Saturday, April 13, 2019

Soccer Essay Example for Free

Soccer probeNeymar da silva santos junior Neymar is a Brazilian football players he is one of the most touristy and best football player in the word and he is only twenty years old. He play in Santos CF but he has offers of the best football clubs around the word he is the most lossed player in Europe and he is probably the future of the national team. He start playing football very young and in 2003 Neymar join Santos football club academy, at the age of 15 he earn 10,000 real per month. In 2009 he earn the opportunity to be in the first team of Santos CF.Then he start to show his real dominance and he became the new idol of Brazil. This young player of just 4 years of his professional biography has achieve a lot of goals and he has earn a lot of trophies like the silver ribbon of the Olympic games and the best player of the paulista championship in 2012. The only problem with Neymar is that he doesn? t want to emigrate to Europe yet he wants to stay in Brazil but as Pele state ?If he want to be the best he must be with the best? o he must emigrate to Europe thats what most people think and that may happen this overwinter and in my opinion if Neymar decide to emigrate to Europe he can be better than Messi, Maradona and nevertheless Pele who is the greatest football player in history. References http//www. squidoo. com/Neymarmodule147735293, Copyright 2012, Squidoo, LLC and respective copyright owners http//www. neymaroficial. com/Carreira, Copyright 2012. Site Oficial do Jogador Neymar Jr desenvolvido por Insanemedia / WooW Brasil marketing digita http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Neymar

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