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How Did The People Of Massachusetts Use The Witch Trials To Get Their Citizens Back To Their Religious Conformity.

br capital of Oregon With Trials AbstractThe capital of Oregon femme fatale Trials were a tragic period of compound history that could have been avoided had common consciousness experience prevailed . However , Salem was a repressive connection in a repressive clock time , and it was easy for angiotensin converting enzyme mortal s hysteria to infect that person s fri fires and neighbors While the Salem Witch Trials themselves happened for a variety of causes , nonp aril of the immediate results of the trials was that the hamlet lead-in of Massachusetts were presented with an opportunity to bring the citizenry moxie to traditional Puritan religious practice , something that had been declining in the tenner leading up to the trials . By seizing on the intolerance that was rearing in the Puritan religion and focusing t he fears associated with that intolerance on Salem , the colonial leaders were , for a time , commensurate to revitalize Puritanism in Massachusetts and increase the awe of the citizens of the colony How Did the population of Massachusetts Use the Witch Trials to name Their People Back to Religious Conformity August 19 , 1692 . The colony of Massachusetts has just hanged five prominent members of their club in Salem . George Burroughs , John Proctor , John Willard , George Jacobs , Sr , and Martha h grizzlyer , all well-kn give birth , well-respected members of the Salem community , one of them a minister , were all hanged for witchcraft (New England Ancestors , 2006 Accused by a handful of hysterical adolescent girls who were covering for their own forays into the mystical , these five were found delinquent and sentenced to hang on the flimsiest of state . Most in the community believed the witch trials to be a sham , and John Proctor even had a mammoth number of his friends and relatives write a petition to th! e colonial giving medication to release him , vouching for his character and good nature . It was no quash area . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Proctor and the other quadruplet to hang that day were sole(prenominal) the latest batch in a series of hangings that began on June 10 , 1692 with the hanging of Brid arrest Bishop and did non end until September 22 , 1962 with the hanging of a group of eight-spot mickle . In all nineteen citizens of Salem , Andover , and the touch communities were hung in the witchcraft hysteria , and one , Giles Corey , an old opus in his 80s , was touch to death for not pleading guilty or not guilty to t he charges against him . It was only after the hold group hangings that the witchcraft hysteria that had gripped the community for months began to die cut back as people gradually came to their sensesThe origins of the Salem witch trials are well-known , having been the subject of many books and immortalized in Arthur Miller s play , The crucible In January 1692 , Betty Parris , the nine year old daughter of Salem s minister , the Reverend Samuel Parris , fell cryptically ill shortly , other girls in Salem who were somewhat Betty s age too began to fall ill , and in February 1692 , the village physician declare that the girls were bewitched . This set off a firestorm of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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