Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Written Communication

p Page 0Written CommunicationThe main occasion of any castigate is to communicate and sh atomic number 18 information to its coveted consultation . That is why it is of great importance that the reports made are effective . Reports are are effective if the sense of listening accepts and interprets the information as intend by the sender wherefore it is necessary that we know our interview and to riding habit stamp down intelligence informations for our desired earreachWe should put ourselves in our earreach s habilitate . The lecture we think should have the kindred meaning for our audience in to share information in the most fit way and to avoid misconception or see on the fictitious character of the of our audience . Most mis chat occurs because of the differences in enounce meanings . Because words are mere symbols and its meaning changes because of self biases such as culture experiences , etc . Therefore we should know details well-nigh our hindquarters audience age , gender , profession / root word of income , position and the likes , in to find the appropriate words to use . Whatever information that we have regarding our audience could help us in communicating well to them . We should remember that the main purpose of our report is to communicate with our audience and not to show up to people especially to our target audience . We should present tack andAs a member of the audience I testament declare reports wherein I bequeath be able to connect with the causation or speaker . I will definitely be bored in reports that I cannot relate myself . It is important that I see the speaker addressing the report directly unto me .
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Also it is my social function that I understand the speaker . They should use simple and ovate words as much as possible and the reports should be clear and well prepared Another factor is the speakers timberland and the way that he or she delivers the message . Of air the audience will know if the speaker is ready and prepared or if he or she prepares the report without sufficient time . Of style for oral reports , the speaker should be fluent and full of warrant on his or her report . Also I will be interested in reports that are well excogitate and done and are systematically arrange . As an audience I desire to learn something new from the speaker and so , the speaker should catch my interest .ReferenceGump , J (2001 . Written intercourse : choosing words wisely . Retrieved August 6 , 2006 from http /network .english .eku .edu /wisewords / peculiar(prenominal) .htm...If you want to get a full essay, lay it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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