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Compare/contrast Walter From `raisin` With Sonny`s Blues.`

Name of StudentProfessor /InstructorCourse /Subject18 July 2007A Comparison of the Characters Walter from Hanberry s A Raisin in the Sun andThe vote counter of Baldwin s sonny boy s discolorIn Lorraine Hanberry s literary work entitled `A Raisin in the Sun there is a slip named Walter who acted the role of both(prenominal) a protagonist and antagonist dreamer . He is a 35-year-old chauffeur , and has this passion of becoming rich in loot that was sometime in the 1950s . To push backher with Willy Harris (the wiz who persuaded Walter into coal scuttle up a liquor salt away , Walter Lee younger wanted to use the 10 ,000 damages of his father , as he tries to find a dissolute way of solution the financial and social problems of the black junior familyIn James Baldwin s literary work entitled `Sonny s Blues , however , t he cashier of the short business relationship acts as Sonny s rationalistic schoolteacher brother who lived a demeanor that is very different from Sonny s . Despite being both an African-American citizens of U .S .A . seat in the 1950s their views and characters nail very opposite ranks , since the vote counter appears to be a teacher of algebra , while Sonny is a jazz pianist who has become addicted to drugs and the dark corners of Harlem . The teller has not see Sonny s way of keep because his life is one that is of the nerve class , but he manages to translate his brother in the give the sackConsidering both Walter Lee Younger and the cashier or brother of Sonny , there are more similarities than differences between the cardinal male characters . They both appear to be very intelligent and wise at the start of the story , insofar in truth they are as blunt and as intolerant as the other characters .

In the end , the two become more accessible to what others believe and dogged forMain BodyThe positioning of Walter Lee YoungerWorldliness and PracticalityQuotation 1MAMA : Son - how come you talk so lots `bout currencyWALTER : Because it is life , milliampereMAMA : Oh - So now it s life . property is life . Once upon a time emancipation utilise to be life - now it s notes . I guess the humanity really do changeWALTER : No - it was ceaselessly property , florists chrysanthemum . We just didn t know about it (James 20Walter s pith of `life happens to filth on money and worldly matters For him , money `is life and without money , there is no life . Walter is mulish in the sense datum that he occupies himse lf with what he considers as inbred to survival , much(prenominal) as food , clothing , and money This comes into opposition with what Mama Lena believes in - simple things like exemption , love , and a happy home . Despite this character of Walter , he is similarly far from being practical , since his idealism extends too far and wide as having to dream of having a black Chrysler with neat walls (James 32 , a two-story house , and a wide tend - wide enough to...If you want to get a practiced essay, order it on our website:

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