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Drugs in the world today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drugs in the world today - Essay ExampleEconomic constraints on countries and regions, succeeding(a) unfavorable world frugal situations, are among the escalators of cocain gross sales in certain parts of the world. The event of the growth of the ill-gotten opium in Asia contributed, considerably, to the global spread of cocaine that has occurred over a century. There were interchange restrictions on the Chinese empire, by Britain in the 1850s, as part of strategies to end the production and spread of opium. sort of of achieving its goals, the restriction triggered a massive production of illicit opium in the Chinese Empire. The British had placed economic barriers on the Chinese Empire, a move that saw the empire resort to the production of the unwanted opium and later on the formation of the Golden Triangle. In the 1910s, there was an increase in the production of illegal opium in China. Restrictions, on trade and other economic acidities, placed on countries producing opi um is among the triggers of its production of illegal opium. Afghanistan produced an estimated ninety tones of opium in 1971, for instance. With intensive restrictions coming from other trade partners of the country because of the production of opium, Afghanistan resorted to dependence on the medicate saving. This triggered production to an estimated five-spot hundred tones of opium in 1978 (Chouvy, 2010). Unstable global economic conditions have close relationship with political mental unsoundness. The drug economy has played a great role in financing the operations of warlords during notable wars of outside(a) and local interests. The economic reasons for the rejuvenated growth of the illicit opium were to fund the operations of the warlords on China, which experienced political instability in the 1910s. ... The demand for funds by warlords in the Cold War also triggered an increase in the production of the illegal opium to for financial support of operations of the war. Cent ral America and the Northern Andes are among the most notable areas where the illicit substance trafficking is a serious business and remains an intimidation to the strategies to end illegal drugs (Marcy, 2010). In the Latin America, for instance, narcotics play a great economic role that renders it a challenge to engage war on drugs. The world economy has serious influence in the high spread of narcotic drugs sales in countries as Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. The 1979 change in the cost of oil, globally, triggered the three countries to depend on the sales of narcotics, for instance. The sales of coca and cocaine remained one of the activities that would support the countries because of the reduced income from other sources as export of countrified products. Because of the significant reduction of the cost of exports of these countries, there was an escalation in their foreign debt amount. To compensate, the countries resorted to sale of narcotics. This elaborates the role of the world economy in triggering the spread of cocaine and posing a challenge to the various anti-drug policies. Question two cocain and heroin are the top most addictive drug substances. However, the two drugs display certain expiration of pharmacological differences as well as distinctions in their social effects. They have different tastes with cocaine containing a rather unique flavor when consumed while heroin has high level of bitterness upon consumption. The effects of cocaine have no antidotes for suppressions, as

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