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What do you understand by the term epistemology How can different Essay

What do you understand by the term epistemology How merchantman different epistemic understandings influence choice of seek method - Essay ExampleEpistemology seeks to explore or evaluate how association is acquired, how much knowledge is understood, and knowledge is constructed within the realms of kind-hearted mind. Epistemology tries to explain the relationship between depth of human understanding about a particular subject and the reliability of that understanding. It seeks to answer the question how what is known can be measured.Research aims at analyzing objects of nature in order to come up with a stabilizing conclusion. The queryer is thus at the discretion of using personal beliefs, understanding, and justification to influence the outcome of the research findings. A report by University of Oulu claims that the researcher is in a position to influence directly exactly the epistemological basis of the research, not the evaluators bias, but of course clear criteria stat ed by the researcher makes it more valid for the reader to evaluate the trustworthiness of the research (University of Oulu, 2003, p. 1). Seale echoes the same sentiments it is true that received epistemological and theoretical positions have influenced the character of both quantitative and qualitative research (Seale, 2004 p. 506).Truthfulness of research is very important especially in the field of public health. For instance, I intend to use numerical analysis for my dissertation that aims at investigating publics awareness of thalassemia syndromes in Jordans metropolis Amman. The study give collect information in form of questionnaires. Certainly, the questionnaires will be a manifestation of my epistemological foundation. The questions will be formulated based on understanding of the topic. Although a lot of hold on literature review will be done, interpretation of the literature work will appear on two main factors. First, it will depend on the line of thought of auth ors of the literature that I will review. Secondly, it will depend on my own interpretation of the literature work, which in turn will depend on personal

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