Friday, July 26, 2019

Discuss the causes and solutions for climate change Essay

Discuss the causes and solutions for climate change - Essay Example Carbon is a vital element for both human beings and the natural environment (Archer & Rahmstorf, 2010). Climate changes occur when particular elements in the atmosphere permit sunlight to penetrate freely. The atmosphere then traps the reflected light. It can be associated with an increase in greenhouse gases. Four main greenhouse gases that are common in the current atmosphere are methane, fluorocarbons, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. The greenhouse effects include rise in mean surface air temperature, rising sea level, rise in global mean speed in evaporation and precipitation, and alterations in the biosphere. Most of these forecasts are based broadly on computer models that encourage basic geographical processes. Predictions in climate change designate that a rise in atmospheric concentration in greenhouse gasses can result in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature (Henson, 2011). Geological documentation suggests that greenhouse gases both contribute and respond to climate change. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is perceived to be one of the central components of the climate system that interrelate in complex ways in a broad range of timescales. An alteration in these interactive structures is probable to affect other features of the global climate system. Such interactive relations between the climate and CO2 imply that the records in geology are not probable to disclose analogs of simple climate forces by anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. The extra atmospheric greenhouse gases and burned fossils fuels induced into the atmosphere increase the energy of IR absorbed into the atmosphere, thus exerting an influence in warming on the surface and the lower atmosphere causing a cooling effect on the stratosphere. Climate model estimations show that the greenhouse influence of the numerous greenhouse gases is equally forcing giving support to the convenience of the idea of

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