Saturday, September 7, 2019

HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

HRM - Essay Example Therefore, HR team needs to focus attention when a job needs to be redesigned. Training and development are the key issues in HR activities. HR team of R. R. Donnelley used training and development method to enhance the productivity. This HR activity also motivates and inspires the employees of Donnelley to work more and generate more production. Quality control and quality checking are also important for a production firm like Donnelley. Six-Sigma and other quality control process has been largely used in their training method. HR team also introduces new technologies in making printing plates and films. It changes the job description of the employees of Donnelley. Training and development from HR team train their employees to adopt new technology. As a result, productivity has increased by 20 percent in last three years. This increment in production also stops to build a new production unit. Therefore, this HR activity is cost effective for Donnelley and increases the efficiency an d effectiveness of the employees. (Mathis and Jackson, 160-164; R.R Donnelley, Delivering Value across the Supply Chain, p.1) Technology involves almost every part of our lives. However, to the extent that our individual lives have been transformed, the business world has developed almost beyond appreciation in the past few decades. Caterpillar is the renowned infrastructure company in the world. Caterpillar is the biggest constructer of construction and mining equipment. In Caterpillar, adoption of new technology is very common. In Caterpillar, we resolve the difficult environmental problem by new technology. Caterpillar has a good record as a technology direction. Caterpillar always used new and advanced technologies to meet their customer’s needs. As an infrastructure company Caterpillar has to use different technologies regarding environmental problems. They adopt many

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