Tuesday, May 7, 2019

OnTyme - professional personnel engaged in medicine, technical support Research Proposal

OnTyme - professional personnel engaged in medicine, technical support services or emergency services - Research Proposal ExampleTo succeed, it needs to attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers.Marketing is the tool to bring in customers to a business and has two central principles. All company policies and activities should be tailored towards customer needs and profitable sales volume is more important than maximum sales volume. An appropriate commercializeing plan allow for aim at essay to get visibility for its existing imperfection of OnTyme watches as well as the new teenage brand of watches named Wotch it.It is common knowledge that no one product will satisfy all kinds of consumers. Therefore, information nigh the market is invaluable and timely relevant information needs to be obtained. It is impossible to sell products or services that customers do not want. Learning what customers want, and how to present it attractively, drives the need for marketi ng research.Market research will also demonstrate trends that may show the necessity to enhance an existing product or get to a new one. Demographics, Population shifts, legislation passed, and the economic conditions of a market often determine the buying power of the buyer in the market place. Market research may also be apply to ascertain the assess of a competitors product and its associated value so that a comparative perceived value could be created for OnTymes product as well.Most business owners ... Analyzing returned items, asking former customers for their feedback, and looking at competitors prices are all examples of such research. Formal marketing research provides a framework to organize market information. Conducting survey of a sample population to determine their views on the OnTyme and competitor brands, Collecting primary data through mail surveys and email questionnaires Personal surveys in high traffic areas like malls, supermarkets etcProbability take that identifies who will be interested in purchase of wristwatches, the teen targeted wotch brand and the watch with the built in beeper based on age, income and gender preferences.Identifying the target segmentThe target segment for the OnTyme might be adults purchasing a watch for their own use, buying it as a gift for someone else, for the Wotch It it would be the teenagers and youth, or adults purchasing it for the younger group as a gift. The watch with the built in pager may look at a different segment that is employed and needs to be on call and reachable at all times or parents of teenagers and youth, because the teenagers are now locatable, thanks to their pagers and is a great relief for the adults.Marketing Strategy Once a wider customer base is identified, OnTyme needs to enunciate a marketing system to serve its customers better and align the product to the identified needs of the customer. Ideally, the strategy should address niche needs of the customer especially if the re are gaps that need to be filled. This would agree potential profitability. A good strategy helps a business focus on the target markets it loafer serve best. Target Marketing Target Marketing helps the concentration of the efforts in the key market

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