Monday, July 29, 2019

Research Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Proposal - Assignment Example es, it will be setting precedence for the other foreign-based companies as well as the local ones to follow suit in implementing fair labor laws and enforcement of unions for their employees. The US government prohibition of the unfair labor laws and union in outsourcing jobs in their foreign-based companies will lead to setting precedence of the importance of labor equality and fairness locally and abroad. The audience targeted by this research is the investors and well as the legislator. They are both powerful entities within the nation as they not only make laws but they drive the economy as well. The legislators hold the official position to formulate and pass laws and hence they have the decision making power to prohibit these companies from outsourcing employees without unions or under unfair labor laws. The investors are the drivers of the economy locally and internationally through their decision making ability and hence hold the current view on the pros and cons of such an action being taken or not being undertaken by the government. The investors are also predictors of the economic turn based on their current view on world affair. This is important in case the legislation is passed or not and hence will provide advice on how the country is bound to benefit economically from such an action. The paper will target the top 5 multinational companies which have set shore in most international companies and which have been facing allegations of having unfair labor laws towards their locally-based employees (Habib-Mintz, 2009). This research will include the following major sections which will provide a clear picture of the importance of this research topic. Data will collected from both primary and secondary sources with the secondary sources being previous research on the topic and primary being through interviews and questionnaires to get the views from the companies, investors and other stakeholders (Naima, 2013). Analysis of the data will be conducted

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