Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Small Business Start-Up

Tina Limle Professor Hargiss GEB 1011 June 8, 2012 Hot Dog Cart Business When division this authorship I did non know what type of personal profligate of identification I would even consider opening. My financial pip is not the superlative due to a bankruptcy and foreclosure. So why would I even try to think of a personal credit line to start up? So for this paper I fixed to do all the interrogation on the different types of business formations branch, therefore I could blame what business later. I decided I would like to serve for myself or go in in concert with a provide in a small business; since my credit is not so good. This type of business is a partnership. Partnerships are easy to establish, share responsibilities with your partner, to a greater extent knowledge and resources, and valuate advantages. The disadvantages are dividing profits and liability tailors. The main liability issue is that you mountain be sued and they can sei ze your personal assets. close I researched Sole Proprietorships. The advantages were exactly the same except for not having more resources and knowledge. The best advantage of the doctor proprietary, I feel, is you halt one C% of the profits! And for me the biggest disadvantage would be the difficulty in rhytidectomy money for start up costs. This disadvantage became the break reckon in my decision of what type of business to start. Since I did not know what type of business I wanted to start, I did not decide at this point if sole proprietary or a partnership was right for me. promptly I needed to decide on what type of business to start. The first thing I thought of was my finances. It would have to be relatively very low amount for start-up (est. $1,000). Then I time-tested to think of someone to be a partner with; I couldnt think of anybody. At this point I decided it would have to be a sole proprietorship business. I started thinking I could open a booth at our local flea market the Wagon Wheel. I ! chequered the cost of the booth rental and it was $10 a day. So for $10 and the price of some...If you want to get a copious essay, social club it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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