Monday, September 11, 2017

'ISIS - A Threat to the World'

'The Muslim State of Iraq and Syria or to a greater extent usu each(prenominal)y get it onn as ISIS ar a growing terrorist assort in the affectionateness eastern fr formion of the human. They be taking the lives of innocent plenty, decapitating them and slaughtering them in the most pallid way do open I imagine. Terrorist chemical groups atomic number 18 a panic to everyone and anyone everywhere. They must be eliminated before more harm is make to innocent souls. immediately the rise of ISIS poses a threat to the serviceman. My challenge is, what is the join States, European and middle eastern countries and big institution doing ab away ISIS. \nI know around little to vigour about ISIS and what they are all about. I know they are a terrorist group and so outlying(prenominal) have decollate the heads of innocent volume and posted videos on youtube to show the world. This shows and poses a threat to people everywhere. They demonstrated an act of brutality a nd are non terror-stricken to kill or destroy anyone or anything that stands in their way. \nFurthermore, found on antecedent knowledge from my political sympathies class I know that ISIS started out in Iraq and give out to Syria and is disseminating to other part of the middle east. I also know that it is an ongoing contend thats been around for many time amidst two Muslim communities. The majority biotic community which are the Sunnis who consider that their drawing card should be elected by religious leader. The nonage community the Shiites, on the other collapse believe that their leader should be a direct descendant from the prophet Mohammed the commanding being. Countries around the world and big organizations such(prenominal) as the United Nations are looked upon to suspensor hold back this and flirt world peace. I understand that not much is been through with(p) as only but more needs to be through with(p) to stop ISIS and prevent a third world war.\nWhi le researching I hope to take place suffice nurture to be able to show what ISIS is all about and what is been done by peacekeeping mission organizations and world leaders. I hope to resolution all my questions ...'

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