Tuesday, November 26, 2013


From observing current society, it shows that sight are usually the yield of their environment. If a child is raised around medicates, he or she w untoward grow up to be a drug dealer or user. A person who is innate(p) abject will al expressions be poor. That is just the way of heart. Although, that is the virtue the majority of the time, wizard can still identify through to create a life of their own. In the oblige declivity by Stephanie Myer, Edward, the lamia learns to make his own choices rough who he should be. Life is not set in rock and roll and both persons path depends upon the choices they make. Edward breaks the rules of his lamia family and decides to let a tender-hearted be that he is a vampire( Myers 199). The care Edward has for Bella had caused him to expose himself of his tiptop human abilities. Being that Bella naturally has bad luck, has saved her life on numerous occasions using said abilities. A few examples include, pushing past a car that just about knock against Bella. It was struck so hard that it leave dents in the vehicle. He had also rescued Bella from a gang of people with ill intentions even though he was supposed to founder been miles away in another city. Bella confronts him with many crazy theories when one of them rattling happened to be right. Edward is a Vampire.
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He breaks the rules of his family and the rules for vampires in public for Bella because he has chosen the path of love. Edward tells Bella that he has never destinyed to be a monster (187). As like all of vampire lore goes, vampires need to consume rent in frame to su stain themselves. This is not an exception i! n the book. Edward feels that he is a monster and a born killer because of his natural hotness for human bloodline. Because of his morals and value of human existence, he resists the urge(Kendle). Although, it is in his nature to take the lives of humans, he goes against what is natural and sustains himself on the blood of animals to protect his own morals. Edward tells Bella that he would never hurt her (Myers 264). In...If you unavoidableness to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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