Monday, April 8, 2019

Claire Fahys’s ‘Over There’ Essay Example for Free

Claire Fahyss Over There EssayFahyss work oer there is part of her depiction for the new-made metropolis, a series of work portraying the overcrowded, polluted urban life. The work is representational of urbanization and the dehumanized materialism of the modern society. The composition is a striking junto of bold color strokes against a black and white backdrop. Bright red, orange and streaks of highlighter green are have with black, white and shades of grey to achieve a distinguished tonality of color for the frame. A one-third dimensional perception is created with the contour lines of the buildings vanishing in perspective.The artist has used mixed media to create a alone(predicate) effect on cardboard. The artwork conveys a very gloomy image and represents chaos and destruction in the very composition or depiction. The buildings are distorted at unruly angles and the general composition is designedly disorderly conveying the intended message to the viewer. The main co ntent is the confusion and the chaos surrounding the urban landscape. The work portrays a concrete jungle in contortion posing an analogy to the mechanical phantasmal life pattern of the urban society.The subject matter is urbanism gigantic cities, towering skyscrapers and expansion of human population. Cities and erect expansions were once considered to create a communal environment however these giant cities that aim at maturation human races do have a dehumanized aspect. In the transition from the old real homo to the new virtual world, human beings will make the scaring experience of their smallness relative to the mass (Claire Fahys and the new Metropolis, n . d) . Art here is used as a convincing medium of intercourse to convey a message, on the fearful aspect of dehumanization, to the community.Iman Malekis Memory of that domiciliate Image from http//imanmaleki. com/en/Galery/wish. htm Iman Maleki is a contemporary realist artist. The image chosen here does not fit int o the conventional sense of art, as it looks more like a photograph than a work of traditional art. The image is a deuce-ace dimensional work of art with depth, perspective and an interesting play of light and shade. The medium used is embrocate on canvas. The various objects and forms are combined creatively rendering a well balanced form outlook to the composition. The texture is soft and natural.The reflection of light on the wall is captured well. The openness of the house and its relationship to the various pieces of nature represented in the work is conveyed clearly through an objective rendering of the sky, the greenery and the building itself. The woman portrayed is seemingly well absorbed in world of her own. The frame rekindles memories of a house with the many remembrances associated with it. The work has the effect of transporting the viewer to another plane of imagination, to another space all in all a space that comes refreshingly alive in memory.The rendering of the brick, cement mortar, the weather marks on the brick and cement mortar, the woman in her traditional clothing, the exposed part of her skin and every other element is captured to the finest detail. The image is objective and is representational of the house that is depicted in the framework. The main subject matter is the house itself detailed brick by brick and fond memories of that house conveyed visually. The colors used are soft, subtle and natural.ReferencesClaire Fahys and the new Metropolis, n . d. www. thefrenchartstudio. com. 26 July 2009

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