Thursday, June 13, 2019

Teamwork And Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Teamwork And Motivation - Essay ExampleThe employers therefore face the uphill task that needs them to preserve the productivity and lucrativeness that they have while trying their best to keep the employees that they have engaged and satisfied with their jobs.Researchers have been able to find that the social or cognitive wrench view of job satisfaction deals with the effects of emotions on behavior of various kinds where the attitude that people have toward work behind be associated with other perceptions close to jobs such as the variety of tasks that constitute that job and the level of skills that are needed for one to be able to do that particular job. Therefore, it can be said that emotional responses may be of assistance in the determination of the reactions that the employees will have to the jobs that they are doing and the general theories of emotion might become utilitarian in the effort to understand the attitudes that people have towards jobs (Furnham, 1992).Creatin g job satisfaction is therefore an endeavor that entails several steps so that in the end it can be achieved to make certain(p) that the employees are motivated and this will be the first step in increasing the productivity. To start with, the working environment should be made to be positive where the factors that motivate the employees will be identified so that the working environment will cater for the needs of the workers. The employees of WooWoo will be entitled to discounts in the case that they need to purchase any thing that the company makes provided that they get it directly from the company. The company will also make sure that it organizes get-togethers were the management and the other employees can have the chance to interact and the views of the employees can be listened to and adjustments made if possible.The employees that have an exemplary performance at work and those that sidestep the deadlines that are set will be recognized through a program that will be aime d at identifying the employee of the

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