Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bushs Address To Congress - Environment, Charity, and Education :: American America History

scrubs Address To Congress - Environment, Charity, and gentilityAfter this years chaotic election, the country is divided and furious. It is up to our new chairwoman to heal the wounds. To do so, it is obvious he must alter his headmaster plans a bit to make the entire nation, both liberals and conservatives, content. Naturally, the first destiny he had to express his plans to congress and the rest of the country was immensely important, as it could require been a uniting or dividing step. Luckily, it appeared as though Bush was trying his best to compromise on many issues. I retrieve his address was a step in a consolidating direction. Three issues of upper limit importance to the the Statesn people are the status of the environment, charity and the poor, and the pedagogics of their children. What was Bushs stance on these three issues, and how will his attitude towards them affect America? Bush said that he aimed to clean up toxicant wastes and amply fund the Land and Wate r Conservation parentage. He also proposed that 4.9 million dollars will go to cleaning and maintaining our national parks. Clearly, he wishes to do a great deal of good for the environment, although aid the environment to such a high extent is not a traditional Republican view. (The Democrats did not have anything to say about Bushs environmental program in their result they focused on his tax cut plan.) However, if he desires to unite America, helping the environment is a great way to do so. I cannot mobilize of anyone who would turn down the idea of having cleaner water and fresher air. I think the condition of the environment could very well improve during the four years Bush is in office. The Land and Water Conservation Fund will know best what to do with the massive amount of property they will be granted. I am concerned about the security measure of animals though- Bush has expressed a desire to clean the environment, but unaccompanied those areas that pertain to Ame ricans and their living conditions. It would be wonderful to be rid of toxic brown fields, but what about the depletion of the ozone layer? What about rapidly change magnitude species of animals? Will Bush attempt to help these areas of the environment, or is he only when planning on excluding them? I hope he is, and that he neglect to mention them in his address to congress simply because he didnt have enough time, or else the environment will suffer more than it will gain from his presidency.

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