Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pursasive speech on why woman in the united states Navy should be on Essay

Pursasive speech on wherefore woman in the united states naval forces should be on birth ascendency - establish ExampleWomen that have been enlisted be being trained in the same facilities as men and phonograph recording almost similar scores in areas such as military intelligence and sharp-shooting. With the Navys positive stand on the use of oral contraceptives, the link between effective female staff office at par with their male counterparts and use of contraceptives cannot be understated.A survey asked in September 2010 interviewed women deployed in the Navy and Marine Corps on how they dealt with the challenges associated with menstruation during deployment. A common theme noted was increase pain experienced, and many cited the difficulty of complying with the pill with only 21% on the pill (Skouby p.32). The reasons as to why women in the Navy use birth control pills vary. Some refuse to use birth control pills for fear of mood swings and weight gain while others count er the menstrual cycle with contraceptives. Most of the women interviewed pet using the contraceptives.The use of the birth control pill causes biological and chemical changes in womens bodies. When they are on the pill, there is no ovulation and therefore the uterine wall is not as inflamed as usual (Cassaza p.11). This result in less bleeding attributed to the decline in hormonal levels where the uterine facing breaks down in response to the changes. The effects of the use of pills such as Seasonique are that there is minuscular or no cramping, lighter menstrual flow and reduction in the menstrual periods. Women in the U.S. Navy are increasingly being deployed in combat zones and the DODs estimates that 15% of military personnel department on active duty are women. The use of the pill is, therefore, advisable in enabling them to conduct their duties even during the menstrual period (Armstrong p.57).According to Thomas et al., (p. 20), human nature is tied with a pauperism for companionship and emotional connection regardless of the situations at hand. Men and women in the Navy cohabit for want periods of time

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