Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Does Power Corrupt

Does Power Corrupt? Lord Acton has express that Power Corrupts and secure Power Corrupts Absolutely. The ridicule of power by those in power has caused great suffering and is one of the most lowborn themes of history and politics. But unfortunately the list of leaders who were non eventually corrupted by their power is rather curt and it seems to be a fundamental human fallacy that survive atomic number 18 seduced by power and once they conquer it, it corrupts their character. Resisting the b nightspot on to maltreatment ones power is a curb exception that only few people live up to if given up the chance to do so without danger. The of import goal of in good order leaders, should be to allow their people to pursue their own prosperity. Sadly, some(prenominal) moral and fiscal decadency, ar habitual in communistic regimes and dictatorships that started off promising prosperity and equality. History has shown, that the best modal value to prevent abuse of power is a constitution, free elections and an single-handed court system, which prevents a ruler from giving into the temptation of gaining authoritative power. There ar two main types of corruption - financial and moral corruption.
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financial corruption is basically when people in stringy limits abuse their power for their own good and by doing so, they ignore what is right. thieving from the people is the most simple and common type of monetary corruption. King Louis XIV of France who famously said Im the state felt he could sincerely do and say whatever he wanted because France belonged to him. deterrent example corruption is when a pers! on in a powerful position abuses his or her power by performing or allowing unmoral acts. These rulers atomic number 18 morally corrupt, because their laws and decisions are based on their individual(prenominal) opinion and beliefs. They are only good at keeping their power, not at fostering prosperity in their country. In order to admit their power or even hold out it, they are willing to commit...If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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