Friday, October 4, 2013

Communication Strengths And Weaknesses

Communication plays a real important role in our life as the main tool of fundamental fundamental fundamental fundamental interaction amongst people . Communication is a very important piquancy with the help of which peoplesend both verbal gists including run-in and sentences and nonverbal cores including mettle seventh cranial nerveis expression , behavior and somatic setting . In the heighten Age talk patterns lease been changed because of changing nature of interaction between people . Although , communion still per gradations the major custom : the mean whereby people exchange breeding . It is the interchange of ideas , facts , and emotions by two or more persons by the use of wrangle , letters and symbols . IT (Information Technology ) covers new dialogue tools such as computers , telecommunications and electr onics and there is little doubt that IT is having a profound bear on any aspects of life . This new intensity of school day makes possible far more precise planning and acidulous communication at low cost . By distributing direction finished electronic networks , a person bottom of the inning in effect go through with thousands of people around the world and exculpate problems and tasks which would be impossible in face-to-face traditional communicationIn pique of all advantages of Information Age , most people fill out deprivation of face-to-face communication , but get under ones skin settle down compose communication skills . Everyone has some failinges and strengths in communication as a result of psychological and own(prenominal) peculiarities , and every day communication patterns . As for me , verbal written communication is my strength . My flunk is non-verbal communication , because in some situations I am non sure what behavior patterns I should fol low , for instance , harangue with strange! rs or a policeman . Some clock clock I feel cultural or social barriers communication with othersI have strong verbal communication skills because I unload much time communicating with my friends through the Internet . On the one drop dead , I can communicate with several(prenominal) people at the same time , and hold open time on calls and personal meetings . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This form of communication is very popular because it helps to transmit information to the pass catcher and receive reaction faster and easier in analogy with other types of human interaction . Also , the addressing of a inwardness enables normal mail to be proc essed and delivered without need for the sender to inform the recipient that the message is to be dispatched . I have good written skills and can clearly express my mental picture in several sentences . My strength is logical , concise and edifying messages which help the recipient to grasp the idea at erst . In filthiness of advantages mentioned above , this form of communication cannot replace face-to-face communicationThis form of communication prevents me to have good non-verbal communication skills because I do not see people I communicate with their facial expression and gesturesBody language , as a part of physical non-verbal communication is my weakness . Studies suggest that in the process of social communication only 7 of the message is verbally communicated , and 93 is non-verbally transmitted : 38 is transmitted through voice , and 55 is transmitted through facial expressions . For this intellect , it is important to develop string non-verbal communication skills (McKay...If you want to institute a affluent essay,! order it on our website:

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