Thursday, February 6, 2014


Should People Stop Drinking Coffee? Living a hectic university or college lifestyle, many students suck to wake up in archaean in the morning in social club to attend their classes. Half closed eyes and nodding heads bet to be a popular trend at the busbar stop. Thus I curiosity how race can bridle awake in the early morning. Maybe a do work of Coffee works? Or teatime? Maybe take aim loud music? As I was passing a Starbucks one day, I couldnt help but wonder at the size of the lineup in front such(prenominal) a small stand. People waited for an eternity just to cross a small cup of chocolate. I wondered why state corresponding to drink coffee bean. What makes coffee so attractive? For coffee lovers, they sure know that it is caffein that gives them the pick-me-up in the early morning. However, caffeine does bring both advantages and disadvantages to everyday life, depending on how more coffee the person consumes (Krusher, 6). Long befor e caffeines personnels were observe by scientific methods, human beings have been investigating its truth. At 2737 BC, the first emperor moth of China, Shen Nung, discovered the effect of caffeine (Weinberg and Bealer, 27). match to historical records, Shen Nung made the discovery while resting in a shade of a infatuated tea shrub on a hot spring day. During that time, people who drank directly from the surface often turned ill, so Shen Nung perpetually ordered his water system to be boiled beforehand to value him from diseases. While the emperor was sipping, a leaf from the tea bush fell into his drink. When he drank the water, he was mesmerized by the delicately refreshing cause of the first tea. Shen Nung recorded the event in the Pen Tsao, a book-length compilation of his medical records, which was dated with frighten away precision by much later scholars (Weinberg and Bealer, 28). Later on, caffeine was run aground in the sixth century when the Abyssi nian nation unwittingly brought wild coffee! plants to the Arabian Peninsula when its troops invaded the country of Yemen (Weinberg...If you need to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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