Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Paraphase 5 abstracts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Paraphase 5 abstracts - Essay Example The thesis offers an alternative approach to managing freight train schedules in both single and double track railway systems. It explores a scope that previous literature have failed to cover, the rail’s ability to accommodate different levels of demand. Previous literatures also fail to consider alternating tracks in railway stations, crossovers, and delays that trains incur during sidings. The author then proposes a management model that is independent of time but considers the factors that have been ignored by previous researchers. They offer linear programming approach that is based on data from Canada Pacific Railway (Le 1). Abstract 2: Learning approaches for QoS-based web service trust by Mahamad Mehdi Software developers that operate on wide scopes are changing their designs towards computing systems that are open and diversified. The new models focus on developing links among different users and the quality of achieved connectivity is of supreme interest. One of the new designs is Service Oriented Computing. Users of such systems rely on dependence on one another towards realization of business goals that are often similar but have wide scopes. The desired quality of the systems’ interaction however dictates selection of services and the contents of such services, a concept that identifies the need for trust among parties that engage in a network. A user then rates other parties’ trust levels from which services are managed. Based on this interaction model, services that offer more trust assumes higher probabilities of being incorporated in a user’s system. The authors, in an attempt to understand trustworthiness of services through Bayesian inferences and Bayesian Networks, simulates a machine learning task and applies probability concept in analysis. The author also offers a model that is based on Bayesian Network to determine level of trustworthiness of Quality of services in the internet. With test of validity, the rese archers establish that statistical distributions for determining levels of trust of web services are flexible, precise, and are significant to improving the choice and content of a service (Mehdi 1). Abstract 3: Model-driven aspect-oriented software security hardening by Djedjiga Mouheb The scope of software engineering identifies significance of security, a concept that people consider and incorporate after development of software. This means that software developers complete their work without provisions for security and security aspects are fixed later in the software’s lives. The current nature of software environment that is complicated, with a poor directional influence has however facilitated the approach to software security despite its high costs and its effect of reduced security level of a system. This means that security systems are integrated into software but the software remains susceptible to threats. The widely scoped need for security for all software also m eans that each security system is used, diversely, in many features of software. The approach to software security that is also manual is labour intensive and is prone to errors that may further compromise software’s security. An approach to incorporating security systems from software’s earlier stages is therefore necessary and the researchers explore a

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