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Victorian, Modern, And Postmodern Periods

p Victorian , Modern and Postmodern PeriodsI . content of tincture by Joseph ConradII .My stand Duchess by Robert Br averingIII .Dover Beach by Matthew ArnoldIV .The find of smell of Chrysanthemumsby D .H . LawrenceVictorian , Modern and Postmodern PeriodsI .Heart of DarknessJoseph Conrad masterfully tackled the old fill protrude of racism in his novel Heart of Darkness , except he was in no course a anti-Semite(a) . He simply clear the excesses of imperialism , which is body forth in the harsh treatment of the natives and the brutality , torture and practical(prenominal) slavery inflicted upon them corrosive natives by their clean masters . Joseph Conrad was lonesome(prenominal) critical of racism , as was with the main character , Marlow . Marlow , in his voyage within Africa , was exposed to the exploitations the wh ite bit endows the wretched , uneducated and defenseless melanise natives , exemplified by the Company , which masks their inclemency to the natives by their benevolent aims of civilizing them . Joseph Conrad lonesome(prenominal) emphasized the superiority of the white man over the moody man , save non in a racist sense , but in a commission which reveals the adverse and set up of the white man s civilization among African natives , the plain caustic remark of it , which is exploitationII .My Last DuchessThe slip of the satire that is omnipresent in My Last Duchess was of course , the duke and the duchess . It make a mockery of the relationship of the duke with his get married woman , at times accusing her of wifely unfaithfulness , twas non her husband s figurehead only , called that spot of joy into the Duchess insolence (13-15 , by the utterer who certainly is not the duke . Another sarcastic element was the misgiving whether or not the duke murdered the d uchess . morality was briefly referred to w! hen the loudspeaker system emphasizes the character flaws of the duke to his soon to be father-in-law , the Count . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
All throughout the poem was all satire , a referral to duchess cuckoldry , as elbow room of getting back at the duke who was a person of such(prenominal) arrogance and selfishness , jealous , full of delusion and murderous delirium , by way of his killing of his own wifeIII .Dover BeachThe enormousness of Matthew Arnold s poem that was written during the height of the Victorian epoch is not because of its literary contributions or literary significance . It stood out as the quintessential Victor ian poem by way of its suaveness and touch of sensitivity . It did not deal with taradiddle , administration , or criticism but it dealt with the facets of the human aliveness sentence , to wit love , dreams , aspirations , inspirations , love and the beauty of bread and butter itself , and that dimension served as the triggering factor why the poem belongs in a confederacy of its own . The utter emotions of the author were clearly stroked , his emotions of love for his wife and hopefulness he sees in her . Because of his love , what the author sees in life are not the bad elements , but the good in everything , and because of that powerful feeling , he is filled...If you pauperization to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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