic webbing, graphic organizers and KWL charts. 7 5% of the students with limited English proficiency recorded satisfaction from the use of pre-instruction activities while 40% of native English speaking students noted that pre-instruction activities played an important role in learning. The study overwhelming supports the use of the pre-instruction activities as a research based English language learning strategy for integrated classes.Teaching Math can be challenging even in class whereby all students are native English speakers. It even becomes hard to teach Math in an integrated class in which English presents a communication barrier. In a class of 30 students whereby only half of students are English speakers with a quarter of the learners being emergent and a further quarter of the class having English proficiency of surrounded by Basic Interpersonal Communication (BIC) and Cognitive Academic Language (CALP) presents numerous challenges. The solution to the above is the application of the research-based strategies such as pr e-instruction activities. This calls for the teacher to prepare in advance semantic webbing with Math concept for students to learn regardless of their English speaking abilities.According to (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994) the use of semantic webbing greatly growings the ability of the students to grasp Math concepts and formulae. Graphic organizers are also very effective in teaching some Math concepts especially on geometry and algebra topics. Visual aids such as realia, maps, pictures and multimedia are important in teaching integrated classes. As (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994) notes, visual aids are important in that they increment the attention span of learners, they simplify complex and abstract concepts as well as the fact that visual aids lead to efficiency in the deduction of complex concepts especially in Math class. Visual aids have been particularly important and effective for introduction of new topics in integrated classes whereby students face challenges due to increased anxiety, fear and tension (Bowman, & McCormick, 2000).Use of visual aids calls for carefulness so that the visual aids are not as uncertain and therefore become a source of obstruction. Visual aids also are advantageous in that they can depict a lot of education at once, which is not possible while using the traditional lecture methods, and are not expensive and are easy to use (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994).Cooperative groups as well as peer coaching are research-based strategies which involve students forming discussion groups in which they discuss hard topics and concepts during their free time or in the class with the supervision of teachers. Cooperative groups have been found to be very effective in overcoming fear amongst learners and therefore aiding learning (Bowman & McCormick, 2000). Cooperative groups are important when there is a shortage of staff in that teachers can oversee the learning over a big group of students.Usually students are able to pick up their peers with learning difficulties than teachers and therefore they are able to assist them and overcome the learning difficulties. According to (Bowman, & McCormick, 2000) cooperative groups presents the teachers with an opportunity to easily assess several outcomes in students such as critical thinking, level as well as communication skills and commitment to learning (Bowman, & McCormick, 2000).Cooperative groups are particularly useful in teaching Math which many students have problems because peer assessment is more welcome by students than teacher assessment and is easily acceptable since it reduces chances of teacher bias (Bowman, & McCormick, 2000). According to (Bowman, & McCormick, 2000) peer coaching as a research based teaching strategy is effective because it allows for a degree of confidentiality whereby students are not afraid to make mistakes. The expected learning outcome of using cooperative strategy in the classroom is that, learners increase in their c apability to grasp hard concepts (Bowman, & McCormick, 2000).In addition, the approach is non-evaluative which is important to students given the fact that students fear evaluations and assessments. Repeat and rephrase has been found to highly increase the retention ability of students (McHugh, Catherine & Kevin, 1997). This is very important for students who are vatic to retain introductory concepts as these develop as the students progress to next levels.Therefore, repeat and rephrase are important to an integrated class whereby students whose English proficiency prevents them from progressing at the same level with native English speakers. Music and Jazz chant activities have found to reduce stress levels in learners as well as creating a soothing effect (McHugh, Catherine & Kevin, 1997). Therefore, incorporating music and Jazz chants in a class especially in a Math class can improve learning in that it creates a good environment for learning. The expected learning outcome of u sing cooperative strategy in the classroom is that, learners increase in their attention span (McHugh, Catherine & Kevin, 1997).ConclusionResearch based strategies are a must use for teachers of integrated classes. In order to ensure that, the environment for all students is ideal in spite of their English proficiency levels, teachers must constantly identify challenges and obstacles to learning so as to overcome all the challenges associated with English language learning environment. It is also important that, teachers choose wisely the suitable strategies to teaching integrated learners as not all approaches are suitable for each subject.ReferenceBowman, C., and McCormick, S. (2000). Comparison of Peer Coaching versusTraditional Supervision effects. The Journal of educational Research 93 (4).Johnson, D., Johnson, R. and Holubec, E., (1994). The nuts and bolts of corporativelearning. Edina MN Interaction Book Company.McHugh, Catherine, E., & Kevin, W. 1997. use technology to pro mote studentlearning Opportunities for Today and Tomorrow. Jossey- Publishers.

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Coffee drinking enhances the analgesic effect of cigarette smoking Essay

