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Vietnam war study notes

I.Origins.Vietnam began as a ? bantam war? ? in the puzzle of all the other teeny-weeny wars since the 1880s, US military forces industrious another nation at the discretion of the President ? though this time on behalf of French colonists (rather than US corporate interests) withal steadily under the ill-conceived notion, the Domino Theory. b.After WWII, US restores Vietnam to France as colonyi.Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese effort for emancipation from France1.Ho Chi Minh writes to Truman postulate for help as he was inspired by US myth of revolution laterward WWIIa.Ho trained as French colonial soldier and evanesce the resistance to Japanese problem during WWIIb.At the end of WWII, as an friend of the US ? Ho signalize Vietnam independent 9/2/1945 ? his speech apply much(prenominal) familiar phrases asi.?all men argon created equal, they are endow by their creator with certain unassignable right hands. Among these are flavor license and the pursuit of happiness.?c.Capitalism did not pull in to Ho or Vietnamese culture and, logically, it is not at odds with American theories of freedom. 2.The French had no intention of let Vietnam go and, as with the Dutch, France dod US charge to caudex its reassertion of control. a.1947 US compensable for French military note of Vietnami.French control of glory = Truman bestow of form provide from 1950 and by 1954, US maintenance = 3 billion. US paid 80% of French costs. Airpower has moderate use against guerilla army. b.Facing France and seeing that the US backed France, the Viet Minh had no cream but to seek aid from the only power in the terra firma viewed as possibly standing(a) up to the US. Until their falling out, Viet Minh bridled at commands from Beijing and the Soviet married couple TO non antagonize the US. 3.1954 France spanked by Vietnamese at clash of Dien Bien Phu ? freshman time west defeated by southern-Eastern communistic landed estatea.military blockade lasted 55 daysb.More volunteers in last days of siege than planes to conduct them in. Absurd ? it was self-destruction and French had wooly-minded. French triggerman commander commits suicide. French lost 1500 dead, 1000s wounded, 10,000 captured. (Cronkite)c.Dulles gave a prophetic proclamation ? pays aid to moderateer that US may honor them by sustentation up to their spirit of defensive measure to pit ?serious commitments and skilful of life interests? ie domino theory. One falls, all falls. Ike dumb it, McNamara did too. (Cronkite)4. atomic number 7 Vietnam is emancipate by independence movement led by Ho Chi Minh after 7-year strugglea.French lost 44,967 dead and 79,560 woundedb.John nurse Dulles, secretary of State, 1953-1958 (died in 1958)i.Born into privilege, separate from populaceii.His interests were those of his clients ? the most powerful corporations of the timeiii.A lawyer ? he viewed the world in adversarial groundiv.Admirer of Hitler, especially for Hitler?s views of a world dominated by Aryans1.He was 1 of many American lawyers who helped US firms do commercial enterprise with Germany or helped German firms act to do business disrespect sanctions on Germany ? then helped them exclude quest after the war. 2.After the contend he hated socialism because of Lenin?s writings (then Stalin?s) on world domination by the proletariatc.Consummate nippy warrior (Anti-Communist)i.Hated communism irrationally because it ran counter to his clients? interests ? this was trans realizeed into, any atomic number 53 who defied his clients was a communist and US must defeat anyone who is a communist. ii. olibanum, independent nationalists were communists. iii.Thus ok to back British against Iran?s secular democracy ? grownup blowback 25 age later. iv.Overthrow democratic government in Guatemala (seeing that the US was not liberation to help democrats or nationalists ? Castro sided with Che and consider militant revolution, then sought-after(a) trade protection from the Soviet Union)d.Deeply Christian: viewed world in theological stipulations: good vs. atrocious; among the first Anti-communists who simply, and deeply believed, that what the US did was right and good ? ultimately. Therefore, what anyone else did was unskilled and evil. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Thus many decisions made by the US in the raw War were based on intuition, rather than presbyopic term strategy ? a cock-a-hoop reason why frigidity War lasted so considerable (see Derek Leebaert?s The Fifty-Year Wound)i.For example. He counseled Eisenhower to not even meet Soviet leaders and deter correspondents from waiver to Chinaii.The difficulty of learning slimly communists and life in the Soviet Union was difficult out-of-pocket to the isolationism of the Soviets but in ii ways hard when Americans take?t want to get it on about their ?enemy?ii.1954 geneva Agreements1.Vietnam?s integrity was recognize ? country partitioned N and S. 2.Elections were to be held as part of a conglutination process in 1956. US and South Vietnamese conspired to endue off these elections indefinitely3.North would not stand this. Soviets, knowing they were weaker, consistently sought to appease the US. Eventually, North tired of Soviet appeasement and with Chinese backing responded to US provocation. 4.The US put nongovernmental organization Dinh Diem in control of South Vietnam since he would do their bidding. He was to a greater consummation French Catholic than Vietnamese but this was only one problem. Diem and his cohorts ruled Vietnam, or seek to, as their personal plantation. without delay the South Vietnamese were in revolt ? they abetted and joined the Viet Minh as the National Liberation see (NLF) ? aka Viet Cong. 5.During Kennedy?s administration US troops in Vietnam move from 865 to 16,500. a.US aid to S. Vietnam was in the socio-economic class of VERY BIG GUNS, which say to Diem he was fighting a conventional war, not counterinsurgency. right Diem used the army to defend himself against a coup, allowing US air power to fight the OTHER. only US airpower only antagonized anyone who had been unbiassed in the countryside. work cited:Zinn, Howard, A people history of the unite States If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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