Tuesday, May 14, 2019

VACCINES Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

VACCINES - Assignment ExampleFlanders (2000), states the two examples of childs deaths which are connected with inoculation and non-vaccination. According to her article, one of the girls died of Hepatitis B, which kills about 5,000 thousand people in the US each year, and the other died afterwards being vaccinated against polio. At the same time, according to the Allens article, the compensation program provides financial assistance to families to feel for for children injured by vaccines and helps those families who have lost a child to a severe side effect. notwithstanding it should be remembered, that the mentioned system is designed as non-fault, which means that it is no need in defining whether vaccine has been defective or the doctor didnt have enough medical skills to prevent side effects. In sheath no other specific medical reasons for childs death are found, it is supposed that the vaccine has caused it. But it should as well be remembered, that if the injury or cause of death is not one of a list of know vaccine side effects, the families must provide proof that the ailment was caused by the vaccine. (OMeara, 2013).There often appears a question, which makes the positive effect of vaccination less, for the account of possible positive influence of hygiene and sanitation on the significant decrease of most infections. But at the same time, it is stated, that vaccines have had the direct impact on the actual incidence of infections in the last century. There is a possibility for the child to catch the ailment from the vaccine itself, as it is usually presented in the form of live viruses, which stimulate the childs immune system. But this is seeming only in case the childs immune system is severely damaged, which may happen when the child has got back up or HIV, or was getting a cancer treatment (radiation), or have got the transplant and therefrom was taking anti-rejection drugs. In any other cases

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