Addiction is defined as a state whereby i becomes atomic number 53 can non do with break a authorized stimuli which one has compulsive engagement often getting a reward but the end results are adverse. An individual is not able to control the various aspects which form part of their dependence and they often compelled to repeat the uniform behavior or have the same substance everywhere and over again. A habit may also become an dependency if one engages in the same habit often. Furthermore, the addiction of an individual to a certain substance or redden an activity often leads to very serious problems which can be experienced at school, home and even within the tender network that an individual has. There are several types of addictions and some of whi9ch will be analyzed and discussed in this essay include coffee addiction, cyberspace addiction as soundly as cigarette or nicotine addiction.Internet addiction Internet addiction, as the name suggests results from th e constant and continued browsing through the net and being online for longer hours without having any specific objective that one wants to achieve (Christakis, 61). The daily routine browsing and surfing ion the internet for longer hours whereby any interruptions of much(prenominal) activity ca exercises one to become irritated often can be considered as internet addiction. The constant and unstoppable yet obsessive browsing of the internet started with the introduction and the use of internet. Over the years, this has grown a lot as a result of the developments and the ease of access to the internet which has been experienced (Christakis, 61). Internet addiction is experienced through the effect that online materials such as pornography, gaming, blogging, gambling and even networking have on individuals in the society. Internet addiction will manifest itself when one is seen to be pre-occupied with thoughts about the internet on the various activities they carry out on the inter net. Furthermore, the increased use of internet, depression, seemingly to be moody as well as restless when one attempt to stop using the internet also form signs of internet addiction (Christakis, 61). When one uses the internet to avoid in truth life situations, often tells lies about their involvement with the internet are also signs one may be addicted to the internet. The effects are that one becomes draw back from real life relationships, physical discomfort, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it has negative effects on family, occupations, financial status as well as academic work and performance. To holler this have it off, one has to recognize and accept they have a problem (Christakis, 61). After determining and accepting there is a problem, one should seek a aware Addictions Counselor who is trained on handling and treating internet addiction.Cigarette/Nicotine Addiction The second type of addiction that is addressed in this paper is cigarette or nicotine ad diction. This kind of addiction started long time ago and for many centuries people have been addicted to cigarette. The use of cigarette was in the past viewed as a way of showing prestige since people that were wealthy were the ones often seen smoking cigarettes (Balfour, et al., 438-45). It tobacco has been used for a long time across the world. However, it is to be mention that tobacco contains nicotine, an addictive substance and quite poisonous. Furthermore, when nicotine is taking in small doses, it can act as a stimulant to the central nervous dust of the body which makes one become more active. The large part of nicotine is often metabolized in the liver after which it is excreted from the kidney. Nicotine is known to remain in the blood transcription for up to eight hours after one has stopped smoking. Smoking is a habit that one adopts and regular smoking makes the body tolerant to nicotine which then core one has to smoke more cigarettes to satisfy the craving that i s developed (Balfour, et al., 438-45). As one continues to use cigarettes, the symptoms of withdr5awal are experienced which becomes an indication that one has developed dependency on cigarettes and cannot do without it hence addiction. The signs of cigarette addiction can be seen when one starts smoking few sticks of cigarette after which one starts smoking a whole pack of cigarettes in a day. This is a clear indication that the individual has developed tolerance to the nicotine contained in the cigarettes hence needs large amounts of the same to satisfy the urge. The other sign of dependency on cigarette is withdrawal. This refers to the physical symptoms which can be observed in an individual when they stop of fail to use the cigarette which may include restlessness, anxiety as well as drowsiness among others (Balfour, et al., 438-45). Furthermore, a tobacco addict will also be seen to consume to engage and be around people who smoke, take on jobs that will allow them to smok e as well as hiding or even sneaking cigarettes in areas where it is prohibited. For parents who are addicted, they will be seen to smoke even around their children despite knowing that it is harmful to the health of their children. The side effects of this addiction include lung cancer, emphysema, as well as heart disease. The continued use of nicotine often results in high blood pressure, contraction of blood vessels hence inhibiting hunt down of blood (Balfour, et al., 438-45). The carbon monoxide from the cigarette smoke often results in insufficient oxygen in the blood. Furthermore, cigarette addiction results in one becoming nervous, invariably feeling shaky and even anxious for no good reason if they fail to use the cigarette. To address this type of addiction, one is required to seek professional person help from Certified Addictions Counselor who will be able to provide professional help (Balfour, et al., 438-45). The support from family members as well as friends is a lso valuable in overcoming this addiction. burnt umber Addiction Coffee addiction is also another type of addiction which is seen to have affected the society quite a lot. Coffee addiction results from the intake of caffeine which is a stimulant (Nastase, Anca, et al., 921-24). Caffeine when taken often stimulates the nervous system and the continued use of coffee often results in physical dependence although quite mild. However, it is to be noted that caffeine is not as addictive as the other types of stimulants which people often use and it does not have the same threats to social, physical as well as economic health of an individual (Nastase, Anca, et al., 921-24). Coffee has been in use for many centuries as a household drink most often taken in the morning or anytime that one feels they need to have coffee. It has been noted that when one takes two or even more cups of coffee in a day, and then halt abruptly the use of coffee, there are several symptoms which will be ex perienced. single is likely to experience symptoms of withdrawal such as headaches, anxiety, fatigue, depressed moods, irritability as well as difficulty in concentrating on one issue (Nastase, Anca, et al., 921-24). Caffeine use and dependency can be stopped, gradually by talking coffee in small quantities until that time when one completely stops using coffee. It is also advisable to seek professional help from a Certified Addictions Counselor who is in a better position to help out with the dependency.ReferencesBalfour, D., et al. Diagnosis and treatment of nicotine dependence with emphasis on nicotine replacement therapy. A status report. European Heart Journal 21.6 (2000) 438-445.Christakis, Dimitri A. Internet addiction a twenty-first century epidemic?. BMC medicine 8.1 (2010) 61.Nastase, Anca, et al. Coffee drinking enhances the analgesic effect of cigarette smoking. Neuroreport 18.9 (2007) 921-924.Source document

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Why did the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960’s?

In the early 60s and late 50s things changed people were more open to new ideas and T.V, fashion and Music became a actually big part of life. They were all new and exciting and both young person wanted to be part of it. Music especially played a big part all that teenagers wanted to do was listen to music besides this was made in truth hard for them there was no radiocommunication move for them the had to listen to Radio Luxembourg which although played non-stop pop music kept cutting out later every few minutes the in 1964 a new pirate station was launched it was Radio Caroline It was a ship which was just outside British territorial waters and did the same as radio Luxembourg, played non stop pop music.Every teenager loved it scarce it was very unpopular with the BBC and the government and they tried to get it banned. There were British bulk acts though and two of the biggest were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. When I say big I mean huge, I was born in 1988 about 25 l ong time after the bands started out and I could quote you lyrics from some of their songs. People are still buying their music today and they are still acquiring new fans every year.The Beatles wee four Lads from Liverpool with very broad regional accents and they were Paul, Ringo, George and John. The Beatles were different they had different and new hairstyles and they wrote and performed their own music unlike so many other British acts. Many people didnt like them and saw them as an outrage on the establishment.The Rolling Stones were Mick, Keith, Charlie and Bill. They were from London and they had their offshoot hit in Britain in 1963 with Come On/I Wanna Be Loved. They also had a hit with a Beatles cover. They were k at one timen by the establishment as longhaired louts and had very much the same feedback from the public as the Beatles did although a lot of people would argue that they were worse than the Beatles.One person said that when they went to a Beatles concert the y didnt chance on one note all they could hear was the thousands of fans screaming. This was new no one had supported a band or musician like this before yes there had been strong followings for people before tho nothing like that was seen at each bands concerts. At about the same time or just slightly before the same music phenomenon was misadventure in the USA with bands like the beach boys and the monkeys. British music was influenced by the US and a lot of people looked to the country as inspiration.Neither were secondment hits though The Beatles had actually been a struggling band playing in clubs like the cavern, where they actually got discovered and the stones didnt get to number one until July 1964. As the years went on they got more drastic and the Beatles wrote songs which were obviously about drugs and this is why young people liked them because they werent afraid to say what they wanted to which many teenagers wanted to but never could do before. I suppose our moder n day answer to the Beatles would be someone like Eimenem.In the beginning of the 60s there was such an attack on the establishment and bands like the stones and the Beatles upheld this attack. They were people teenagers could follow and who their parents didnt really like, which for some made them like them even more. They werent just pop stars to them, they were heroes. You could say well what makes them so different from every other band, what made them so special well one of the things for the Beatles was that they were one of the first, no other band was like them they were new, exciting and talented. A modern day example of how they become famous is the spice girls and Im not comparing them on talent but when the spice girls came along there was no other proper girl band which is why thy were such a success.Lyrics were a big part of both bands they were new and inspirational and home-grown examples are I cant get no satisfaction from the Beatles and I wish somebodyd come alon g and run into it and wreck it. They also wrote their own lyrics. They were turned in Media Stars and they both were the first ever bands to be a hit in America no other bands were like them. They both had very good management which also helped them a great deal The Beatles had Epstein and the stones had Oldham both of whom were very good at their jobs and made stars out of both bands.Something that kept the Beatles and the stones in the charts was that they changed with the times, the sixties was all about that nothing stayed popular for very long but they changed as the time went to suit that months trend. The stones didnt change as much as the Beatles but from what they did I think they grew into it, I believe that the Beatles were managed into it but it made them a success, made them very rich and gave each one a chance at their own solo careers. They were legends, the two remaining Beatles now have been successful in their careers and even today the rolling stones are still pe rforming and realising album the most recent one being 40 licks, which was a complete success and which I know of people my own age that brought the C.D so if they get that kind response in 2003 you can save begin to imagine what it was like in sixties how it made their fans feel how much impact they had on everyone whether they enjoyed their music or not.

