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1. Some zinc sulphate watch glasss were heated to constant mickle with the following result crowd unitedly of melting pot=20.00g quid of crucible& antiophthalmic factorere; crystal=25.74gm bargain of crucible& residure=23.22gm get X in a formula ZnSO4XH2O from the data presumptuousness above Solution stool of a crystal= cud of crucible& crystal-Mass of acrusible = 25.74gm-20.00gm =5.74gm The down of ZnSO4XH2O =5.74gm Mass of residure=Mass of crucible& residure-Massof crusible =23.22gm-20.00gm 20.00gm Mass of residure=3.22gm demand the response below ZnSO4XH2O ZnSO4 + XH2O let the molar weed of ZnSO4XH2O to be Y Y of ZnSO4XH2O = 161gmol-1 But the mass of ZnSO4 = 3.22 NowY of ZnSO4XH2O =161gmol-1 of ZnSO4 =3.22gm Y= 287gmol-1 ZnSO4XH2O = 287gmol-1 Zn + S + O4 +X H2O = 287gmol-1 = (65+32+64+18X)gmol-1 Qn.1 18Xgmol-1 = (287- 161)gmol-1 X = 7 The get of water molecule is 7 Qn.2 What muckle of Oxygen botch up at s.t.p will be obtained by decomposition of 4.32g of Mercury(II)oxide(H O) by heat Solution Data given:Mass of Mercury(II)oxide=4.32gm Volume of Oxygen(O2)=? date the response below Hgos 2Hg + O2g 2moles of HgO produces 1mole of O2g 1mole of any gas at s.t.p = 22. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
4dm3 Molar mass of HgO =201gmol-1 +16gmol-1 =217gmol-1 2(217gmol-1)of HgO = 22.4dm3 4.32gm of HgO = ? = 0.22229774dm3 or 222.96774cm3 The volume of oxygen at s.t.p is 222.96774cm3 or 0.22296774dm3 Qn.3 What volume in cm3 of Hydrogen at s.t.p would be required to hydrogenate 6.5gm of acetylene to Ethene? (H=1.0,C=12.0& vapourous molar volume at s.t.p =22.4) solution data given Mass of alkyne = 6.5gm Volume of ethane = ? call for the reaction below CHCH + H2 CH2CH2 26gmol-1 of CHCH = 22400cm3mol-1 of H2g 6.5gm of CHCH = ? =...If you need to get a becoming essay, order it on our website:

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