Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Stephen Blackpool in Charles Dickens Hard Times :: Hard Times Essays

The book Hard Times is a book written by Charles Dickens a piece of music thatDickens described as a homosexual with great integrity, is introduced in thisbook his name is Stephen Blackpool.Stephen Blackpool lives in the town of Coketown Dickens describes thistown In the innermost fortification of that ugly citadel wherenature was as strongly bricked out as killing airs and gases werebricked in. I think most peck would agree that this is not a niceplace to live in and it does not bring a nice town were the glissadingsun rays were shining eitherwhere every house, also the grass nourished andbright green as if it was just cut. No this is not the picture thatcomes to mind what this town looks like is a dark and damp place tolive in were nobody would love to live only tramps living on thesidewalk and the air thick and poisons and reposition black as coal thiswas not a good place to live in not a place Dickens liked. Dickenshates the industrial revolution as it created a bad habita t also hisfather used to work in a factory which he died because of toxic fumesso you can tell that Dickens does not like this town. StephenBlackpool is not a young populace he is about in his forties and fair-haired(a) hair,he was not a clever person they would not call him smart he even hadproblems with speaking. Dickens starts of describing Stephen Blackpoolby saying It is said that every life has its roses and thorns thereseemed however to have been a misadventure or mistake in Stephens casewhereby somebody else has been possessed of his roses, and he had find possessed of the same somebody elses thorns in addition tohis. This clearly states that Stephen Blackpool does not have goodluck on his side he has doubly as much thorns, thorns being themistakes in life and he has no roses, roses being the correctdecisions in life. So what Dickens is saying what ever this man doesit will be the wrong decision to make. Stephen could not be describedas a clever person as he is not and intelligent man he barley can makea speech but Dickens calls him a man of perfect integrity, what I wantto do here is tell you the definition of integrity what integritymeans is truth or honesty so is what Dickens is calling Stephen is heis a man with perfect truth or honesty in his heart .Stephen has a friend called Rachel she is what keeps him together

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