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Harlem by Langston Hughes Essay

Harlem has skillfully summed up the pathos and miseries of Afro-American life and its reason for socio-cultural strife in the American society and history in few lines. It contains the cardinal essential element of any great piece of literature i.e. brevity and comprehensiveness. Langston Hughes takes into account the social impact of deferred dream and provides a clear allusion that these deferred dreams went off in the form of social unrest and increased hatred between Black and White communities in the fifties and sixties. Langston skillfully uses the symbols of decadence to epitomize the putrefying society and consequently suddenly questions about the ultimate outcome.On a broader level, this poem also refers to American Dream that aimed at the attainment of material gains only. This social goal overleap the social equity and turned American society into a wasteland. So true dreams got deferred and exploded in the form of civil rights movement and social-political conflicts of 1960s.He uses strong imagery to emphasize the magnitude of decadence that deferred dreams bring with the passage of time. For example raisin denotes a darkened grape that remains constantly exposed to sun. So a deferred dreams feeds on the pathetic beams of social miseries and turns soar. Although on the surface level the net effect seems negative merely one must keep in judgment that raisin is savory too.So his revolutionary vision was based on a peaceful and progressive world. Langston weaved dreams not only for the common Afro-American folk but also for poets of future(a) generations. This dream-maker influenced the future poets to create work based in their own roots and values. So his dream deferred did not dry up wish a raisin in the sun or fester like a sore but it exploded in a positive by influencing his reader and future writers alike.

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Wk Reflection

Senators part of the hiring team for the class assignment. The hiring team conducted several converses to fill two management positions for their company Des Nett. Our team interviewed a several individuals such as a lesbian womanish, gay male, black male and white female. After the interviews were completed, three individuals were selected and called back for a second interview to offer employment. Our management team decided to hire the gay male (Dwight) as the day manager, the Asian (Be) as the night manager and the white female (Jan) as the Secretary/Receptionist.Jennets role was to provide feedback for the individuals. Although we did not have time to get that far in the process, the assignment was a great learning experience. sands played a gay male by the name of Dwight Hurley. She was interviewed for a management position for the company Des freak. Littoral feels the role play was a good learning assignment because it showed how individuals are often judged or stereotype d because of their outer appearance or life preference rather than looking into their reverse experiences, educational background, and their work ethic.I learned that when interviewing individuals for employment it is always good to find out the qualities they possess and how that would benefit the company. After discussing the class assignment with Team C, Shakier believes that the go steady provided the team with a perspective on what is involved in the hiring process. The employing team conducted interviews to fill two management positions for their company Des Nett. The team interviewed individuals who were lesbian, gay, African American, and Caucasian. This provided root members with the opportunity to become more culturally diverse.The team as able to get a better understanding of how to internIEEE people from different backgrounds and cultures. As well, each member was provided with insight on different roles associated with recruiting potential employees. During the week five workshop, students in attendance split into two teams, interviewers, and applicants. Sharron was a 65-year-old telecommunications executive whom interviewed for one and only(a) of the management positions. The interviews took place at These Nut LLC, a company that produces and manufactures huge selections of nuts.The interview team interviewed applicants of different nationalities, ages, and social choices. During the interviews several notes were made that could cost These Nut LLC thousands of dollars in legal fees. Most of the violations were employment violations such as preferred work schedules that was offered to some and not all applicants, asking derogatory and discriminatory questions such as are you married? Do you have childcare available for your children? The overall goal of this simulation was to make the teams aware of questions that should be avoided and questions that must be asked during a panel interview.

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Shrimp Cultivation

1. Shrimps refining has been make up to have an impact on the socio-economic and the environment through many studies conducted all over the dry institute. Studies in India showed runt cultivation to cost to the highest degree two times the annual earnings of those regions. Moreover the process of shrimp cultivation leads to contamination of voguish water which negatively impact healthy water and reduces the coastal lines which makes coastal regions more prone to hurri stomaches and tornadoes. 2.The shrimp industry benefits three to four million mostly poor Bangladeshis while providing livelihood directly tally some 11, 50,000 people. In 2007-2008, a total of 2, 23,095 Metric ton shrimp produced in Bangladesh that contributes 19,567. 90 totality taka in the GNP. There is ample demand in the international markets for shrimp and Bangladesh is blessed with an environment tender for shrimp production. So obviously, the shrimp industry has a huge potential for Bangladesh.Through various studies it were also found that shrimp industry did increase the income levels of the people and help them to enjoy a better standard of living. 3. Shrimps cultivation in also observed to have impacts of the social structure which leads to increased migration, social conflict and abjection of health. Moreover, it also ca put on impact on the bio-diversity, mangrove forest, soil and marine species, salinity, degradation of land and de-stabilization of coastal ecosystems. Bangladesh has been predominantly an agricultural based nation.Degradation of agricultural land will directly affect the food security system and livestock of many people. Moreover as Bangladesh is a riverine nation saline waters for shrimp ponds can seep to all the other river bodies and contaminate the waters. 4. Shrimp Industry usually have a limited life-span of about 10 years observed in Bangladesh, Thailand and India. Shrimp farms located in Sunderbands, Khulna, Bhola, Bagerhaat and Barisal also mat erialise such short life-span. 5. Bangladesh shrimp cultivators mostly us extensive to super-intensive shrimp farming techniques.These methods are really harsh and have serious crippling effects on the bio-diversity and the mangrove coastlines. Of about 35% of the worlds mangrove forests have been cleared due to this. 6. Unregulated shrimp farming and improper land zoning legislations have led to social uses such as land grabbing, improper land use and impairment for other fisheries cultivations. Shrimp cultivation have also seen uneven wealth distribution which finally lead to further societal disputes.

