Sunday, May 12, 2019

Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

involution - Essay ExampleConfidence is one of the key principles that guide my impinge handling approach. I of all time try my best to exude high level of confidence in dealing with conflicting issues. The major step towards having confidence is to evaluate the situation at hand, approach it with calmness and composure and have an broad-minded approach (Kellett, 2007). While handling a conflict, I always fight the negative overtones to ensure that I do not appear fearful or panicky, while getting ready to compromise in the reddent it is necessary to do so that to achieve the conflict resolution. Therefore, one of the main strengths in handling conflicts is trying to control emotions and display confidence, which serves to show the early(a) party that one is able to resolve the issues at hand, otherwise one may send out a message of weakness in a conflict situation (Dana, 2001). other of my strength that works well in handling conflicts is open-mindedness, which allows me to approach a conflicting situation awargon that in that respect argon different ways of bring the conflict to a resolution, and thus prepare for any of the ways. open-mindedness is a crucial approach towards resolving a conflict, since it opens various avenues by dint of which individuals can handle the conflict, as opposed to rigidity, which makes individuals to approach a situation with only one expectation, an reflexion that makes conflict resolution even harder, and may even accelerate the conflict, since rigid individuals do not advance any chance of compromise and negotiation (Lansford, 2008). Another of my strength in conflict resolution is the occurrence that I am considerate. This is an important character in conflict resolution, since it allows me to put into consideration all the issues that the other parties to the conflict are raising, and effectively go into up with an agreement that is favorable to all the parties. Nevertheless, there are several subjects that I need to enhance, to become well equipped for conflict handling. One such area is tolerance. I have very little tolerance for arrogance, something that can make me controvert without sufficient consideration. This ends-up creating even more problems. Therefore, tolerance to arrogance is one of the areas that I require to enhance, so that I can react calmly to people who are arrogant, since calmness and tolerance are major milestones towards conflict resolution (Tidwell, 2001). Another area that I need to enhance is patience. Whenever a conflict arises, I have the tendency of seeking for an instant solution, other than giving the whole situation time, and reverting to address it later. This has always made conflict resolution an onerous task for me, since being haste means that the people involved in a conflict will handle it out of their emotional imbalance, thus may not easily come to an amicable solution. While individuals take time to cool off and then handle a conflict, there ar e higher chances of getting to an agreement, since both parties are calm, sober and willing to listen, as opposed to where individuals are handling conflict with feelings of anger, resentment and emotional instability (Wandberg, 2001). There is a great need of taking personal responsibility for ones feelings (Kellett, 2007). This is because, taking responsibility means that an individual is in a good fleck to control their feelings, while also reasoning and considering other parties points of view (Lansford, 2008). This makes it easy to reach an agreement and

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