Saturday, March 16, 2019

To Deny Competition is to Deny Life Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive

To Deny contestation is to Deny Life I merchantman remember in fourth grade having an Easter glob hunt at school and having the teacher tell us that we could hook up only three eggs, and then we were to stop. Truth be told, that expression was probably in place for people like me who were so unbelievably slow that the other kids would have gotten all the eggs before I even got there, but that didnt matter. I can lock remember how witless I thought it was and how it took the whole point out of the experience. Or how rough when we had an art competition and half the class got first place ribbons and everyone else got heartbeat place ribbons. I had even less art skills than speed at that time and it still annoyed me. What was the prize worth if it was easily attain? Why were they trying to fool me in order to make me find out good about myself? Why were they afraid of real competition? I have been a fierce competitor all my life. I guess I owe most of the credit to having two older brothers who ar almostwhat close in age. I remember haveing baskets and acute full well that the only way I was going to shoot the ball was if I managed to get the ball away from my much taller and bigger brothers. If I wanted to play with them at all, I had to learn some way of bridging that natural gap, and it instilled in me a competitive spirit that has been carried with me, bargonly developed, and found to be essential throughout many aspects of my life. Humans are naturally competitive beings. If we werent, we wouldnt still be around on this planet. ace of the greatest and healthiest forms of competition is found in sports. The fact that sports are still thriving also points to our need for competition, for they are an outlet for our ... ... of life. If people cant jut this, then it is easy to understand how they cant see the true beauty of competition. Competition is an essential part of growing up. It mirrors life almost to perfection magic spell allowing it to be a game. To deny competition is to deny that life allow present us with struggles. It is to pretend that this world will not twirl obstacles to be overcome. To fear the pain of failure for either yourself or anyone else is to misconstrue the importance of challenges to create purpose. It is to misunderstand the balance of life. A hollow advantage is no victory at all. So I say give back me competition. Ill strive to do and be my best and Ill take my chances and if I put across short then so be it, for thats reality. Allow me to hold in balance the chance of failure and the hope of success, for it is in these moments that I can dare to be alive.

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