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Restaurant and Bar Essay

Work Plan Statement of trouble We are pitching an idea for an all you can eat all-inclusive Asian style cuisine. The restaurant will be located in Bellevue, Washington near Bellevue Square and within walking surpass of the Microsoft and Expedia towers. The restaurant will offer a variety of Asian cuisines such as sushi, dim sum, teriyaki, and different popular foods sought by young adults and small families. We are asking for $750,000 from venture capitalists to finance our project. inventory/Division of the work -May Bao Tu Find detailed discipline for project and needs in Bellevue 2-May Peter Calimlim authorship List benefits and features of products and services related to business 4-May Timofey Khval Research costs, other financial reading completed Linh Ninh institution Pick the important and related things to investors needs My Tran Research, develop grocery storeplace strategy 10-May Bao Tu Set the target market and find their tastes. Find competitors and research them Linh Ninh give away ideas for opening Peter Calimlim Execution/Evaluation Revise creation for 3-4 minute speech. Practice Individually 16-May separate conclave meeting to share research and other ideas 18-May My Tran educate ideas for closing Timofey Khval Compile information into tables, financial statements, graphs 23-May Bao Tu Finish research and preparation for launching 25-May Timofey Khval Analysis of information completed My Tran Completion of rough draft for opening and offering Linh Ninh Compete rough draft of trade strategy, closing ideas 27-May Group Finish research and individual portions. shock to develop presentation 1-Jun Group coming upon to rehearse presentation, make final revisions 4-Jun Group Meetings to continue rehearsal, work on visual aids (if necessary) 6-Jun Group Presentation date 1-May Bao Tu Find detailed information for project and needs in Bellevue 2-May Peter Calimlim written report List benefits and features of products and servic es related to business 4-May Timofey Khval Research costs, other financial information completed Linh Ninh physical composition Pick the important and related things to investors needs My Tran Research, develop market strategy 0-May Bao Tu Set the target market and find their tastes. Find competitors and research them Linh Ninh Develop ideas for opening Peter Calimlim Execution/Evaluation Revise presentation for 3-4 minute speech. Practice Individually 16-May Group Group meeting to share research and other ideas 18-May My Tran Develop ideas for closing Timofey Khval Compile information into tables, financial statements, graphs 23-May Bao Tu Finish research and preparation for presentation 25-May Timofey Khval Analysis of information completed My Tran Completion of rough draft for opening and offering Linh Ninh Compete rough draft of market strategy, closing ideas 27-May Group Finish research and individual portions. Meeting to develop presentation 1-Jun Group Meeting to rehe arse presentation, make final revisions 4-Jun Group Meetings to continue rehearsal, work on visual aids (if necessary) 6-Jun Group Presentation date

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Number theory

The take system concerns about sum ups i.e. whole numbers or rational numbers (fractions). subdue system is one of the oldest branches of pure mathematics and one of the largest. It is a branch of pure mathematics concerning with the properties and integers. Arithmetic is to a fault used to refer number theory. It is also called higher arithmetic. The earliest geometric use of Diophantine equations can be tracked back to the Sulba Sutras, which were written, between 8th and 6th centuries BC. There ar various number theories set forth as followsElementary Number theory Analytic Number theory Algebraic Number theory Geometric number theory Combinational number theory Computational number theory FUNCTIONSNumber theory is connected with higher arithmetic hence it is the study of properties of whole numbers. primals and prime factorization atomic number 18 important in number theory. The departs in number theory are divisor function, Riemann Zeta function and totient function. The functions are linked with Natural numbers, whole numbers, integers and rational numbers. The functions are also linked with ill-judged numbers. The study of irrational numbers may be done with Surd, Extraction of Square roots of natural numbers, Logarithms and Mensuration.At have Number Theory functions have 848 formulas, which are related with Prime Factorization Related functions and Other Functions.Prime Factorization Related FunctionsFactor integer n 70 FormulasDivision n 66 FormulasPrime n 83 FormulasPrimePi x 83 FormulasDivisor Sigma k,n 128 FormulasEuler Phi n 109 FormulasMoebius Mu n 79 FormulasJacobi Symbol n,m 101 FormulasCarmichasel Lambda n 63 FormulasDigit Count n, b 66 FormulasComputational number theory It is a study of effectiveness of algorithms for computation of number-theoretic quantities. It is also considers integer quantities (for example class number) whose general definition is non constructive, and real quantities (eg. The values of zeta functions) which must be computed with very high precision. Hence in this function overlaps both computer algebra and numerical analysis.Combinational Number Theory It involves the number-theoretic study of objects, which arise naturally from figuring or iteration. It is also study of many specific families of numbers like binomial coefficients, the Fibonacci numbers, Bernoulli numbers, factorials, perfect squares, breakdown numbers etc. which can be obtained by simple recurrence relations. The method is very escaped to state conjectures in this area, which can often be understood without any particular mathematical training.Integer factorization Given two large prime numbers, p and q, their product pq can easily be computed. However, given pq, the best known algorithms to recover p and q require time greater than any multinomial in the length of p and q.Discrete logarithm Let G be a conference in which computations are reasonably efficient. Then given g and n, computing gn is not too exp ensive. However, for several(prenominal) groups G, computing n given g and gn, called the discrete logarithm, is difficult. The commonly used groups areDiscrete logarithms modulo p Elliptic curve discrete logarithms REFERENCEhttp// Weil, Andre Number theory, An approach through history, Birkhauser Boston, Inc. Mass., 1984 ISBN-0-8176031410 Ore, Oystein, Number theory and its history, Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1988. 370 pp. ISBN 0-486-65620-9.

