Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Acid fall is a very big pollution problem in the world. It has killed fish and opposite aquatic life in many lakes and streams. It harms human health, disfigures monuments and erodes buildings, and, along with other(a) pollutants, threatens forests. The story of acid rainwater can be compared to the plot of a science fiction movie. In the 1950s an invisible force begins to pulverize lakes and rivers, killing trout and salmon. By the 1960s it is harming the waters of eastern Canada and the northeastern linked States. High-altitude forests are beginning to fade away. City statues are gradually eaten away. The show from the damage of the aliens is starting to appear all over. Just as in science fiction movies, the authorities refuse to warn the alarmed citizens. Also, at the last moment the scientists figure away to destroy the aliens. Unfortunately, fiction and circumstance falls apart at this point. There is no quick recreate that will wipe out acid rain completely. (Pringle 1-2)Coal was the briny fuel of many industries in the early nineteenth century. Coal contains atomic number 16 and when burning it, it will produce sulfur dioxide. When in the atmosphere, sulfur dioxide whitethorn be converted to sulfuric acid (Pringle 8). Acid rain is lot across the world by communicate currents. When attempting to fix local air pollution problems, the solutions actually added to acid rain problems on other part of the world. High smoke stakes were developed to distribute pollutant acid-laden smoke higher(prenominal) in the atmosphere and spread it elsewhere (Merki 598). This was a quick recreate to a local problem, but harmed other parts of the world. Acid rain is a global problem because it more often than not, spreads over case borders instead of staying in a local spot. There are some(prenominal) causes of acidification, and various mechanisms by which it may occur. Acid rain falling on water bodies has a direct affect. In areas where craps are acidic, runoff from the soil transports acidic water, which may also contain aluminum, into lakes and rivers. Soil acidification may be caused by acid rain, but other factors may also be involved. For example, if pasture reverts to coniferous acidic runoff even though the rain itself is not acidic. Salty rain leaches acid components out of the soil and transports them to the rivers. (Rivers 1)The chemic content of acid rain is in itself dangerous to fish and other freshwater organisms.

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