Sunday, June 16, 2019

Uninsured and Ill, A Woman is Forced to Ration Her Care Essay - 1

Uninsured and Ill, A Woman is Forced to Ration Her Care - rise ExampleApart from finances, this victim is also ignorant she keeps on moving from one wellness center to another to escape her unpaid bills (Lagnado, 2002). Therefore, she does not have a regular doctor who can constantly check the eye up, as a result, she let go of the free samples that m some(prenominal) patients enjoy. She also pays no attention to the fact that, if she created awareness of her financial difficulty to the doctors, they might consider cutting down her bills to treat her, but she instead considers her monetary position as her own problem and not the doctors. Furthermore, because of the deteriorating eye condition, which made it too painful, to look intently at a computer screen, Ms. Kaur could not be suitable to take up office occupations that normally offer health benefits. She is then forced to get a blue-collar job that does not offer health benefits, and so she cannot pay for her own health insuran ce because of the low income. Being uninsured, she is enforced to pay more to obtain her drugs than the other patients do.Likewise, Amandeep is not qualified for any of the present medical covers, since her monthly income is above the standards set by the programs. These schemes have a propensity to favor a certain group of people such as expectant women, little children and parents. Therefore, being childless, she was not fortunate to be eligible for the health programs, a societal problem that could affect many unmarried and couples who are childless (Lagnado, 2002). The glaucoma victim is also having social problems in that, she is not connected to the internet or any social site. For that reason, she is unable to find learning on readily existing programs meant for the uninsured, which could certainly be beneficial to her.In my view, medical centers and the health system at large should have investigated about Ms.

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