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Marks & Spencer SWOT and PEST Essay

tag and Spencer is the British multinational retail comp each that specializes on producing wearing and high-quality nutriment. Being the dominant force on the UK market attach and Spencer owns 600 stores in the home country and everyplace 225 stores worldwide. Bird (1986) claims Marks and Spencer to be the closely powerful image of Great Britain the companion currently macrocosm the most profit commensurate UK organization also is one of the most innovative in the world. Two briny features of the Marks and Spencer ar centralization and simplicity. The firm tends to use centralized organizational structure and tries to keep everything unproblematic avoiding the complexity in any aspect of systematic applications (Howells, 1981).StrengthsMarks and Spencer has been known for its highest standards of fair-trading, which include acquiring weapons-grade contacts with current suppliers, producing and proposing high-quality food, being friendly to the staff and having a flexible e xchange policy for existing customers (Grayson, 2011). Having a stable and positive reputation is inevitable for the long worldwide brands. The company being initially save focused on producing garments lately diversified its market to the other sectors, such(prenominal) as food, electronics and furniture (Hamil, Crosbie, 1990). variegation guaranteed bigger derive of customers for the company and expanded its growth. The company tends to locate its stores in the high streets which leads to obtaining large amount of customers every day and therefore larger profit. (Bird, Witherwick, 1986). Furthermore, Marks and Spencer does not rent the premises, it owns stores eliminating the possible rental cost. Marks and Spencer is an international retailer which owns more than thousand shops approximately in forty countries, c everyplaceing market of such a big size is beneficial for the companys income (Salmon, Tordjman, 1989). According to Doyle (1982), Marks and Spencer is the Britains s trongest and most successful brand that makes company well known around the world and differentiates it from competitors making it unique.WeaknessesMarks and Spencer payable to diversification and operating in more than one market (garments, food, furniture) is not concentrated on any specific segment, unlike its main competitors such as Tesco and Sainsburys whichretail only food (Lewis, Thomas, 1990). The deficiency of the focus and concentration may lead to the reduced innovations and scarcity of the expertise in one particular market area. When Marks and Spencer tried to expand their market adding the clothing line for younger people, it experienced outlet and failure, as it wasnt able to follow latest fashion trends to satisfy younger audience and unbroken a reputation of the retailing brand mainly for elder women (Fletcher, 2007). According to Alon (2000), Marks and Spencer experienced want of inventory control which led to the underperforming other major British companie s by 25% in 1998. The come price comparison made by Telegraph in 2008 has shown that the prices on the Marks and Spencers food exceed those in Asda by 3.6%. The company is considered high-priced and looses large amount of customers from middle and lower class, who choose daily shopping in other big retail chains like Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco, where prices are much cheaper and more reasonable (Avery, 2011).Political factorsEach company which desires to increase its profit should develop inwardly the governmental policies. Marks and Spencer is not an exception, as the company believes that engagement with the government is beneficial for the organizations income. According to Marks and Spencers official website, company tends to communicate with the political audiences either directly or through the trade memberships. afterward the green governmental policy in 2008, Marks and Spencer introduced the 5p charge for the bendable bags across its stores (Vaughan, 2011). Marks and Spe ncer is located in the UK, which has stable political background and tax policies (McGrattan, 2005). However, in 2005 the company experienced losings in the EU area and appealed to the court for the opportunity to deduct international losses from its UK tax bill (European Commission Legal Services, 2005). After European Court of Justice announced that Marks and Spencer and other UK companies induct the right to counterpoise British tax bill, Marks and Spencer has won this case receiving 30 million tax relief (BBC, 2005).Economic factorsThe majority of international companies are considering the USA a consummate area of franchising due to the big population and large size of the market. Marks and Spencer was among the original British retailers who consideredexpanding its strain to the North America (Alexander, 1995). However, the September 11 attacks have caused scotch crisis and change in the purchasing way of Ameri rat citizens which led to the extreme losses experienced by Marks and Spencer throughout the following family imposing the company to close the non-core branch in North America (BBC, 2002). Due to the financial crisis victorious place in 2007-2008 (Barrel, 2008) and later severe crisis in Eurozone, the sales of Marks and Spencer has significantly decreased, as the salaries of the lower-middle-class didnt math the high-priced food and garments offered by the retailer (Rayner, 2008).Social factorsAccording to Marks and Spencers official website, company is focused on applying ethical trading, producing nontoxic food and employing responsible use of an energy, as the company believes that adapting CSR is vital for the development of business. Company is especially focused on the animal welfare, being the first UK retailer to sell only free-range eggs in its stores (Jones, 2005) and a want with several other British retailers promotes food without additives (Jones, 2007). However, several years ago Marks and Spencer was accused in using the c hild lug in Morocco which might have damaged the companys reputation (Frankental, 2001). According to Moore (1995) and Campbell (2010) Marks and Spencer over the past years has increased the amount of advertisement using different types of commercials. Nevertheless, the company was not been able to satisfy customers needs, while producing their clothing line for young people which led to the losses of profit (Jobber, 1999). scientific factorsAccording to Butler (2013), Marks and Spencer is the only big British food retailer that does not have an online shopping service, while other companies like Sainsburys and Morrison are making millions of pounds through the web. The company for the long time is using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that helped to achieve more efficient supply chain system. After the success with Marks and Spencer other British supermarkets implemented this technology in nightclub to reduce costs and improve customer service (Jones, 2005). In 2 012 Marks and Spencer announcedthe new marketing plan that include the wi-fi connection throughout its stores, planning that the customers would be able to see the full stock of products on their devises which would simplify searching for the preferable item (Raddick, 2012).ConclusionMarks and Spencer is the powerful international retailer that can maximize its future profit taking into consideration further opportunities and threats of substitutes. Marks and Spencer should consider adding online shopping for its food products, as the other British food retailers like Tesco and Sainsburys already have this feature that gives a big percentage of companies income. Another way for developing company may be expanding to the Asian market which can guarantee huge profit due to the big size of population. One of the main threats caused by economic crisis both in USA and European Union is the loss of bargaining power of customers. People palpate it hard to afford the high prices offered by Marks and Spencer and therefore try to search for a cheaper alternative. retail merchant in future should adapt to the social changes when producing their clothing line for younger people in order to satisfy this audience.

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Presentation and Store Design Category

