Sunday, August 25, 2019

Becoming an Engineer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Becoming an Engineer - Essay Example new professionals that can improve the operations of companies in order to create more work opportunities that will reduce unemployment across our nation. Engineers are the key personnel that protect mother earth from the damage machines impose on our environment. A mechanical engineer can design systems that utilize less energy and reduce pollution levels by minimizing or eliminating waste and gas emissions. Engineers are also involved in governmental projects that help improve the quality of life within our communities. For me working with other people and collaborating in joint efforts is important. People that work as engineer are in constant communication with other employees to discuss ideas and find solution for problems. The engineering field is a profession that can provide me with a good income to support myself and my family. The average salary for an engineering job is $66,000 (Simplyhired). Along with a good another job thing about this career that it field in which a lot of new jobs are being created. The United States recently elected a new president that wants create new jobs in the automobile industry and in alternative fuel creation. Both of these industries hire a lot of engineers to work for them. An engineer is a profession that is marketable in the United States and in the global job marketplace. They can work on a lot different things, thus their versatility given them more options for job selection. An engineer can work for the public or private sector as well as become self-employed by becoming a consultant. I have chosen this career path as my future goal because my personal abilities and skills are aligned with things an engineer needs to be good at. I’m a person with good math skills and analytical ability. I like working in fast-paced environments were technology and computers utilized. For a person to be happy in the workplace they need to feel comfortable and like what they are doing. The engineering field has always inspired me

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