Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Union Organization Campaigns Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Union Organization Campaigns - Research Paper Example From the critical perspective, the overall efficacy of labor union and its ability to deliver entrusted objectives is largely determined with the effectiveness of union organizational campaigns and tactics utilized to achieve desirable goals. Unions can organize corporate campaigns ranging from various on-job actions and litigation to strike and negative publicity campaigns. The overall purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of union organizational campaign, its success or failure is to reveal combinations of tactics useful in specific labor actions that are associated with more coherent strategies for winning employer concessions. Since the late 1970s, scholars have taken notice of unions increased use of union organizational campaigns. Some view it as the means necessary to make labor more mobile and flexible, in order to keep up with how corporations have restructured themselves to compete in the global economy. Business has become â€Å"leaner and meaner† incorporating changes to increase productivity and cut costs (Champlin and Knoedler, 1999). Union organizational campaigns are attempts to address these new transformations in the economic environment through focused strategies executed to bring management into bargaining and counter unfriendly labor actions through targeting a company's points of vulnerability in order to decrease its profits (Heckscher, 1988). Others authors see the incorporation of new tactics as facilitating the overall expansion of union membership, resulting in a revitalized worker’s social movement. 's social movement. They estimate this will increase the status of unions through increasing the power of unions as a whole. This perspective supports restructuring in order to change values and objectives within unions so that they can gain external benefits, such as increasing membership (Moody, 1998). Reorganization would include forging multi-union connections to coordinate bargaining "across industrial lines to attack the centers of capital" (Moody 1998, p.341). Extended solidarity and mobilization could increase the legitimacy of picket lines, strengthen the ability unions to use their combined leverage to prompt equitable contract negotiations, and may garner widespread public support for workers. There is no consensus on how to define union organizational campaigns. There is also no conclusive classification of what actions and expected outcomes delineate the success or failure of a campaign. Kim Moody's book (1998), An Injury to All: The Decline of American Unionism, credited Ray Rogers as the first to coin the term "corporate

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