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Peirce criticizes the leash methods of inquiry that he sees as pre-scientific as nitwitted to fix printing per spellently , only able to allow in the person who uses them a flying degree of certainty . These ternion methods be : tenacity , assurance and apriorismTenacity is , essentially , the ability to simulate on to a sen quantifynt with cardinal s leave , sheer away from anything that might sop up one doubt the smell This is an irrational way of fixing belief , and , as anyone prat see , very easily leads to error - like Peirce himself promise , it compargons to an ostrich who burrows his head in the sand . This may determine belief , but neither does it help survive nor to make up knowledge . alone this isn t its only fault : should the relentless man accidentally realize that others hold opinions , too , and that they alter , he will lose certainty in his belief , and consequently , this method of defense will no lengthy fit for him - it will not fix his ideas . He mustiness in some modality resist the influence of the connection , and this method is weak against itAuthority is the temporary solution - it is a method that fixes belief by referencing it to individual who is an authority for the alliance get out yet , to follow a group which is designated by the community to decide properly - and the others should be kept dull on the subject so that in that respect is no assort ment of opinion that may undermine authority . It is very potent for the survival of a community , and Peirce admits that for just about tribe it is most effective - it fixes individual belief in time though the real collective belief changes : it goes through its phases so slowly it is unnoticeable in an individual s life . nevertheless this is only as long as these people call down to be intellectual slaves .
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There be however , ever more those who slip through the cracks of such a system Those who atomic number 18 not important enough to silence but still dare to think - and should they see other cultures (which is unavoidable , they will think otherwise and the system will fail at least in partHowever , the solution proposed by these men is calmness far from perfect - though much closer to the precedent - because it relies on intuitive c erstwhilepts which are far from pose . The axioms of these systems are taken from intuition alone , and indeed more a subjective matter , a matter of appreciation , as Peirce puts it . Thus this , too , becomes a fallacy and degenerates into relativism or in an elaborate way built cloud castles . anyhow subjective opinions and any manner of social reasoning are too easily influenced , and thus not very addicted to the fixation of beliefs . It is authority once more , as is wellspring enough shown by the detail that any system of well-defined soon receives an aprioristic method of impediment from some branch of philosophy . The fourth method , that of science , however , is closest to the lawfulness - it derives itself from the logic of nature , one and indivisible unlike the thoughts of men . It...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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