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Space – Should the costing be spent?

I gull elect to write a report entitled, lieu fecal matter the expense be justified?. I chose this as I had a keen evoke in the matter once we had discussed this as a class. Another causality in which why I expect selected this subject is beca routine as the universe of media is advancing, this subject has been under debate for galore(postnominal) stratums now, but with no final conclusion. Humans atomic number 18 said to ware landed on the moon in 1969, however again through media many accusations have been made against this. This proves media manipulates decisions made thus the public should be more sure of the situation.Sources of entropyFor this assignment, my main source of information ordain be the BBC intelligence information archive, call equal to the fact this is a government based company. Therefore the information exit be very much factual and reliable, rather than purview based data from other sources of media. Further on, I will use the British Nati onal Space Centre (BNSC) as this is Britains main spot exploration organisation. Fol small(a)ing on, I will be using Encarta encyclopedia which is a screen-based archive of various facts and figures including extended explanations of various topics. This proves I will be using a vast range of sources which I have selected, however most argon screen-based as these are constantly being updated throughout key advancements.SpaceThe universe contains everything all of shoes and clip and all the matter and energy within it. The universe is unknowably vast, and ever since it formed, it has been expanding, carrying whatever of its most unconnected neighbourhoods forever beyond the naked eye. The universe contains everything from the smallest piece to the largest galaxy cluster and yet it seems they all have the same laws. 1For many years, set was out of reach for humans on our satellite. People position day and night on how to make station exploration a reality. Everyone at som e time in their life asks motions similar to Where does length begin? Where does it end? What is the difference between dummy and the universe?Space is built of so little matter that we assnot consider it as empty. thus far on Earth, there is matter everywhere, in the form of liquid/ signifi throw outt/ and gas. In put there is no night or day, this is imputable to the fact our atmosphere scatters the suns rays, ultimately giving the blue colour in our sky. 2A crucial property of the universe is that it is expanding. 3 It essential be growing, because distant galaxies are quickly withdrawing from Earth. Assuming that the universe has al ports been growing, it once must have had to be smaller and denser this is the face which strongly supports the Big bolt theory. 4Benefits of infinite explorationSpace exploration has many benefits for us, which could in the end turn in mankind from extinction if the time came. The following examples are a guideful of positive force-outs if we did invest more into space exploration.Population add/ColonizationSince history has been written, our people has grown rapidly with 6.5 billion spate today. It is said that the worlds population has quadrupled in the last one hundred years. If the population carries on dramatically increasing we will have many problems including admit materialisations, for the number of people. By the year 2050, from predictions, it shows that there will be at last ten billion people living on Earth, this is a return around 75 million people per year. 5The graph on the left wing shows the predicted population grown for the next 50 years, as well as the population boom which has occurred earlier. The key shows different areas of the world and the population addition there. Asia seems to be increasing the most this clearly is a developing region of the world. On the other hand a developed region such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Northern America seems to have a steady increase.For this i ssue to be rectified, space exploration can be extremely helpful. If we can locate a suitable area beyond the Earth then(prenominal) we can Colonize. We have determined that many materials can be available in space, however human space flight advancements and engine room is vital for this to occur. The moon seems to be a viable location for us to Colonize, due to the fact, it is extremely close to us compared to other planets indeed easy to transport goods and supplies. The only issue is that there seems to be low centres of Hydrogen and Carbon. The low gravity is also a major concern.neediness of resourcesAs above, if the population carries on increasing as predicted, Earths resources will eventually start to run out. This will have a dramatic effect on the habitants on Earth, as many necessities we take for granted will be depleted. These items include* Clean water* Natural resources such as Fossil fuelsExperts say that seas will conk out emptied of fish while forests which trace Carbon Dioxide emissions are completely destroyed and fresh water supplies become scarce and polluted. For example since 1970 forests have been reduced by twelve percent. This proves that if space exploration emends and is funded, we can get numerous materials from out of space. For example, on the moonshine there seems to be a great deal of silicon and metals such as iron, aluminium and titanium. 6Counter-benefits of space explorationOn the other hand of this debate, there are many disadvantages against investing in space exploration. This topic has been under debate for many years now, many people face that the money is better spent elsewhere, ultimately spent on this planet prior to exploring others.NHS and HealthcareThe amount of money spent on space exploration may have better uses, as the NHS are shortly in debt, this should be rectified. Spending for example 150m on a real probe could instead cut the NHSs debt by a fifth. Also, there are many people who are fighti ng disease, however some which arent shortly curable, as the research hasnt been paid for there is always scientists salaries to fund. Helping bring to disease ultimately seems imperative. Space exploration cant bring peoples wellness therefore as healthcare is vital, exploration should be halted until many basic lives delivery problems are treated for.The diagram on the right shows how much per year the NHS is expense, this is also projected for up till 2008.7 They seem to be spending currently around 90 million per year. This proves to me that developing a space instrument which tends to cost 100 million plus is not needed, as this can be fund the NHS for the year (the entire nations treatment).Human space flightUnlike robotic space exploration, human space flight be much more however with little benefit and outcome. Additionally, sending a robotic device to space can increase the scientific knowledge attained. Robots are clearly more efficient than humans, the speed and techno logy is much faster. The legal age of astronauts sent to space also unfortunately pass away due to the tasks being extremely difficult regardless of how much training they have completed.ConclusionAfter completing this report, I have clearly shown the benefits and counter-benefits of space exploration, and wherever it should be funded. I retrieve my main benefit is how we can search for resources elsewhere, therefore not having to worry greatly on the amount we are using, (within reason). We evidently have two sides of the debate, which can become extremely ethical For, or against, science. However this would be political of me to discuss. I have used evidence from both sides of the argument, the scientific aspect as well as the ethical reasons, which have been shown mainly within the health care section.It is also debateable that why isnt the UK investing in human space flight, even though the UK holds the worlds fourth largest economy however they have no presence in manned spac e flight, or any take in such activities. On the other hand they have invested by and large into unmanned space flight, which have been a helping hand to improve the quality of life.From this report, evidence shows that the positives unmistakably outweigh the negatives for the title Space Can the expense be justified?. Personally I am keep space exploration due to the fact I am intrigued into the question many people ask, What is out there? I also believe with the advancements of the modern world, during my life time I will be able to maybe benefit from space exploration in one way or another.

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