About Sephora Sephora is the atomic number 82 chain of perfume and decorative stores in France and the second in Europe. There argon over 1,600 Sephora stores in 27 countries, and over 340 of those deal opened in North America since the first US store opened in 1998 in New York. Sephora is the originator of the open-sell prestige cosmetics model, which affords clients the ability to test and access any harvesting in the assortment. crossways the categories of Makeup, Fragrance and Skincare, defacements are presented within a unified Sephora-driven launching format to enable cross shopping, and clients are encouraged to touch and test all point of intersections. That point of differentiation is an essential part of our retail propose and score essence, and has proven effective in enabling clients to explore the complete array of brand gos by category. In complement to this interactive and unified presentation of each brand in Sephoras product mix, clients are guided through each worlds products with anchor presentations.These presentations highlight trends, explain how to comply products to customize a makeup look or skincare regimen, and bridge into potential service consultations or class registrations with our cast of experts. While much success has come from the breadth of products offered to clients, we have also observed that the candy-store effect can be overwhelming. Clients love the access and choice, but frequently crave guidance to hone their selections. So balancing bounty with points of access is key to navigating our stores and assortments.Sephora aims to serve as a beauty editor, offering a vast array of products, but providing a curated point of view that helps each client take away into the selection best suited for her. THE STORE DESIGN CHALLENGE Sephora has a strong market heading in Makeup, Skincare and Fragrance, but is most known in North America for its Color (the congenital term for the Makeup category) shopping know. Th is model defines the brand and the remainder of the stores format.The unbridled product access, the ability to trial any product in the store, and the sense of fun and interaction remain touristed and engaging for our clients. But Sephora is interested in exploring how its Color experience might evolve to better kick upstairs trends, more deeply engage clients in meaningful product exploration, and offer a less atmospherics timber from one clients visit to her next. This challenge is to rethink the stores convening for Color, preserving the defining and differentiating aspects of the opensell cosmetics model, but updating its look, feel and client experience.Students are to identify what they think is essential from the topical in-store model, articulate the opportunities for evolution storeyd on the added advantage created in the clients shopping experience and engagement with the brand, and then propose a holistic concept presenting the evolution of the total Makeup depart ment. The updated look, feel and client experience should allow implementation across the range of existing stores. Store sizes general range from 3,800 to 6,000 substantive feet on average, with Color comprising approximately half the store.Entries should include a suite of marrow fixtures and features, complemented by interchangeable elements, with the demonstrable ability to reconfigure into a variety of spatial conditions. The fixturing suite should be unified in language, but whitethorn articulate through a range of elements and presentation methods. Modularity is essential, as is solving for the challenges of presenting small-scaled products in an organized and inviting way. The See-Try-Buy model at the heart of the Sephora store concept must(prenominal) be inherent in all presentation solutions.Sephora will supply the approved corporate logo, as well as its brand mark and red Pantone match, The Flame. The Sephora name is derived from the fusion of the Greek god Sappho wit h the biblical figure Zipporah, and the Flame is the prototype of her enduring spirit. Along with the word mark and Flame, Sephoras dingy and white stripes are a globally iconic branding element, used with purpose as part of the storefront architecture. Derivations and references to these brand codes may be considered in the bearing of the fixturing programs, but should be treated with a level of sophistication.Sephora stores are black and white, with judicial use of red accents. Color may be introduced through graphics or optic merchandising, but all store fixture elements must adhere to this branded color palette. Complementary metal finishes are permitted, as are variations in the materiality and proportional relationship of the brand colors. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The certain fixture program is composed of two core fixtures. A linear the stores root wall unit and a gondola the makeup categorys base floor unit. Sephora creates these base modules, and then ndividual brand s work with Sephora to customize the tray components to each seasons assortments and stories.These trays are updatable and interchangeable to any mark within the linear and gondola system this function must be preserved in the design concept. Limitations of the current fixture program include a lack of flexibility to create more alter spatial configurations and presentations, a static graphic communication system, and an overall feeling of being fixture-heavy and cumbersome. Fixtures should focus more on the product and storytelling. Objectives within each of the brands feature presentations include focus and stick of current trends and the latest product innovations clear secondary presentations of core product groupings much(prenominal) as c bring in of attention shadows, foundations, and lip products a forward presentation of each product available for the client to test, backed by packaged and accessible selling stock and additional back-stock storage in each unit. The new ly proposed core fixture solution needs to provide for a base system that preserves an underlying fashion model to each brands presentation while evolving how the brands can express their trend and product stories. The overall department is punctuated by highlight areas. Here Sephora presents a curated assortment of the best of a product segment, such as mascaras, or highlights a larger trend, such as nail art. heading proposals are to regard how trend and highlight areas function and are integrated into the brand library of the overall department. These areas should be conciliative for frequent updating, encourage play and trial as well as shopping and learning, and be knowing to enable varied configurations over time. The total store is anchored by the Beauty Studio, the destination for clients to receive cast-assisted consultations.Design proposals should thoughtfully integrate the experience of experimentation and trial throughout the revamped Color experience. Clients sho uld always feel undefendable to looks, trends and product innovations, with the ability to try the products individually, in groups or with cast assistance. Sephoras virtual presence has grown. It is the leading online beauty retailer, with a loyal following across all forms of social media. The virtual experience with the brand affects the in-store shopping experience, so assimilators should consider digital integration across the Color experience. The area should range from 1,600 to 2,500 square feet, comprising a mixture of wall and floor fixtures. PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS AND FORMAT Each debut should be submitted in an 8-1/2 x 14 bound booklet, not to exceed 12 pages. The design may be hand-drawn, rendered, photographic, and/or computer-generated. Students also must submit a copy of their design in PDF format entry on a CD. A PDF version of the booklet is also required. The submission should address the general requirements above at a scale and composition determined b y the student.A written concept teaching limited to two paragraphs must highlight the unique fixture design, the rationale for design decisions, material selections, and the demographic for whom the design was made. GENERAL INFORMATION AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTS This competition is open to undergraduate college students only. Students may only enter ONE category either the visual merchandising category or the store design category. The students name and school name is not to be visible anywhere on the presentation pages or cover. Each entry must include a printed entry form and disclaimer snip off to the back of the entry. Each entrant must complete and submit an online copy of the entry form as well. Students must also submit a copy of their entry on a CD or DVD in a PDF format with the entry. Please make sure to label the CD or DVD. Students are advised to keep a copy of their entries, as entries will not be returned. Entries must be received by 500 p. m. Pacific time on Tuesd ay, Oct. 29, 2013. Sephora PAVE Entries Attn Paul Loux & Hillary capital of the United States 525 Market Street, 32nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

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The use of social media by criminal gangs Research Paper

The use of hearty media by criminal gangs - Research Paper ExampleThe very basic, often considered as the pi wizer, a textual matter only social networking system was Six Degrees (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). Success of this free site did not go neglected and soon other enthusiastic companies came into play. MySpace was launched after this. In addition to the profile creation and connecting with different users of choice, myspace allowed users to variety show the layout of their profile as a direct reflection of their personality. Sharing and listening music was also added later. Myspace was one of the most popular websites ever launched though it has several problems like openness of profile to everyone in the network. The tranquillity of finding other people in the network had influenced the stalker to harass the victims without minimal effort. Myspaces problems pushed many users to visit a trendier and privacy concerned website, named Facebook. At the starting of the business, face book was targeted to the young audience, but it is focused to a broader segment of users. Facebook tried to share more information about the people from their profile and they have changed their protection settings numerous times. Continuous distraction of users by new messages, or any intimation has become an get at factor. These drawbacks have shifted the sites once loyal users to a different social networking environment. Twitter is the latest addition to this trend. Launched in 2006, twitter soon became successful because of their distraction free method of connecting with different users in the network just by posting the message. It is now integrated to many platforms, including mobile phones and different in operation(p) systems. Twitter is an instant success and the success of twitter inspired Google to launch their social networking website named Google+. The Company has registered more than 90 million users (Barnett, 2012) in a span of a few months and its contact man agement

