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Running Head : (Your Name (Your SchoolIntroductionAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis (abbreviated as ) is a term that used to describe a clutch of pattern related problems leading to lower concentration and poor annoyance . It is a problem which affects many pile across completely ages in the world . leads to development of many learning difficulties in children since they cannot pay full attention in class . fraud object some individuals may exhibit one particularize solo , new(prenominal) may exhibit a wide pare down of check up ons including impulsiveness , restlessness , hyperactivity , and many others . The severity of the condition depends on the lead of symptoms that are exhibited by the child . Apart from academic problems , children with excessively suffer from social problems and most of them h ave shown inability to socialize with their peers at home or at school . The condition is also known by other words corresponding hyperkinetic due to the common factor of restlessness which is exhibited by children scathe from the conditionThe condition can be categorized to poundher with other neurobehavioral defects which affects a wide range of population . However , is much prevalent in children although statistics shows that the condition affects close to 5 of the people in the world regardless of their age The symptoms the conditions are to a great extent evident in children than in adults and are principally noteworthy in a close supervision lap up like in schools There is also sexual practice genetic mutation in the prevalence of the condition and it has been diagnosed twice in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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