Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jfk the Conspiracy

I chose the Kennedy Assassination to research. I find the assassination of power death pass Kennedy very intriguing. According to the author of the obligate I read, the professorship along with his wife, the governor of Texas and two out of sight attend agents were in the vehicle that day. President Kennedy was hit with the low gear of one-third believed shots that were fired at him, hitting him in the address and cause brain matter to leave his skull. Mrs. Kennedy was non wounded in the dig, but the governor of Texas, John B. Connally, was severly wounded. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and accused of shooting the professorship. Though President Kennedys wounds were severe they still rushed him to Dallas green Hospital where doctors worked to try and recussitate him. Ninety-nine minutes after the chair was killed, vice chair JOhnson was sworn in as chairwoman aboard the prexyal jet. I find this historical gist beguile because today you would never be able t o do roughlything uniform this. Im not saying that I know of anyone who would even pedagogy to, but letting mortal like the President be that exposed only if doesnt happen in our nine today. Im not on the nose intrigued by that aspect of the shell, but also the accompaniment of what would make a man crazy enough to do some(prenominal)thing like that back in 1963. I know that just because years have gone by doesnt mean spate have gotten crazier, but Im pretty sure in the 1960s hostelry wasnt as corrupt as it is today. It makes you wonder how much depot Mr. Oswald spent planning every detail of the event and how he was able to pull it off so easily. Today our President is surrounded by Secret service agents and snipers ready to classify down anyone that tries to threaten him. Seeing something like that happen to mortal as important as the president had to of raised some concerns about Presidental security at the time. I believe it was an event like this that r aised the security standards for not only th! e president but those affiliated...If you want to get a full essay, stay it on our website:

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