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VACCINES Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

VACCINES - Assignment ExampleFlanders (2000), states the two examples of childs deaths which are connected with inoculation and non-vaccination. According to her article, one of the girls died of Hepatitis B, which kills about 5,000 thousand people in the US each year, and the other died afterwards being vaccinated against polio. At the same time, according to the Allens article, the compensation program provides financial assistance to families to feel for for children injured by vaccines and helps those families who have lost a child to a severe side effect. notwithstanding it should be remembered, that the mentioned system is designed as non-fault, which means that it is no need in defining whether vaccine has been defective or the doctor didnt have enough medical skills to prevent side effects. In sheath no other specific medical reasons for childs death are found, it is supposed that the vaccine has caused it. But it should as well be remembered, that if the injury or cause of death is not one of a list of know vaccine side effects, the families must provide proof that the ailment was caused by the vaccine. (OMeara, 2013).There often appears a question, which makes the positive effect of vaccination less, for the account of possible positive influence of hygiene and sanitation on the significant decrease of most infections. But at the same time, it is stated, that vaccines have had the direct impact on the actual incidence of infections in the last century. There is a possibility for the child to catch the ailment from the vaccine itself, as it is usually presented in the form of live viruses, which stimulate the childs immune system. But this is seeming only in case the childs immune system is severely damaged, which may happen when the child has got back up or HIV, or was getting a cancer treatment (radiation), or have got the transplant and therefrom was taking anti-rejection drugs. In any other cases

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Personal Management Framework Paper (Evolution of Management Class Essay

Personal Management Framework Paper (Evolution of Management Class - Essay ExampleDrucker (1999) informs that Karl Marx and many other theorists introduced theories to describe and give final opinion on the concept of two types of workers, however, they were not roaring because they lacked pragmatic experience. With the passage of time, conceptual theorizing was there along with pragmatic knowledge of the working scenarios. According to Drucker (1999), the groundbreaker of the concept of efficiency or productivity of the workers in relation to practical knowledge was Fredrick Winslow Taylor. After his exposition of the concept, the attention of theorists diverted to the efficiency of workers in relation to the augmentation of financial system. It was due to the innovative concept of Fredrick Winslow Taylor that the Taylors Scientific Management Theory came into existence and its name is indicative of Taylors contribution. Along with Taylor, other theorists similar Maslow, Gilbert and many others also worked towards forming a final opinion about the concept of productivity of workers. It is because of the express theories that nowa sidereal days, these approaches argon employ in actual work environments to increase the efficiency of the workers. This paper discusses my personal textile and addresses the assumptions, value, beliefs, and any relevant practices. In addition, it integrates relevant concern theories and theorists that are seminal to the foundation of my framework and includes the parting of the manager, worker, and organization in my framework. Present Management Assumptions, Values and Practices The change in the organizational structure by the passage of time is becoming more difficult and gigantic. Time has caused this change and now the real centre of the productivity in sense of workers is realized globally. Theorists and researchers proposed many theories related about increasing the productivity of workers and by workers, but in toda ys environment none of these theories can be purely applied to the organizational structure. The reason behind the imperfection of these theories of management presently is that these theories evolved when the industry was growing and many theorists presented these at the early stages of the growing industries. Some of the theories are applied today by the management. At that time these theories of management were thought likely to be correct to increase the workers productivity at a maximum level. At time of this evolution industries were spreading at a greater pace all around the world. In older days, when industry was growing management was not particular about the workers productivity in the sense that the workers are considered as machines and they are not mentally and physically soothed instead altogether basic need are fulfilled by the management. But now a day workers are not considered as machines and the management has to worry about the other needs of the workers too. No w a day workers have some other luxuries and their basics in term of needs. Taylor opinions about the organizational structure in terms of its workers and suggests about the basic trait of workers in an organization that numerous workers are not know of their work and still many organizational

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Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

involution - Essay ExampleConfidence is one of the key principles that guide my impinge handling approach. I of all time try my best to exude high level of confidence in dealing with conflicting issues. The major step towards having confidence is to evaluate the situation at hand, approach it with calmness and composure and have an broad-minded approach (Kellett, 2007). While handling a conflict, I always fight the negative overtones to ensure that I do not appear fearful or panicky, while getting ready to compromise in the reddent it is necessary to do so that to achieve the conflict resolution. Therefore, one of the main strengths in handling conflicts is trying to control emotions and display confidence, which serves to show the early(a) party that one is able to resolve the issues at hand, otherwise one may send out a message of weakness in a conflict situation (Dana, 2001). other of my strength that works well in handling conflicts is open-mindedness, which allows me to approach a conflicting situation awargon that in that respect argon different ways of bring the conflict to a resolution, and thus prepare for any of the ways. open-mindedness is a crucial approach towards resolving a conflict, since it opens various avenues by dint of which individuals can handle the conflict, as opposed to rigidity, which makes individuals to approach a situation with only one expectation, an reflexion that makes conflict resolution even harder, and may even accelerate the conflict, since rigid individuals do not advance any chance of compromise and negotiation (Lansford, 2008). Another of my strength in conflict resolution is the occurrence that I am considerate. This is an important character in conflict resolution, since it allows me to put into consideration all the issues that the other parties to the conflict are raising, and effectively go into up with an agreement that is favorable to all the parties. Nevertheless, there are several subjects that I need to enhance, to become well equipped for conflict handling. One such area is tolerance. I have very little tolerance for arrogance, something that can make me controvert without sufficient consideration. This ends-up creating even more problems. Therefore, tolerance to arrogance is one of the areas that I require to enhance, so that I can react calmly to people who are arrogant, since calmness and tolerance are major milestones towards conflict resolution (Tidwell, 2001). Another area that I need to enhance is patience. Whenever a conflict arises, I have the tendency of seeking for an instant solution, other than giving the whole situation time, and reverting to address it later. This has always made conflict resolution an onerous task for me, since being haste means that the people involved in a conflict will handle it out of their emotional imbalance, thus may not easily come to an amicable solution. While individuals take time to cool off and then handle a conflict, there ar e higher chances of getting to an agreement, since both parties are calm, sober and willing to listen, as opposed to where individuals are handling conflict with feelings of anger, resentment and emotional instability (Wandberg, 2001). There is a great need of taking personal responsibility for ones feelings (Kellett, 2007). This is because, taking responsibility means that an individual is in a good fleck to control their feelings, while also reasoning and considering other parties points of view (Lansford, 2008). This makes it easy to reach an agreement and

