Monday, April 8, 2013

Establishing a therapeutic relationship: A structured reflection

Establishing a Therapeutic Relationship: A Structured Reflection

A businesslike and goal-directed therapeutic kindred between a obtain and client is grounded in an interpersonal process that strives for advancing the top hat interests and outcomes for the client (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, 2002). Building a trusting relationship is based on being with, and not doing to, the client in the most caring way possible. Communicating with care is a holistic approach requiring the recognition of the client as a person and not a mere body requiring nursing interventions (Balzer Riley, 2008, p.12). This reflection will examine the relational abilities in establishing a therapeutic relationship inwardly a pre-taped clinical scenario. through with(predicate) structured reflection, the nurses image of nursing as portrayed within her therapeutic relational behaviors will be discussed as wholesome as the meaning for both parties involved.

In the film scenario a young adult male is sitting on an examination table awaiting the arrival of Dr. metalworker. The presented scenario demonstrated a miss of professionalism and caring attitudes from the attending female nurse. Without knocking on the door, her first appearance was intrusive, unannounced and careless as the door slammed against the wall. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Without introducing herself, the client express immediate concern stating, I came here to see Dr. Smith and her response was, yeah, yeah hes coming. With the door open and no preaching or eye contact, she immediately instructed the male client to work his shirt off for a blood pressure check. She explained she was pickings his blood pressure and the client continued to ask disposed(p) questions such as, Do you know if Ill have to go in the hospital? I need at least a doctors note and she parroted yeah, yeah. She overinflated the ill-fitting cuff until it blew off and she stated ugh, the cuffs not kinda big enough...

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