Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wisconsin Hazard Assessment

Wisconsin Wisconsin is vulnerable to a wide grade of hazards, Natural hazards such(prenominal) as floods, quipes, winter charges and excessive heat concord caused injuries, passing adventure of life, disruption of essential services, considerable property damage and range damage. Being as though Wisconsin tends to cast off to a greater extent goes than any(prenominal) of these other hazards (according to sources), I am going to condense on what a go is and how they affect the state of Wisconsin. A tornado is a relatively short- lived storm composed of an savage rotating mainstay of air, extending from a thunderstorm cloud system. It is nearly continuously patent as a funnel, although its lower end does not inevitably touch the ground. Average winds in a tornado argon nearwhere between 100 and 200 miles per hour, but much or less may have winds exceeding 300 miles per hour. A tornado path averages four miles, but may reach up to 300 miles in length. Widths ave rage 300-400 yards, but severe tornadoes have cut paths a mile or more in width, or have formed groups of two or common chord funnels traveling together. On the average, tornadoes move between 25 and 45 miles per hour. Tornadoes hardly ever last more than a look of minutes over a spot or more than 15-20 minutes in a ten-mile ara, but their short periods of commonwealth do not limit their devastation of an area.
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The destructive index finger of the tornado results primarily from its high wind velocities and sharp changes in pressure. Wind and pressure differentials probably account for 90 percent of tornado caused damage. Since tornadoes are generally! associated with severe storm systems, they are usually accompanied by hail, heavy rainwater and intense lightning. Depending on their intensity, tornadoes can uproot trees, down role lines and destroy buildings. Flying debris can cause austere lesion and death. Wisconsin currently averages 20 reported tornadoes per year. For the past few years, Wisconsin has secern about fifteenth in the nation insofar as number of annually reported tornadoes....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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