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The causes and impact of unemployment in the United Kingdom Coursework

The causes and impact of unemployment in the United realm - Coursework ExampleFor these reason further insights into how society deals with unemployment is necessary. Stratification is a principal aspect of the evolution of a societys friendly identity, when this is compounded with unemployment, alienation and dysfunction becomes a consequence.Until the late 1980s the unemployment rate in England remained embarrassed (about 5%). However, by late 1990 the unemployment rate began to gain and by the end of 1992 had climbed to 15%, reaching a peak in early 1994 of 19%. (Statistics England 1994) Unemployment also grew in other European countries, although not as rapidly as in England. In 1994, the average European Union unemployment rate was 12%. long-term joblessness has become more common in England and redundancy now also affects the white-collar occupations. (Statistics England 1994) Research into the manageable health make of unemployment is thus more timely than ever.Previous studies of individuals hold up shown that deathrate rates be higher in the unemployed than the employed persons. (Moser 1984 Bethune 1996) The causal effect of unemployment and pick bias have been suggested as two possible mechanisms to explain this finding. (Valkonen 1995)Becoming jobless and long-term unemployment may have adverse effect... An increase in tobacco, alcohol, and drug use may also be indicative of attempts to cope with this stress. Other outcomes of unemployment such as loss of income, material deprivation, loss of networks, and social stigma may have independent effects on health and mortality but may also increase the stress experienced by the unemployed. Selection bias is encountered when unemployed people or those who have difficulty in becoming re-employed have pre-existing ill-health. Selection bias may also be due to socio-economic factors such as social class and housing tenure lifestyle dangers like tobacco and alcohol consumption and poor feed or per sonal characteristics such as increased age, sex, physical weakness, and psychological dysfunction that increase the risk of premature mortality. Although the direct selection of people with pre-existing ill-health may not be of paramount importance, (Martikainen 1990 Morris 1994) escape of data about personal characteristics and lifestyle make it difficult to control for all possible selection factors. Aggregate-level studies that use regional populations or occupational groups as their units of analysis, have generally not shown a congener between changes in unemployment and mortality rates. (Valkonen 1995 Martikainen 1955) These results suggest that selection may account for a large constituent of the excess mortality of unemployed persons. The aim of this study was to estimate the strength of the association between unemployment, re-employment, and mortality during rapidly increasing unemployment in England. The results for the total British population of men and women are pr esented. As in previous individual-level studies, we sought to reduce the possible effects of selection by

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Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and the Risks they Face in an Essay

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and the Risks they Face in an International Environment - Essay manikinIn proportion to other trends of globalization, small and medium sized Enterprises be increasingly occupied in global backinges. Foreign investments by small and medium scale enterprises have also increased (Feyter 2011). SMEs draw for a major share of exports and imports and go up to international network of production. Small organizations have in truth little, if any, influence over the forces of external environment, and this can be attributed to the limited resource of the small firm (Sha n.d). As SMEs try to internationalize, they frequently come across extensive hurdles. These hurdles are complex, and they can be from the larger, external, business environment of SMEs including barriers of trade policy or from the internal environment of firms. Currency fluctuations are the top business organisation for 49% of UK SMEs (International Trade Confidence Concerns and Risk for UK Smes). The various risks that small businesses face when they engage in the international trade include credit risk, involvement grade risk, country risk, and currency issue. Credit Risk- SMEs regularly croak that their competitiveness and growth are restricted by lack of access to the financing and high address of credit. The high cost of credit remains a major constraint in the development of SMEs, although there is proof that SMEs are more concerned about the access to credit than the cost of credit. Interest rate risk arises when the business depends more on borrowed funds, or revenue generated from savings. Fluctuations in interests rates affect the come in profit of the business through reduction in income from the interest or by increases in the interest expenses. Country Risk The country risks in foreign exchange traffic are connected with the treatment of government in foreign exchange market. Currency Issue- Most of the international trade is carried out in dollars. This has paved authority to considerable exchange risks of currency. While taking SMEs in UK as an example, thirty cardinal percent of SMEs business leaders of UK who carry out international business quote currency fluctuations (Latest foodstuff Research Surveys 2009) as their overruling concern. In spite of fluctuations in currency being their key concern, an astonishing fifty dollar bill six per cent of SME leaders admit that they do not control their financial risk. UK SMEs on trading internationally, consider problems of currency fluctuations, legislation, problems in payment, pricing, language barrier, time limitations, and cultural differences. Aims and Objectives 1. To identify the risks faced by SMEs by way of international trading 2. To provide solutions to lessen the risks aroused from international trade Methodology The entropy for this business report is gathered from secondary sources like journals and articles published, and from different texts. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem (Research Methodology An Introduction 1978). Primary sources are not used, as selective information collection from the SMEs of different countries as a whole is not possible. Secondary sources include data that are collected and gathered for a further purpose. The secondary sources include not only reports and records that are published, but also unpublished records, including different registers and records kept by organizations and firms like

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What do you understand by the term epistemology How can different Essay

What do you understand by the term epistemology How merchantman different epistemic understandings influence choice of seek method - Essay ExampleEpistemology seeks to explore or evaluate how association is acquired, how much knowledge is understood, and knowledge is constructed within the realms of kind-hearted mind. Epistemology tries to explain the relationship between depth of human understanding about a particular subject and the reliability of that understanding. It seeks to answer the question how what is known can be measured.Research aims at analyzing objects of nature in order to come up with a stabilizing conclusion. The queryer is thus at the discretion of using personal beliefs, understanding, and justification to influence the outcome of the research findings. A report by University of Oulu claims that the researcher is in a position to influence directly exactly the epistemological basis of the research, not the evaluators bias, but of course clear criteria stat ed by the researcher makes it more valid for the reader to evaluate the trustworthiness of the research (University of Oulu, 2003, p. 1). Seale echoes the same sentiments it is true that received epistemological and theoretical positions have influenced the character of both quantitative and qualitative research (Seale, 2004 p. 506).Truthfulness of research is very important especially in the field of public health. For instance, I intend to use numerical analysis for my dissertation that aims at investigating publics awareness of thalassemia syndromes in Jordans metropolis Amman. The study give collect information in form of questionnaires. Certainly, the questionnaires will be a manifestation of my epistemological foundation. The questions will be formulated based on understanding of the topic. Although a lot of hold on literature review will be done, interpretation of the literature work will appear on two main factors. First, it will depend on the line of thought of auth ors of the literature that I will review. Secondly, it will depend on my own interpretation of the literature work, which in turn will depend on personal