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§ 6. The syntactico-distributional classification of address is based on the study of their combinability by means of surrogate testing. The testing results in developing the ensample mystify of four main office staffs of notional terminology in the position judgment of conviction: those of the noun (N), verb (V), adjective (A), adverb (D). Pronouns are included into the equivalent positional classes as their substitutes. Words standing outside the positions in the sentence are treated as function words of assorted syntactic values. Here is how Ch. Fries presents his scheme of English word-classes [Fries]. For his materials he chooses tape-recorded spontaneous conversations comprising about 250,000 word entries (50 hours of talk). The words disjointed from this corpus are tested on the deuce-ace typical sentences (that are isolated from the records, too), and used as replacement test-frames: reference frame A. The concert was good (always). mannequin B. The cle rk remembered the valuate (suddenly). Frame C. The team went there. The parenthesised positions are optional from the point of emplacement of the morphological completion of sentences. As a result of nonparallel substitution tests on the cited frames the following lists of positional words (form-words, or move of speech) are established: sept 1. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
(A) concert, coffee, taste, container, difference, and so forth (B) clerk, husband, supervisor, and so on; tax, food, coffee, and so on (C) team, husband, woman, etc. Class 2. (A) was, seemed, became, etc. (B) remembered, wanted, saw, suggested, etc. (C) went, c ame, ran,... lived, worked, etc. Class 3. (! A) good, large, necessary, foreign, new, empty, etc.Class 4. (A) there, here, always, then, some cartridge clips, etc. (B)clearly, sufficiently, especially, repeatedly, soon, etc. (C)there, back, out, etc.; rapidly, eagerly, confidently, etc. All these words can impede in the positions of the frames without affecting their general structural meaning (such as thing and its quality at a given epoch  the first frame; actor ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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