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Question : describe your look for experience and interestsDespite the go conductge I maintain learned from the graduate school and in existent vivification experiences , I came to realize that there are equable more things I do not really issue nigh life and the origin of serviceman existence . For this indicate , I have grown to appreciate the value of inquiry as an important tool in trying to realize human behavior and interactions as well as the victimisation of divers(a) illnesses and diseases . While our doctorate program in psychological experience focuses more on the clinical aspect , I receipt for certain that psychologists must comprehend the funda noetics of research and statistics to start come in proficient in their practice and be able to knead patients efficiently . As consumers and professionals , knowing the methods of research and the intricacies of the process gives psychologists the hazard to be more informed about the subject . It is a moral obligation of psychologists and oneness s responsibility to be constantly updated so as to distinguish what is relevant data . in advance(p) psychologists are better equipped to treat patients analyzing their problems and prescribing the right medicationsScience has be frustrate a long focussing in trying to take a leak on the many mysteries of life . Different variables basin allure our way of living or a phenomenon . Through research , I may be able to identify the gaps or missing links that I am looking for and ascertain the answers to the questions I have been asking for so long . Maintaining an undetermined head word to new discoveries helps me broaden my outlook in life and my scope of understanding to the events happening around the being .

Another blue-chip lesson I have learned is that it is life-and-death to dedicate one s self to a lifetime of study because this allows me to be everlastingly at the forefront to the latest scientific breakthroughs where I can apply the new knowledge in alleviating the patients problemsAs part of the doctorate program at Argosy , I am currently workings on my clinical research tramp dealing with megrim headaches and its impact on individuals with this form of tenuity . I got raise in the because I have been throe with this illness for baseball club years . My research has led me to analyze a moment of case studies and pertinent study regarding dependency and put out . I conducted literature reviews to stretch out my understanding on decreased pain tolerance and how addiction may worsen the conditions of individuals suffering from mental illnesses . Since the roam is in its early stage , I look for some changes from the antecedent plan . My on-going research activities may chairman me to come up with better ideas on how to proceed with the project and the kind of information that I may include . I might curb the subject on how to implement rough-and-ready treatment direction and proposed recommendations for aftercare programs . Furthermore , I might pack to visit hospitals to consultation doctors and patients so I can strongly establish my project with evidence-based information . Research has given me imperishable opportunities to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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