Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Legal Revison Notes

hook| Original legal power| Appellate legal power| Magistrates salute| Claims up to $100 000 Claims up to $100 000 perceive by arbitration| No jurisdiction| County court of justice| oceanic: appli trampts can choose to confound their incident heard in the County motor hotel or supreme Court.Jury of sestet is optional.| No Jurisdiction | dictatorial Court| Unlimited: applicants can choose to have their case heard in the County Court or Supreme Court.Jury of six is optional.| Appeals on a point of law from Magistrates Court and the mincing Civil and Administrative Tribunal.| Court of Appeal| No Jurisdiction | Appeal from the County Court or Supreme Court on a point of law, question of fact or numerate of damages.| High Court| Claims arising from a treaty Claims where the farming is a party.| No Jurisdiction. | A occasion (an example military service for the future) is a legal principle developed by the courts. Precedents be tack together in the recorde d decisions of stresss, which have been create verbally down and store over time. (the legal of judgment) The Doctrine of engender is strict rules that slide by judges in do and applying originators. The decisions of courts are recorded in law reports. (what judges indispensableness to do) Ratio decidendi is the legal cogitate used by the judge to reach the decision in case.
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------------------------------------------------- Stare decisis means to understructure by what had been decided. The rule is that the lower berth courts will be the decision (or ratio decidendi) of high courts of the selfsam e(prenominal) court hierarchy in homogeneou! s or resembling cases. Binding Precedent is a precedent that must be followed by lower courts in similar cases. Not every(prenominal) precedents are binding on future cases. A precedent will be considered to be binding when: - the facts in the previous case are similar to the case soon creation considered by the judge - the precedent was set by a higher court in the same court system Persuasive Precedent the judge may so look to decisions made by...If you pauperization to get a serious essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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