Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Theories and ideologies #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Theories and ideologies #3 - Essay Example The changes in both Marxism and anarchism are aimed to better the society if adopted. Capitalism has for long been the evil wheel spinning the society and has resulted to production of immense inequality both politically and socially. Capitalism leads to an economic mode of production that sees the rich continue becoming richer and the poor become poorer. The leaders of capitalism pay low wages to the laborers just enough to keep them alive but not to engage in other profit making activities that can compete with them. Meanwhile, they continue making a lot of profit and expanding their own economic empires. With economic power comes political power and hence the rich also hold and control the political power. Communism brings equality to all both economically, socially and politically. Everyone has what is necessary and even the surplus is subdivided among the people. Political power is equally shared and controlled by the people. Social classification is unknown in this society and the common theme is communal ownership hence peace prevails1. A society without individual ownership or a singular form of leadership is the ideal society. People are at liberty to own join property and be in control of the organizations and authority. There is no government to coerce people and neither is their political governance to control the people2. Humanity is at liberty to exercise their rights and aid each other as they wish. Social inequality is unknown as every property possible is shared among the people and no one owns anything. Without personal property, leadership and authority, peace prevails among the people as there is no cause for conflict. Social and economic issues are handled by the whole community in general and hence no place for political ideologies. Workers are in control of the industries and each industry is an independent entity meaning no one has control over it as an individual but rather it is a community property

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