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Every unriv each(prenominal)ed, all(a) around the world, all throughout time, has certain nourish and traditions that they live by, whether they realize it or not. The same is true with all culture. Most of the time people do not take place out these things as traditions because all of these things have become so regular to them. They do not even think well-nigh it. In the poem, Beowulf, the poet really emphasizes the culture of the 8th snow Anglo-Saxons in a right smart where the reader can connect, and even assure their determine and traditions. The culture mainstay then was very defined in a way that most alwaysyone had the same beliefs. The ordinal century Anglo-Saxons believed very strongly in pureness, bravery, heroism, fate, and destiny to fail the way. Honor, back then, was very important. There were many ways that one could prise his pansy. It was also very important for the king to honor his people. The king was anticipate to look after h is country. He was expected to obtain decisions based not on his own beat out interest, notwithstanding on the best interest of his people. baron Hrothgar of the Danes is a commodious example of a king who honors his people. He is unselfish in every way. He cares about the interests of others more than himself. He honors them in giving them a say in the decisions that he makes for his country. When on that point is a victory, instead of taking all of the credit for himself , he honors his men by building a hall that would handle his mighty band and reach high toward heaven that had ever been known to the sons of man (Beowulf. 68-70). That is his way of exhibit that he appreciates them. He also divides the spoils of their victories, to old and young what theyd earned in battle. (71-73) This shows that he is not afraid to check with his riches if individual else deserves them more than he does. His men place him so some(prenominal) that they swore by his word, and young men swelled his armies.(! 66-67) King Hrothgar proves to be everything that an honorable king should be. In the same way that...If you indirect request to get a full essay, parliamentary procedure it on our website:

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