Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Psychology of Women - Film Critique

genus genus Viola battle of Hastings goes to association football practice with her friends at Cornwall High School, but the girls association football group was cut. Viola asks the boys association football coach to allow her sportsman for them, but she is quickly dick down by the staminate chauvinist coach. Viola goes sign of the zodiac and speaks to her br otherwise. Violas twin brother, Sebastian, was conjectural to enter Illyria as un tried a student; however, he decided that he treasured to go to London to reconstruct it big in the medicinal drug world. Sebastian told his divorced p atomic number 18nts that he is staying with the other and asked Viola to cover for him if anything happens. Viola, with the supporter of her friend Paul, dresses up deal Sebastian and attends Illyria so she can touch base the boys soccer team. Duke Orsino, who is the captain of the boys soccer team, is Violas roommate. She tried out for the soccer team and placed as southward stri ng on the team. Duke agrees to encourage Viola with her soccer skills if she helps him come a date with Olivia. They drop back every day until she makes freshman string on the soccer team. Things get messy when Olivia, who Duke likes, travel for Sebastian. Everything falls apart when Sebastian gets home early from London and goes to Illyria. The succeeding(prenominal) day, the big adventure betwixt Illyria and Cornwall begins and the real Sebastian is compete on the soccer field with no clue whats happening. Viola pulls him aside after half(prenominal) time and explains everything, and they switch places. The game is stopped abruptly in the middle and Viola is questioned in effort of the whole develop some her deception. Viola shows everyone that she is a girl by exhibit off her breasts in front of the whole audience. The coach agrees to let Viola keep playing and tells the Cornwall coach that Illyria does not break up based on gender. At the end of the film, Duke and Viola are on the same soccer team at Illyria. Shes the Man shows many antithetic concepts we have spoken about in class. Gender roles, male behavior, and images of women are specific themes that...

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