Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Constructing Identity Through Cultural Practices

Culture is cardinal to the construction of indistinguishability. Identity is created with the practice of jibeation, such as art, language, literature, and theater. These heathen practices leave alone assorted brotherly groups to express their attitudes and beliefs, and allow concourse to create center to their natural and affable environment. In a sense, using cultural practices to assign heart serves as an effort to stabilize - or fix - individuality and to fit ones self. Representation allows the construction of meaning or identity through and through culture, either by bulk representing themselves or being represent by others. This cultural identity is a force assay between competing neighborly interests, and the power lays in creating or muddle prevalent meanings that are loosely accepted by the population. This has guide to struggle in shaping identities that make up the social world, which is why culture serves as an expression of politics. It can be gi ved both as a form of immunity or an instrument of subordination. For example, Mexican Americans lose been seen as a conquered, oppressed people and in that respect has been an emphasis upon total domination and victimization. They have been portrayed as victims of race and class oppression, and this has guide to a call for social justice and for unity against oppression. In this sense, culture is important because it is a practice people use to express oppression and a version of identity. It provides a office of questioning assumptions and challenging social norms while generating awareness. Historically, Mexican Americans have been misrepresented by the dominant white Anglo nightspot. This misrepresentation leads Mexican American strive to represent themselves and form their own identity through various cultural practices.\nThe dominant white Anglo society has used common cultural practices to form a ostracise view of the Mexican American. afterwards the conquest of Mexi co, white people did not like the persuasion that the acqui... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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