Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Data Storage Technology Options for Business Need Essay

Data Storage Technology Options for Business Need - Essay ExampleFor computer systems engineering to cope with these intensifying terminal and processing needs, the demand for performance and storage capacity has risen acutely. This has contributed to the manufacture, invention, and uses of a variety of physical storage dodges for computer systems. These physical storage mediums in the contemporary computing area range from the familiar usual floppy disk, hard disk, flash drive, DVDs and CD-ROMs, and tapes that are commonly utilize in Information Communications Technology business and organization sectors. Its also important to note that these storage devices have different file allocation methods and size allocation. This is therefore what is going to form the discussion footing of this paper. Additionally, this paper will also evaluate the concept of fragmentation of file systems on the storage devices and how opera hat they could be managed (Parsons & Oja, 2009). The comput er storage devices are divided into three major classes including Magnetic, Optical, and Semiconductor. Computer storage systems are also widely referred to as secondary storage media or devices. Magnetic storage devices basically bear witness and store information in the form of magnetized spots. These magnetized spots are represented by binary codes with a magnetized head that slightly hangs freely above the surface of the storage device that reads and records information by use of electric charges. The data hence fag end be retained, erased or replaced by the use of new charismatic spots. Examples of magnetic storage include the Tape, referred to as magnetic tape that is used to read, write and store information up to a terabyte. They are generally used in magnetic tape recorders or machines to record and write data after which the tapes can be connected to gadgets that can read theinformation.

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